Saturday, January 16, 2021

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At a time, when construction universe is yet to get out of the debilitating effects of the financial slowdown, here is some good news for buyers of used equipment. Iron Planet, a leading market place for buying and selling used heavy equipment has just launched a buy now online marketplace.



The site,, while allowing interested parties to buy and sell construction equipment, also manages the complete transaction between buyer and seller from equipment listing to the final payment. Incidentally, every item put up for sale offers a guaranteed inspection report, a “buy now, haggle-free price,” and can be purchased directly from the site. A description of the equipment’s features as well as photographs of its condition are also contained in the inspection reports, which are backed by allEquip's exclusive 100 percent guarantee, which ensures that the reports are a true representation of the condition of the equipment.

The site offers details of companies with inventory of used equipment, including those of rental companies, OEMs, contractors and financial services companies, not to mention a channel for delivery of quick sales for their fleet disposal requirements. Like IronPlanet's renowned inspections and IronClad Assurance® program, the allEquip 100 per cent guarantee provides buyers from around the world the confidence to purchase equipment online.

Backed by Accel Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Caterpillar, Komatsu and Volvo, Iron Planet’s sellers achieve more profitable sales through low transaction costs and better price realisation through a global audience of buyers. Its guaranteed inspection reports and exclusive IronClad Assurance enable buyers to bid with a high degree of confidence.

"IronPlanet's allEquip offers online buyers the convenience of a 'buy now' marketplace for the ready-to-work equipment they need now," said Greg Owens, CEO, IronPlanet. "With a wide selection of equipment, buyers can purchase equipment online today and every day at competitive prices with confidence knowing the equipment was inspected and guaranteed. We are committed to making the buying and selling of equipment faster and easier. The allEquip 'buy now' marketplace gives sellers another option to sell their equipment in addition to IronPlanet's auctions - both having access to IronPlanet's global buyer base of over one million potential buyers.

allEquip provides another disposition channel that leverages IronPlanet's broad, global buyer base. It helps OEMs and owners reach buyers that are looking for equipment every day, not just at a auction. The site’s reach to buyers around the world and the attraction of a wide variety of equipment for sale every day backed by guaranteed inspection reports, results in a cost-effective sales channel for
equipment owners.


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