29 March 2020

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India is a huge market for Bentley


Since 1984, Bentley Systems has been a global leader dedicated to providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. With close to $600 million in annual revenues, and an investment in excess of $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions since 2005, the company has been at the forefront of technological innovation. MALCOLM WALTER, COO, BENTLEY SYSTEMS, INC has served at Bentley for exactly half of the 30 years it has now been around as a global software solutions organisation. SHRIKANT RAO caught up with him for an overseas view of the India market at the recently held Bentley conference in Mumbai.


Is there a growing appreciation of technologies and solutions like the kind you offer in India?

India is very tech savvy country and you have been so for many years. My experience of India is that finding somebody who gets things implemented takes longer than what it needs to take. My advice to India is work on to solve some of the challenges because it’s unproductive – I mean red tape and stuff like that. That’s an area where improvement needs to be there. India should take a look at what UK or Australia is doing. I would be happier if people started to think like ‘Why we can’t do 70 percent of what UK or other countries are doing?’ Which is actually putting a specific date to the completion of projects. India is however good at Five Year Plans with lot of details and huge aspirations but delivery against that is 30 percent. So how are you going to fix that? My impression about Prime Minister Modi is that he is not happy with achieving 30 percent, he wants to achieve much more than that. That’s good for India,


How you address shortfall in technology, skill deficit?

There is a global shortfall and one of the assets India has got is a lot of smart people and good education vehicles at your disposal. This is a problem you people can solve if you decide to solve. So it is just a matter of national will. There is no shortage of smart people in India.


Can technology such as yours replace the shortfall?

I would see it as little differently. There are lot of things which comes into play when we have a Five Year Plan and we are executing 30 per cent of it. The shortfall is 70 per cent. Many things need to happen to reach that 70 per cent. Increasing the use of technology is one of them but a lot of other things also need to happen in the private and public sector to enable this. I would say technology has the potential of allowing all of us to achieve more and that’s the promise of technology. India has got a major role to play so it must decide to achieve more. The gap is too big to simply close it with technology but a lot more needs to occur in order to fill that gap.


What are the opportunities you are looking at in urban areas?

There are a lot of opportunities in India. Roads here are completely inadequate and that makes them very inefficient for road users. People waste a lot of time because of the transportation. We are going to see a lot more metros across India. Cities which are well served with metros are jewels like London and Tokyo.


Why don’t Mumbai or Delhi look like that?

Sometime in the future I am sure they will. It will become unacceptable to Indians to have it any other way and at some point of time people will say enough of this.


What is the size of the India market for Bentley?

We have a specific focus on developing countries as they are growing at two times more than developed countries. Nineteen percent of our revenue comes from Asia and that is inclusive of India. India represents 5 of that 19 per cent.


What is your plan to grow your market share in India?

2014 looks like the year in which transformation will begin to happen for India. As a part of our move towards solutions we are focussed on markets like energy, transportation and water. Water is an area where we will be doing a lot of work. The next area where we can add value is the transportation sector. We are working on the number of owners state by state in the transportation networks. And we are also working on very interesting opportunities in the energy sector, specifically in oil and gas.



  • 8% GAAP revenue growth in 2013 to 593 million
  • Strong 2013 organic growth in BRICS, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East and the UK
  • Application users logged by over 1,000,000 commercial users in 165 countries - and over 2,000,000 users when including Passports and Apps
  • Over 70 user organisations each account for more than $1 million annually
  • R&D investment rate approaching 25% of revenues


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