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Cement and Concrete

Our products are capable of fulfilling all specifications and applications of India’s cement sector

Andrew Industries Ltd is a privately owned British multinational involved in the manufacture of non-woven filter media and filter bags for industrial filtration. These products are used for the filtration of harmful gases and pollutants in cement, aggregates, aluminum, iron and steel, pharmaceutical, power generation, waste incineration, automotive, business machine, commercial laundry, and home appliance markets. The company manufactures from sites across Europe, North America, Mexico, China, Malaysia and India. In 2012 following the purchase of 9 acres of land on the Sri City Technology Park 50 km north of Chennai, the company completed construction of its purpose built factory for the manufacture of textile filter media. K N LAKSHMIPATHY, CEO, ANDREW INDUSTRIES (INDIA) PVT LTD, responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES' queries


Could you give us an understanding of Andrew Industries’ primary areas of focus in India?

We manufacture Industrial filter bags for the bag houses. As you know Andrew Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Andrew Industries - UK group. The main focus areas for us are to support the customers on the understanding of the right fabrics for their various applications and enhance the performance of bag life in terms of life and the other parameters like emission levels, DP. We believe in long term business with our customers across all segments like cement, steel, aluminium, pharma, aggregates, power and incinerators. We normally finalise the required specifications with many OEMs or end users after getting or asking for more details, unlike our competitors in India who normally offer anything and everything that the customers ask. 


What are the industrial materials – range of products – manufactured by your firm with reference to the cement sector? Tell us about the nature of the support offered by AIL to India’s cement sector? What are the current requirements for your products in India’s cement sector?

We manufacture and supply Industrial filter bags of the entire range like Polyester, polypropylene, Homo Polymer Acrylic, Mixed Felt, PPS, Aramid, PTFE, P 84, Pulse Jet, RABH  and all types of membrane bags in the above ranges. We’ve been supplying these bags specially to the cement sector directly to the end users or though their OEMs since July 2012. As I mentioned earlier, we offer technical solutions to our cement sector customers directly or through their OEMs. India is a large market and the second in the world. So our products are capable of fulfilling all the specifications and the applications of the cement sector.


Will you explain briefly how AIL’s filtration products find requirement in the cement sector?   

Andrew Industries is already a well- known brand in the filtration business and are known for their exceptional quality world-wide, including India. Before we set up our own facility at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh we were operating through other partners who were supplying the bags made by Andrew Companies or they were getting our fabrics and stitching the filter bags. Since we are more experienced technically and quality wise and confident of making inroads into the cement sector.


Tell us about the environmental benefits that have accrued to the end users from the utilisation of Andrew Industries’ filtration products?

Andrew Products provide the necessary life and emission levels that we commit. This is the only reason, why many customers repeatedly specify Andrew products or fabrics. These companies, I’m sure, may be meeting the requirements of emission levels as prescribed by the pollution boards.


Could you name the companies in the cement sector space who are your clients?

It’s very difficult to name only few. Most of the cement companies in India might have used Andrew Bags at some point or other from the past 30 years or so.


How has the slowdown in the economy, and by extension the holding back of projects which are supported by the cement sector, impacted your business?

The economy slowdown and the fallen infrastructure growth have put a big break on the expansion plans of the cement sector which in turn creates the reduced demand of our filter bags.


Tell us about your manufacturing units, their current capacities and investments? What is the emphasis you place on environment and sustainability?

We are well supported by our group. Currently we can manufacture about 200,000 bags in one shift basis. If need be, we can increase our capacity by going for the second shift. We continually work with our customers to provide better products. We believe that the end users also focus more to work with all their stake holders including us to improve the situation even-better for the environment. We’ve invested heavily on the lamination facility last year (2013) with the state-of–art lamination technology which is the latest generation technology than the US based or European companies. The quality of our lamination is on par and more so better than our counterparts in this area. We can laminate the entire range of Woven Glass and non-woven fabrics to the best levels of quality and manufacture the bags out of all the types of laminated fabrics. With this facility in India, we are capable of supplying the laminated bags faster than our global or local competitors.


Going forward what is your outlook for the Andrew Industries industrial materials business in India? What are your plans for 2014-15 in terms of bolstering production capacities and increasing your market share? What is your marketing strategy?

We work on a simple strategy, that is work with our customers more closely and help them to achieve a better environment and make this planet a better living space. We see a larger role for us in future and more challenges to deliver a better performance and to meet the ever increasing demands of the customers. With our lamination facility fully being operational, we hope to grow our business in the laminated fabrics and laminated bags supply to our esteemed customers in this year and the long term also.




Andrew Industries Ltd., along with its subsidiaries, is involved in the development, manufacture, and marketing of industrial textile products worldwide. The company founded in 1894 and is based in Altham, United Kingdom with sales offices in the UK, France, US, Mexico, Singapore, and China. It has manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America, Mexico, China, and India. Early this year Andrew Industries Ltd sold six businesses within its Filtration division to Lydall Inc in an US$83 million cash deal. The sale involves subsidiaries operating in the UK, USA and China that manufacture and supply nonwoven felt filtration media and filter bags used primarily in industrial air filtration applications. These products are sold under the brands Andrew Webron in Europe, Southern Felt in the US and China Felt Company in China. The businesses employ 450 people and generated unaudited revenues of around $127 million and EBITDA of approximately $14 million for the 12 months ended 31 December 2013. The company operates from three divisions: Building Manufacturing Partnerships (BMP), Textile, and Laundry. The BMP division manufactures and supplies technical non-woven textiles, engineered polyurethane elastomers, and mechanical components and sub systems for use in a range of industrial equipment. This division’s products include needle punch felts, non-woven thermal bonded materials, spin cast polyurethane sheets, molded polyurethane components, and component parts for use in digital print and office automation, home appliance, automotive, offset printing, construction, offshore sub-sea cable protection, renewable energy, materials handling, technical ceramics, metal processing, and contract manufacturing sectors. The Textile division manufactures non-woven filter media and filter bags for industrial filtration. This division’s products are used for the filtration of harmful gases and pollutants in aggregates, aluminum, cement, food, iron and steel, pharmaceutical, power generation, waste incineration, automotive, business machine, commercial laundry, and home appliance markets. The Laundry division manufactures a range of needle punch non-woven felts for applications in commercial laundry environments.

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