Saturday, January 16, 2021

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Tata Bluescope Steel has launched Thermatech™ Solar Reflectance Technology In Colorbond® Steel. The technology keeps the interiors and roof of the building cooler by reflecting more solar heat and reducing the heat radiation directed onto the building and thereby lowering the surface temperature. The innovative product provides designers/architects with an appropriate building material option to help fulfil their design brief as well as achieve their sustainability objectives. All roofs made with COLORBOND® steel now incorporate their new technology. The technology will boost the thermal performance of every colour of COLORBOND® steel without changing its appearance. COLORBOND® steel offers the building a wider range of thermal efficient colours and greater durability because of the reduced heat stress on the entire roofing system. The average reduction is about 5 percent, results differs depending on the level of insulation, building shape and function. 


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Newform, a leading Italian brand in the bathroom segment, has launched a wide range of bathroom fixtures in an array of eye-popping colours and a host of innovative features. These luxury showers are available with digital mixers, where one can control the flow and temperature of water at a touch of a button. The technology-advanced range adds to the bathing experience whereas the Swarovski studded faucets add to the charm. For the perfectly luxurious accents, Newform also offers its Swarovski studded faucets in gold and silver finish. A different range comprises faucets in pop colours like red, yellow, green. 


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