29 March 2020


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Emerson Climate Technologies is the world’s leading provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions for residentialand commercial air conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration applications. It combines technically superior products and services with global engineering, design, distribution,training   capabilities to create reliable, energy efficient solutions that improve human comfort, safeguard food, and protect the environment. DEEPAK TAKKAR, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, SALES & GM, COLD CHAIN, INDIA, EMERSON CLIMATE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES.




Tell us about Emerson Climate Technologies role in the construction and infrastructure space?


Nearly all of Emerson Climate Technologies’ imperatives  arefocused on  to infrastructure  growth. We serve  residential air-conditioning, commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration/cold chain businesses . we provide comfortable, efficient and reliable air-conditioning.We have a solid presence in the commercial air conditioning  space and hospitality industry, In addition we are beginning to become relevant in the cold chain segment too.




Tell us about your market position?


In all three businesses I mentioned we have a solid market  position because we  offer a differentiated product  in terms of reliability, efficiency and environment friendly . We also offer a wide breadth of products . 




What are the important projects that Emerson Climate Technologies products have supported? 


We serve OEMs for our Residential & Commercial AC products; Contractors for our cold chain products. Most of the key OEMs and contractors are served by us. We provide them best in class products and technical services. For our cold chain business, we have started a unique Project design service for our key contractors. While these are early days, we are very excited at the way this initiative has been received by our key customers.




How was 2013-14 in terms of performance for your company?


There have been parts of our business that have done well in 2013-14. During the year we brought in a lot of new products to India market and that effectively helped us increase the breadth of our offerings for the Indian customers.




Was there a depression in user sentiment?


Investments in the infrastructure segment have been relatively soft, over the last 12 months.With reference to your question on Pune - while the residential housing continues to expand and there have been a lot of premium residential complexes that have been announced, activity on the commercial complexes has been relatively slow.




Tell us about the new product launches?


Cold chain has been the key driver for us in the last 3-8 months.  We have kept on expanding our range of condensing units to cater to the Indian customers business. We have recently launched the ‘Cold Chain and Distribution Center’ at Chakan (Pune). The aim of this state-of-the-art facility is to help our end customers, OEMs, contractors and wholesalerswith the best in class solutions and offerings in the cold chain space customized for India’s unique requirements.It has a training centre to expand & develop technical skill sets of the cold chain community. This facility also encompasses project design support.




What are the challenges in the Indian market?


There is great expectation from the India market that it will grow. Everybody looks at the demographic fact that it is a 1.2 billionpopulation and with growing urbanization, increasing income levels, this market will grow exponentially.At Emerson Climate, we have continued to invest in thebusiness in India, in terms of bringing in new products and technology, building the right infrastructure and investing in people.




How do you manage global gaps in technology?


At Emerson we have access to the best of technologiesfrom the range of products we offer. We continue to review this regularly and  invest in upgrading our technology through our R&D teams. We also have adequate emphasis on localizing products for India marketbe it for Residential Air conditioning, Commercial Air conditioning or Cold Chain.




Tell us about your production units and plans to boost capacities?


We have two manufacturing facilities in India. One is at Atit, which is 150 km south of Pune, where we make air-condition in reciprocating compressors and Fractional Horse Power Refrigeration compressors. We have a cold chain centre at Chakan where we build cold chain products and solutions. We are continuously investing on expanding our production capacities, increasing our productivity, cutting short lead time to reach our customers




What are the new areas you are looking to expand to?


There are quite a few verticals  in the HVAC&R business that we continue to look closely, to expand our business. After setting up our foot print in cold chain business, we are lookingat Long Distance Railways and Metro Rail as areas of growth. We already have a solid presence in Rail coach air conditioning business. As the Metro Rail expands in India, we expect this to be an area of growth for us. We have a pan India presence through our Sales, Application Engineering, Marketing and customer supportfoot print across India.

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