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Table of Contents for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

We are preparing for the next generation of ambitious projects



Tata BlueScope Steel is an equal joint venture between Tata Steel and BlueScope Steel, Australia in the field of coated steel, steel building solutions and related building products. RITEN CHOUDHURY, MANAGING DIRECTOR, TATA BLUESCOPE STEEL responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries on the company’s performance and prospects. 




What are the important solutions offered by Tata BlueScope Steel for the construction infrastructure sector through its various divisions?


Tata BlueScope Steel has been successfully catering to the requirements of the construction industry in the SAARC region with its innovative and wide range of solutions. The solutions we offer include premium metallic and colour coated coils under our brands ZINCALUME® steel & COLORBOND® steel, advanced roofing and wall cladding, engineered steel buildings and innovative light gauge steel buildings. We have provided roofing systems & wall cladding solutions for most major airport, railway, metro and stadium projects under our flagship LYSAGHT® brand.  Our building solutions division has offered premium globally renowned pre-engineered building solutions under the BUTLER® brand for industrial as well as infrastructure projects. Our retail brand DURASHINE® offers a wide range of roof and wall cladding solutions ideal for commercial and residential segments through a widespread and strong retail network.




How was your company’s performance through 2013-2014, the challenges faced and the key learnings?


Even with the economic slowdown affecting businesses globally since 2008, we have seen a healthy double digit growth in the last year. The installed capacity of coated steel in India is higher than the demand, this is one of the biggest challenges that the industry is facing. The per capita steel consumption in India is only 58 kg against the world’s average of 250 kg. This challenge is being addressed by investment in the infrastructure sector by both government and private players and as per forecasts the segment is poised for growth. We see a huge potential for steel as a building material due the advantages of better architectural appeal, design flexibility and recyclability that it offers over conventional materials making us optimistic about the future.




Could you name some of the key construction/infrastructure/building projects where your products and services have found utilisation in recent times?


Over the years Tata BlueScope Steel has become the preferred choice for roofing and cladding solutions in the industry. Our products have found application in various infrastructure and industrial segments. This includes infrastructure projects such as airports, metro, railway, ports and stadiums across India. We cater to clients in the industrial sector from varied segments including automobile, IT, manufacturing and FMGC. Some of the prestigious customers we have worked with are Mercedes-Benz, Hindustan UniLever, JCB, L&T, Kirloskar Ferrous, Kirloskar Oil Engines.




Give us an understanding of Tata BlueScope Steel’s manufacturing facilities, existing capacities and investments, and your plans to raise the profile of your products and solutions?


We have six strategically located, world class manufacturing facilities situated in Jamshedpur, Bhiwadi, Chennai and Pune. Our Coated Steel manufacturing facility in Jamshedpur is one of the most technically advanced coated steel manufacturing facilities in India, it has a metallic coating capacity of 250,000 tonne per annum and pre-painting capacity of 150,000 tonne per annum.Our downstream facilities have a capacity of over 200,000 tonne per annum for roll forming and building production. We have separate in-house design and estimation capabilities. Our strong manufacturing capability is backed by our technical expertise and R&D support from BlueScope, Australia. We are constantly evolving and introducing some of the most leading and innovative solutions in steel roofing, cladding and structural decking as per the demands of the industry.




Tell us of the new technologies/technological solutions that you are looking to introduce?


Keeping pace with the need of the hour, we are preparing for the next generation of ambitious projects. We are working on creating a future that is comfortable not just for people but for the environment too. We have recently introduced COLORBOND® steel with THERMARTECH™ Solar Reflective Technology. This technology helps lower the surface temperature by absorbing lesser heat from the sun ensuring cooler interiors all year round and reducing energy consumption by up to 15 per cent. Additionally our paint system is lead free making our profiles suitable for rain water harvesting. We have also introduced LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK®, a concealed fixed roofing system that is compatible for roof-top solar solutions. We also offer Light Gauge Steel building solutions that offer smart solutions for applications like terrace top buildings, site residences, sample flats. These buildings are quick to construct, easy to extend and relocate and cost efficient.




Going forward what are your strategies to grow your company size in 2014-2015!  


We plan on growing our business in a sustainable manner by capitalizing on the current segments we have targeted and entering new sectors that have not yet been completely explored. This includes the solar segment that faces a deficit of 30-40 per cent today. We have already installed solar support and PV module mounting systems for a capacity of more than 200MWs and aim at contributing further to reducing the energy deficit by providing more solutions to the renewable energy sector. We also plan on further increasing the reach and accessibility of our solutions and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. At present we have a strong presence for our retail brand DURASHINE® with a  dealer network in 565 districts in India. We plan to open more sales offices, appoint LYSAGHT® Solution Centers and distributors across the country.

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