05 July 2020

Interaction-Anckur Choksey, MD, Choksey Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

The key success of Choksey Chemical is the ability to generate innovative products

Choksey Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.(CCPL) is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, established in 1985 and one of the leading manufacturer of construction chemicals in India. The core portfolio comprises of Sealants, Membranes, Admixtures, Anticorrosive coatings and Water proofing chemicals to provide best solutions for construction industry. ANCKUR CHOKSEY, MANAGING DIRECTOR, CHOKSEY CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. (CCPL) spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on his company’s product offerings in India’s green building space


Briefly tell us about your company’s product offerings under the construction chemicals and waterproofing segment and their key USP/features that have contributed to strengthening your brand identity in the market? What is your business volume in the total market?

Choksey Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (CCPL), which has been in the business of construction chemicals in India for the past 30 years. Choksey Chemicals Pvt.Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Construction Chemicals in India which are known for their durability, reliability and consistency. The Core Portfolio comprises of Sealant, Grouts, Membranes, and Admixtures& Waterproofing Chemicals to provide best solutions for construction Industry.

The key success of Choksey Chemical is the ability to generate innovative products and capabilities at the forefront of the Industry. At Choksey we are shaping the future development by way of developing products which are nurturing the accurate needs of buyers. We are proud to state that we manufacture and offer all pre and post construction chemicals under one roof with technical expertise and skilled labour force to execute works of large quantum backed up with experience, client appreciation letters and satisfactory work completion certificates from both Government and private organisations.

  • CCPL key USP/ features include:
  • First to introduce indigenous Polysulphide Sealants (Techseal) in India. Techseal is still a No.1 brand in this segment. This achievement was recognized by the Indian Government with an Award in 1995.
  • First to introduce elastomeric waterproof coatings (Futura-5) in India.
  • First to introduce Splash- Waterproofing Liquid for Unreachable Areas

The construction chemical market is segmented by few big players along with the many small players in different places. Major issues arise in quality of small products delivered by small players. At the same time pricing is also a matter of concern with regards to small players. Today’s market also demands different kinds of products and customised solutions. Currently, the market is growing at a fast rate and even consists of many unorganised players. Hence, we are unsure of our total market volume.


Briefly talk of the role played by your firm in India’s green building space

The concept - “Green “in the construction Chemicals segment is designed to reduce the overall impact of the built-up environment on human health and the natural environment. We at CCPL promote the development and effective use of construction chemicals possessing the characteristics like, Non Toxic, having Less dead load, creating less noise while applying, zero emission, no special curing required, less application hazards, biodegradable, micro porous, having elasticity hence flexible in nature, clear appearance after curing etc. which will in turn enhance healthy living and will create an environmental friendly lifestyle. We work round the clock to develop products & solutions that will contribute in some way to India’s green building space. We have worked on Efkon India, HCC 24/7 Park, Vikhroli west, a building which contributes in all aspects to the concept of green buildings. We used our eco friendly 100 per cent Pure Acrylic Solar Reflective Coating- Sunshiled 100 in this project. We at Choksey Chemicals offer many products contributing “Green constructions” like

SUNSHIELD: Having based on ceramic technology which doesn’t allow the surface to absorb heat, hence creating significant difference of inside temperature compare to outside. This is a heat treatment without any stringent insulating systems.

COLOR MEMBRANE: Acrylic elastomeric Color membrane having high elasticity and high solid content. It forms thick membrane which doesn’t have any load and completely eco friendly, non hazards and non toxic.

SPALSH: Highly self impregnation quality can reach out in difficult areas by deep penetration. This literally makes the structure waterproof where normally it is difficult to reach.

TECHOXY 3: epoxy resin based waterproofing coating which can be used drinking water tanks.


To what extent is cost a deterrent I pushing green technologies and products?

In relation to the waterproofing industry, Green Chemicals have more spread rates, hence it is very economical. It generally doesn’t require any special curing, hence it is less time consuming and helps get the surface ready to use earlier than using other chemicals. Green Chemicals have a characteristic of developing high dry film thickness, which appears as a top and finish layer and so doesn’t require any further coverings of cement concrete thus reducing the cost of construction. Green chemicals also possess the characteristics of being solvent free. Further it has very less requirements of stringent equipment’s for the applications, this reduces the further expenses of making the structure non porous, impermeable and biodegradable.

Green products are low VOC based, hence this is a major cost deterrent with respect to green technology. Also, a lot of R&D effort is involved in the development of green products which future contributes to the cost factor.


Tell us about your recent projects – location, size, product supplied, benefits ensured etc.?

At CCPL we experience immense gratitude in addressing our exclusive services towards our esteemed clients whom we had opportunity to serve. Larsen and Toubro Limited were awarded the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project by Government of Andhra Pradesh. Currently we are working on the Hyderabad Metro rail Projects (72 km). Implementation of this project is with an estimated cost of Rs.14, 132 crore ($2.27 billion) under public private partnership (PPP) with innovative financial engineering. It is the world’s largest Metro rail project being implemented in PPP mode. CCPL currently is supplying Polysulphide sealants and Neoprene seals for expansion joint system into this project which improves the total lifecycle of the structure and has a low maintenance cost. Also, currently we are actively involved in a number of turnkey projects. Currently we are carrying out waterproofing work for Rivali Park, Lodha Venezia, Tata Amantra etc.


Briefly tell us about your manufacturing units?

CCPL has multi-location manufacturing facility at Taloja, Silvasa andAlwar equipped with state-of-art technology. Modern lab consist PC operated colour matching system, Tensile Testing Machine and Malvern Master Size (Laser Diffraction particle size analyzer). CCPL’s lab is well-equipped to test sealant, concrete admixture, paint, water proofing products and other construction chemicals. CCPL is a major exporter of Polysulphide Sealant. To cater to the ever increasing demand, we increased our plant capacity by finding increasing demand of powder products we have introduced one more production facility to cater the untouched segment.

In the near future, we plan to expand our network to the South and East regions of our country at the same time strengthening our current network. As per the market demand, we had developed few of the new products such as Polyurethane based Techfoam PU, Techgel PU. New crystalline coatings Techryst 2k super strong, acrylic based Color Membrane coating etc.


Any new products launched or to be launched?

Demand for construction chemicals has a direct correlation with the level of new construction and redevelopment activity being undertaken in a specific region. With the current development by the government in the way of developing smart cities, infra projects etc. there is an ever increasing demand for some new requirements arises such as expansion joints which are more than 100 MM distance, basement waterproofing from negative side for old buildings etc. For e.g. if you have leaking basements or terraces, we have the most sophisticated and non-destructive techniques to fix them based on Flexible Polyurethane Expansive and Sealing Foams. In the near future, we plan to launch products like hybrid MS Sealants for PQC, flexible PU, two component liquid membranes etc.


What is the company’s approach towards innovation, environment and sustainability?

CCPL accords highest priority to safety, health and environment management. At CCPL we ensure to protect the environment by adhering to qualitative processing systems and also care for human safety. Sustainable development is an integral part of our company’s value system.

The construction chemical manufacturing industry is geared to play a constructive role in the development of a sustainable and energy-efficient infrastructure. To solve our challenges related to specific customers, we combine suitable elements as well as our in-depth knowledge of the local construction requirements, to develop innovative products that will help make our customers more successful and in turn lead to a sustainable drive in construction. We have developed products like Splash (Waterproofing Liquid for Unreachable Areas) and Futura- 5 (elastomeric waterproof coating) that are very environmental friendly and easy to use. We at CCPL also ensure that the various waterproofing systems we offer, works with a guarantee period of minimum 10 years.


How do you expect the market for construction chemicals and waterproofing to shape up in the coming years?

The construction chemical market is broadly divided into four segments such as admixture, floor coatings, sealant & water proofing chemicals and repair products. As per the FICCI 2016 report Admixture (42 per cent), flooring and waterproofing (14 per cent), sealant, grouts and repairing products (18 per cent), other (26 per cent) till the 2014 The construction chemical market in India has grown from Rs.1900 Cr. in 2009 to approx. Rs.3500 Cr. in 2014 and the expected growth is 14-15 per cent in next five years. The construction chemicals industry will see continued opportunities to address issues of energy conservation and sustainability. The Indian construction chemicals market is expected to show a high growth of around 15-20 per cent p.a., in the near the future. It is expected to reach approximately Rs.6,000-7,000 Crores by 2017.

This is mainly driven by the untapped potential of the market and steady growth in the construction industry over the next 5 to 7 years Indian Governments new initiatives of metro projects, road projects participating of overseas investors and big contractors, plan of 100 smart cities in India etc. has propelled the construction chemical and waterproofing segment in the last couple of year and its future looks very promising.

The improving awareness and usefulness of construction chemical, more emphasis on infrastructure and national manufacturing policy also helped to increase the demand.

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