04 August 2020

Interaction-Shilpa Joshi, Founder & Director, Green Build Product

We provide eco friendly holistic solutions

Green Build Products is a company based in Pune specialising in manufacturing eco friendly products such as ready to use wet mix brick, block laying adhesive, wet mix plaster, wet mix grouting material, wet mix repair mortar, wet mix crack filling material and a wide range of coating products for the building and construction industry. The unique products offered by the company are self-curing; provide hassle – free construction and saves water. The products help in improving the quality of construction and extending the life of the building. SHILPA JOSHI, FOUNDER & DIRECTOR, GREEN BUILD PRODUCTS (I) PVT LTD spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITES regards to the company’s unique product offerings for sustainable construction.


Briefly talk of the role played by your firm in India’s green building space?

Green Build Products has developed the innovative technology of WATERLESS CONSTRUCTION, which enables building walls, plastering, repairs etc without using Cement, River Bed Sand and Water for mixing and curing. Around 2.8 crore Square feet walls have been built and plastered using this technology which means it has saved approximately 16.8 cr. ltr of drinking Water, @6 cr. cubic feet river bed of Sand, reduced CO2 emissions by @14000 MT and disposed @19600MT of Industrial wastes.


Tell us about the specific services, products and solutions offered by your firm – sectors, areas of application and scope?

Green Build offers a range of products developed using selected Industrial wastes and by products, which are processed, and converted into adhesives and mortars which are used for masonry work, plasters, repairs ,crack filling etc. Build Fast is our special product which is a masonry bonding adhesive, which is applied in a thin layer of 1 to 1.5 mm with a special tool that we have developed.

Eco Render is our flagship product, which is a wet mix plaster and provides for an excellent key coat for bonding Gypsum or POP on internal facades of walls. The external facades are also plastered with Eco Render in 2 coats to give a crack free surface. Whats more is all our products are applicable on RCC surfaces as well solving many issues of de bonding of plasters/textures on RCC facades/precast walls etc.

Our product Green Grout is an apt solution for the chiseled walls of electrical works, expansion joints between walls and Rcc structure, window gaps etc. and needs no mixing, curing etc. Green Repair is a material useful for honeycombing and patch works on RCC surfaces.



What are the areas of opportunities you are looking to capitalise on, the size of the business prospects for your firm across India?

We are in the process of team building to expand across India. There are 100 smart cities coming up as per the plan proposed by our Government. These smart cities obviously will be great opportunities for us.



Could you name the key green building projects with which you have been associated and tell us about the specific benefits accruing to those projects and your clients? Also name few of key clients from the infrastructure/construction domain?

There are many projects where WATERLESS CONSTRUCTION has been used and is being used. To name a few - Sobha Developers -Forestview, L&T - Seawood Station Mumbai, Kanakia developers - Mumbai, Godrej properties, Vascon, Nanded City - Pune, Avani developers, Kumar properties, Paranjape developers, and many more prominent projects in Pune



CASE STUDY of benefits accrued to your clients from use of your products

Every client who uses these products essentially contributes in reducing the carbon emissions ,saving tons of water, river bed sand. In addition they get advantage of clean sites, reduced labour, 50 per cent saving in time, and consequentially Crack free and strong walls, and all this at no extra cost.



In terms of scope of work in various projects in India — including design, raw materials, and process — could you tell us of the critical challenges faced while developing sustainable structures?

I think basically Indian construction is Human labour oriented, which is not trained for their jobs. Thus the quality of workmanship is not very superior. This results in maintenance issues, undulated surfaces, cracks etc which further require more material.The construction process traditionally uses cement, river bed sand and water. The industry is facing water crisis, ban on river bed sand. The builders are subjected to warranties on construction for 5 years as per the new regulations passed by the Government.

The system of construction is time consuming, labour and energy consuming, and needs supervision which has become difficult in fast track and high rise projects. The RCC walling and AAC block masonry shows de bonding with cement products and is adding to the problems of the industry. In the days to come, availability of sand, water, quality labour is going to be a serious issue. Wholistic solutions which are eco friendly and will reduce the labour dependence, save water, sand are required.

This is what is being offered by our technology and hence it is going fast acceptance in the industry.



To what extent is cost a deterrent in pushing green technologies and products?

Cost is a very important factor in any industry and technology. However green technologies may be slightly higher in cost compared to the existing materials but show immense reduction in the running cost or maintenance cost. Our study and client feedback suggests that market is ready to bear a premium of 15 to 20 per cent for such green technologies that reduce their hassles and offer ease in use, post maintenance reduction and quality to the construction.



How do you expect the market to shape up for sustainable infrastructure? Which according to you will emerge as the key growth drivers for this sector? What is the company’s growth agenda for 2017-18?

We are seeing good prospects in the next few years. The government policies towards environment, infrastructure growth, smart cities plans, affordable housing etc are all such opportunities for innovations, green technologies and construction sector. We are eyeing a good business in next two years and targeting to double our top line.

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