21 September 2019


Design Data USA now bringing SDS/2 technology for Indian market

Since 1981 Design Data Inc. has been a leading provider of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solutions for the structural steel industry’s engineering, detailing and fabrication sectors. The BIM software suite from Design Data provides sophisticated and complete solutions covering the entire steel delivery workflow, from structural calculations and detailing to fabrication and erection. SDS/2 software products provide automatic detailing, engineering information, fabrication data and much more, reducing the time required to design, detail, fabricate and erect steel. Design Data’s flagship product, SDS/2 Detailing, offers the highest level of automation and intelligence available in any 3D steel detailing package. DAMON SCAGGS, PRESIDENT & CEO, DESIGN DATA INC spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on his company’s software solutions and plans for India.



Tell us about your SDS/2 software solutions and the scope of their applications.

As a leader in steel industry software development for 30 years, we constantly bring new technology to the market. Not only was it the first steel software of its kind, Design Data's SDS/2 remains the standard by which all other systems are judged.

SDS/2 Detailing offers the highest level of automation and intelligence available in 3D steel detailing. With unparalleled connection design intelligence and high-quality drawing production, SDS/2 gives you the power to get the job done more efficiently.

As the detailer inputs members, like columns and beams, connections are automatically designed with their necessary materials, bolts, holes and welds. SDS/2 Detailing takes a uniquely intelligent approach in its connection design by considering framing conditions and electability, automatically performing clash prevention as a part of its connection design. In addition, SDS/2 Detailing can value engineer the connections on a project, helping users to design the most economical connections to fabricate and erect. No other 3D detailing product can do this automatically. SDS/2 software allowing a code check connection design inbuilt within the system helps design engineers greatly and save lot of time from manual process.

Details and sub material and erection drawings are automatically generated by SDS/2 Detailing, whose unmatched drawing quality saves more time on shop drawings. But drawings are no longer the only requirement of detailers. SDS/2 Detailing also provides CNC data, MRP information and 3D models, giving detailers all the tools needed to start profiting from their investment.

We support BIM integration process, SDS/2 BIM is the hub of model information for BIM coordinators. SDS/2 BIM provides coordinators with the power to gather and track information about the steel on the project using reporting and status tools. With all crucial information readily available and easy to access, SDS/2 BIM can help project managers and coordinators get immediate answers to vital project questions.

More details about our technology can be seen from www.sds2.com/solutions



Your views on the potential of Indian market

We keenly observe India market , not just because many of our SDS/2 users from India cater the need of various USA fabricators and contractors, but also India's own construction segment is growing fast. Many high value construction projects in India are built with structural steel , there are many big local steel manufacturers expanding their production, quality of skill engineering community in India are very promising. Our user base in India is growing rapidly, more than thousand licenses already in use in India. My colleague Andy Lee (Director International Operation) and his team are further developing our internal robust plans for the Indian subcontinent market and we are confident that many more Indian engineering and consulting companies will soon be benefited by SDS/2 solutions. We understand and appreciate India market potential.



How can local India Steel section manufacturing / fabricator companies be benefited by your technology

SDS/2 provides the steel detailer the highest level of automation available in the market. The productivity gains and savings in shop costs make it the best choice for a fabricator's detailing needs. Our technology allows fabricator having full control over the creation of CNC and MRP information necessary for the shop, We work with many machine manufacturers for integrating our technology with their machine which make our users life more easy.



Is the software customised for individual users or is it standard?

The software is provided in a standard form globally with design codes. There are services available for further customisation if require.



How user friendly is SDS/2 software? How much training is required for the user to be able to explore all its functions?

The initial learning class for SDS/2 takes a week to complete. Online training videos are available for a user to complete this in his own timeframe. Additional classes are available for more advanced subjects. Our Users find our software most easy-to-use 3D solution for the structural steel detailing & drawing production need. Our effective technical support to our customers ensure their project execute seamlessly. Design Data and their franchise houses do run certificate training program for basic and advance level users. Apart from that, our online users community digital platform allows our global users to interact with each other and share their knowledge and experiences..



What are your company’s plan to associate with educational institutes here in India so that more and more engineering students can learn and join the work force. Do you give any special attention for institutes and colleges?

Design Data has a long term commitment to supporting educational institutions. The Design Data in Education program (http://sds2.com/company/about#DDInEducation) grants free licenses of SDS/2 to educational institutions along with a developed curriculum to teach it. Many institutions use SDS/2 as part of their curriculum. We are also exploring options with Indian reputed engineering institutes for the same. We believe soon many structural engineers in India will be train.



What is the total user base globally and how is your technology different than other steel detailing solution available here ?

Over 10,000 license have been sold worldwide. SDS/2 offers the highest level of technology available in steel detailing products.

The inclusion of automatic connection design and optimisation along with customizable drawing production offers a superior detailing solution. We are a pioneer and leader in the structural steel BIM technology. Our technology work for our global customer needs.



What are your future plans globally and specific for India ?

Design Data is committed to international expansion. We plan to expand on our already significant business in India with the introduction of software more suited for the local Indian market, including support of the Indian design codes. This upcoming new Indian code inclusion will help our Indian users to use our SDS/2 solutions for their domestic and international projects, thereby expanding their business scope with our technology.



What are your major USPs?

SDS/2 can be customised and extended via a scripting language. This allows users to build custom modelling objects to implement needed functionality. Our users always find our solution as out-of-box and they are able to deliver their projects as per their own company standards or their customers need.

As a leader in the industry, we always give prime importance to our global customers ever changing need , we understand our customers world better than anyone else and we deliver world class technology with prime objective of our basic fundamental philosophy to deliver more value to customer.



What are the costs involved if any new user wants to implement your solution ?

We offer various cost effective modules as per the need of our customer. Our offering goes with perpetual as well as lease options to make sure customer's investment optimises as per their project need. For more details about our different product modules & associated cost any one can reach out to Design Data representative.



Has the information revolution really percolated down to the grass root level in the Indian construction sector?

In our view problems or pain areas within construction sector globally are all most same, it face the challenges of time over run and wastage of raw materials. India is not different and we will work with our user community to make sure our technology add value to overcome those challenges. Our educative campaign for the industry will make sure from decision making desk to ground level drafting person do understand and appreciate SDS/2 technology contribution towards their effective project execution. We will help the engineering fraternity to take part in their transformational journey towards use of world's best structural steel engineering technology and uplift their way of working for any construction project. We are eager to have more engagement with Indian engineering & construction professionals in coming days.



Can you tell us about your parent group company Nemetschek ? How would your user company get benefit from Design Data being part of this parent group company?

In August 2016, Design Data was acquired by the Nemetschek Group, a German company with many product lines for the AEC market. It drives digitalization and innovation for the entire AEC industry. As a globally leading provider of software solutions for the AEC and media industries, the Nemetschek Group serves approx. 2.1 million users in 142 countries with its 14 brands. As a group this company support and promote Open BIM technology.

The Nemetschek Group is committed to continuing to service Design Data's customer base and grow it internationally. Enhanced integration with other Nemetschek brand products promises to create a more streamlined and efficient workflow for users. more details can be seen from www.nemetschek.com

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