21 September 2019


Twisted Garden Tower

American architect Daniel Libeskind's firm has been selected to create a 150-metre-high tower covered in trees and plants in the heart of Toulouse's business district. The so-called garden tower is expected to become the first skyscraper in the French city, with a proposed height of 40 storeys. The building will also feature a twisting shape that references the waterways of the Canal du Midi, which winds through the the city. With its suspended gardens that change colour during the season, the slight silver tine of the glazing of the facade will reflect the pink tones of Toulouse and the brightness of this material will change perception of the space, according to the variation of light.Studio Libeskind designed the Occitanie Tower for property developer Compagnie de Phalsbourg, the project was unveiled at the MIPIM real-estate event in Cannes. The Occitanie Tower will include 120 apartments, a Hilton Hotel, commercial space for shops and a restaurant with panoramic views. It will also contain 11,000 square metres of office space, housing railway company SNCF on its ground floor.Construction is slated for 2018, to be completed by 2022.


Stone Towers

MVRDV and Provast announced a new 61,800m2 residential project, two Grotius towers. The project is located in The Hague’s CBD between the National Library and a motorway that will be covered in the vicinity of Central Station in Netherlands. The towers will feature natural stone facades that stagger into wooden outdoor spaces on top and each will include over 500 apartments, along with shops and restaurants, and parking on the lower floors. The natural stone facade will change from lighter tones at the bottom to darker hues at the top, where the buildings will stagger into wooden terraces that provide residents on the higher floors with large gardens. Apartments on the lower floors will also have balconies, but these will be embedded into the facade to provide residents with privacy. Each apartment will also feature a large opening that provide generous views and plenty of natural light. Construction of the Grotius towers is slated for 2018.