28 March 2020

Interaction-Wilfried Theissen, MD, Putzmeister Concrete Machines

Our machines are the most innovated, user friendly and usable on all job sites around the world


Putzmeister has been churning out top notch quality Concrete Equipment that have been specially innovated and designed for the rough conditions presiding in India. The company has supported several metro rail projects and has recently launched a full range of specialist tunnelling equipment which will be deployed in various tunnelling and metro projects around India and Nepal this year.

WILFRIED THEISSEN, MD, PUTZMEISTER CONCRETE MACHINES spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on his company’s product offerings to Metro Rail projects.



Could you brief us on your range of product or solutions and their applications in the metro rail space?

PM has a full range of products to support Metro projects. It starts with our robust and extremely precise and reliable batching plants, followed by various levels of our environmentally friendly stationary concrete pumps with a horizontal pumping capability of more than 2-3 km, our agile and flexible truck mounted pumps with a 3 dimensional reach of up to 75 m and finishes with our special tunnelling equipment to do the concrete finishing and lining in extreme conditions.



Any new products introduced in the market – and how have they been received? Tell us about the geographies/projects in which they are being targeted?

We introduced last year our full range of specialist tunnelling equipment and they will be deployed this year on various tunnelling and metro projects around India and Nepal.



As a company, give us a sense of the emphasis you place on R&D and innovation? Provide the USP’s of your offerings vis-a-vis competition.

PM has R&D department in Germany, US and India. We continuously adapt our equipment to the need and requirement of the local markets. Our machines are the most innovated, user friendly and usable on all job sites around the world. We provide best service and after sales support to our customers.



Which are the metro projects in which you are present, their current status, scope of work and cost, timeline for completion?

Our equipment is used in all the Metro projects around India, from Mumbai to Delhi, from Calcutta to Hyderabad. Some are in the last phase of finishing and some like the new Mumbai lines are just starting.



What are the opportunities you are seeking in the metro space going forward? Tell us of the metro projects in which you are looking to contribute?

As I mentioned previously Putzmeister equipment are in high demand because they perfectly fit the need of our customers to realize and finish the metro projects in a qualitatively, cost effective and timely manner.



Give us an understanding of your manufacturing facilities, locations, and their capacities to support various metro rail projects?

Our state of the art manufacturing facility in GOA can cope with the current and future demands. We have a very flexible production organization and can double our capacity within a time frame of 2 month.



Provide us a brief idea of the existing market opportunities and your strategy to tap those going forward?

The current central government is putting a lot of focus on the infrastructure developments but mainly on roads. Ports, airports, railways, power plants, dams… are still lacking behind. Also the real estate market is a bit in a crisis and demonetization has not helped at all. However we are very confident that the market will pick up in all segments by late 2017 beginning of 2018.



Please share with us a Case Study of one of your metro rail projects, the challenges faced and how you overcame them.

At the first metro project in Mumbai the contractor had a difficult time reaching level -1 with his conventional equipment. The very flexible Z and ZR fold of our truck mounted boom pumps allowed him finally to crack the nut. We went down vertically for about 8 m and then de folded the rest of the arm package horizontally into the tunnel so that we could bring the concrete right there were it was needed.



Future outlook for the industry and from a company perspective.

As I mentioned earlier the future for the Indian construction industry looks bright. Let’s hope that the goal post will not be changed again and disrupt the current positive trend.

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