04 April 2020

Interaction-Rajinder Raina, GM – Mktg, Escorts Construction Equipment

Name a metro project and Escorts cranes are there

Escorts Construction Equipment with its Greenfield manufacturing facility at Ballabgarh in Faridabad caters to all major construction and infrastructure projects PAN India. The company offers various types of cranes that find applications in all metro projects. RAJINDER RAINA, GENERAL MANAGER, ESCORTS CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on his company’s products and future opportunities in the metro rail space.


Could you brief us on your range of product or solutions and their applications in the metro rail space?

Metro rail space in India is predominantly over ground. The pillars are cast in-situ rest everything else is precast and assembled at the site. The site for pre casting work is an essential part of the Metro rail. One of the most used equipment is the crane- pick and carry cranes, slew cranes and truck cranes. Truck mounted cranes are also finding use.

Escorts started with Hydra series cranes on the first metro rail in India. As the construction processes got standardised, safety of man and material became a non negotiable feature. Escorts was a part of this up gradation with the TRX-Series becoming the preferred crane. In quick time, the Hydra series & equivalent cranes were disallowed for use at metro site. The demand for Escorts F-15 cranes shot up with deployment at the work site as well as ‘ Casting Yard’ for handling all sorts of cement, steel, scaffolding etc.


Any new products introduced in the market – and how have they been received? Tell us about the geographies/projects in which they are being targeted?

Buoyed by the success of F-15, Escorts launched F-17 & F-20 cranes last year besides some more models in TRX-Series. All these cranes have been well accepted in the market. These cranes have higher reach and load handling capacity with superior geometry that makes them that much more stable. A number of features have been added & options made available to enhance the versatility. As for geography, it is pan India with application specific customization available.


As a company, give us a sense of the emphasis you place on R&D and innovation? Provide the USP’s of your offerings vis-a-vis competition

Escorts believes in leadership through technology. This helps us make application specific cranes. Over the past four decades the range & variety of cranes supplied by Escorts is a testimony to our in house R&D because these cranes have been developed right from concept stage by Escorts. So much for our R&D.


Which are the metro projects in which you are present, their current status, scope of work and cost, timeline for completion?

Escorts cranes remain the cranes of choice for the EPC contractors as well as hirers. Our cranes are deployed at each and every metro rail project which is under construction across India. Name a metro project and Escorts cranes are there.


Provide us a brief idea of the existing market opportunities and your strategy to tap those going forward?

The market has been growing consistently and in an assured manner. Given the pace at which new projects are taking off & works are being awarded, next two years look fairly promising. We are currently focusing on after sales support by adding dealership outlets to minimize the response & turnaround time. In a market where some of the best technologies & products are competing, after sales is going to be the difference. The role of equipment finance is as important as anything else. Escorts has tied up with most of the leading banks and NBFCs for quick and easy availability of finance, particularly for the first time buyers.


Future outlook for the industry and from a company perspective.

The industry is peaking right now. These are the best times for all the players to position themselves in the market place. Some of the players will not be able to sustain the heat & may, as a result, bow out. We at Escorts have spent two years to make ourselves battle ready for the exiting/demanding days ahead.

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