11 July 2020

Interaction-Ibrahim Shaikh, Sr.Product Manager, Sika India

Our aim is to provide sustainable solutions

Sika India Pvt. Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of Sika AG is an ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 14001:2004 company having 6 state-of-the-art manufacturing units at Kalyani (West Bengal), Jaipur Bagru / Manda - (Rajasthan), Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra), Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu) and Jhagadia (Gujarat). Sika India serves the PAN India market with its dedicated team of sales personnel spread across its 11 branch offices. The company’s Research and Development Centre is recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. IBRAHIM SHAIKH, SR. PRODUCT MANAGER, SIKA INDIA spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on his company’s solutions for metro rail projects and future opportunities


Could you brief us on your range of product or solutions and their applications in the metro rail space?

We provide solutions for Metro Rail projects at all levels:

Underground tunnel – Excavation by Drill and Blast method/Cut and cover method

  • Primary excavation support (Anchor cementitious& Epoxy mortar)
  • Primary drainage system for excavated tunnels
  • Concrete admixtures for sprayed concrete application
  • Water proofing solutions
  • Lining concrete
  • High performance injection systems
  • Functional surface protection systems
  • Sustained concrete maintenance
  • Preventive fire protection

Excavation by TBM (Tunnel Boring Machines)

  • Soil stabilisation Foams, Polymers
  • Main Drive and tail seal sealant
  • Backfill grout stabilizer and accelerator
  • Conveyer belt repair
  • Admixture for Segment concrete

Elevated corridor

  • Admixtures for all types of concrete
  • SBA (Segmental Bridge Adhesive)
  • Curing compound
  • Mould release agents
  • Silica fume
  • Grouts


Any new products introduced in the market – and how have they been received? Tell us about the geographies/projects in which they are being targeted?

We have launched Curing compounds based on new technology and our focus areas are Metro projects, road projects and residential projects.


As a company, give us a sense of the emphasis you place on R&D and innovation? Provide the USP’s of your offerings vis-a-vis competition

Executing technology and product development projects according to the technology roadmaps, following Sika’s stage gate process. Our Research focuses on providing Sustainable solutions.

Our Central R&D is recognised by ministry of science, Govt. of India and focuses on:

  • Long term research programme
  • Product platform development
  • Analytical and testing services
  • R&D management

Regional R&D:

  • Adaptation of products, solutions and applications to local needs
  • Local expertise and vicinity to the market
  • Central R&D providing technology transfer, support for product roll-out and training for local chemist


Which are the metro projects in which you are present, their current status, scope of work and cost, timeline for completion?

We have successfully completed numerous metro rail projects like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangaluru and are associated with the ongoing Hyderabad and Ahmedabad Metro.


What are the opportunities you are seeking in the metro space going forward? Tell us of the metro projects in which you are looking to contribute?

We are looking forward to serve Mumbai metro line 3, 7, 2, Lucknow metro and Ahmedabad metro underground section.


Give us an understanding of your manufacturing facilities, locations, their capacities to support various metro rail projects?

We have 6 state of the art Manufacturing facilities at Jhagadia- Gujarat,Kalyani – West Bengal,Jaipur – Rajasthan,Navi Mumbai – Maharashtra and Kanchipuram – Tamil Nadu with a dedicated team of sales personnel spread across our 11 branch offices. Currently we have a strong team of 450 employees covering Sales and Marketing, R&D, Technical, Production, Finance and other functions.

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