11 July 2020

International Update

CRCHI SPB Breaks through beneath the Yellow River

The ongoing construction of Lanzhou Subway Line 1 draws people’s attention as a TBM is to tunnel through Yellow River. The TBM used for Lanzhou Subway Line 1 is independently developed and manufactured by CRCHI.

In December the TBM successfully broke through in the Yellow River, which tunneled from the Shen’an Bridge Station to the Lanzhou City University Station.

It was a difficult breakthrough which creates a record.

The section between Shen’an Bridge Station and Lanzhou City University Station and the section between Lanzhou Customs Station and Matan Station are in the Yellow River, which were regarded as the most challenging sections by its construction difficulty, high risk of safety and the most complex tunneling methodology. The content of pebble, with strength being 20MPa, reaches up to 81.95 per cent and loose pebble stratum has high water permeability, so accidents like riverbed collapse, water gushing-out and roof collapse may very likely to happen during TBM tunneling. As successful past national experiences in TBM through the Yangtze River, the Huai River, large lakes and coastal waters cannot be applied in this project, the construction of the TBM through the Yellow River is considered by specialists as “ a project starting at zero”.

CRCHI set a new record in TBM tunneling by tunneling beneath the Yellow River, from which we learnt experiences in TBM construction under complex geologies like quartz of large particle size and high permeability.

Having made deep research in TBM selection, soil conditioning, allocation of cutter head and cutting tools, shield advance parameter setting to ensure successful construction, CRCHI has finalised optimal portfolio of TBM and provided three customised SPBs for Lanzhou Subway Line 1 with full-life cycle service team.


CRCHI’s Double Shield TBM Creating a New Record in Daily Advance Rate and Monthly Advance rate in China

China’s first double shield TBM jointly developed and manufactured by CRCHI and Sinohydro Bureau 3rd Company has tunneled 4309 meters till 31st of December.Daily advancing record: 43 meters, date: 31st of December (day shift and night shift) monthly advancing record: 906.5 meters, month: December. These were new records in daily advance rate and monthly advance rate of the double shield TBM.

The double shield TBM is used in Lanzhou New Water Source Construction Project where the tunnel length is 14.23 kilometers and the excavation diameter is 5.49 meters. Letter of TBM Request was signed in August of 2015. It took four months for TBM design and manufacture. The machine was accepted by customer in December of 2015 and started to be assembled from January of 2016. It was the first time for the TBM that assembly and tunneling went on at the same time due to limitation of construction area. When geological disasters were met in June of 2016 during construction, CRCHI and Sinohydro Bureau 3rd Company tried their best to resume production as soon as they can. The double shield TBM has performed very well in spite of many setbacks, gaining praises from construction unit and specialists.


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