11 July 2020

Interaction-Elias George, MD, Kochi Metro Rail Ltd

KMRL’s dream is to facilitate a complete integrated transport

Kochi was the first tier-2 city in the country to be granted a metro under the Union Government’s scheme. Consequently, the foundation stone for Kochi Metro Rail was laid by the former Prime Minister of India on September 12, 2012 at Kochi. After the project was sanctioned, the Government of Kerala and the Board of Kochi Metro Rail Ltd. took a decision to nominate DMRC as the executing agency for the project in view of the company’s proven expertise in the area. KMRL has set for itself very tight timelines for the completion of the Kochi Metro Rail project. As on date 11 stations are completed out of 22 in the 1st phase.
 ELIAS GEORGE, MD, KOCHI METRO RAIL LTD spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on the current status of the project and its long term impacts.


Current status of the metro rail project

KMRL is completing 11 stations out of 22 stations in the first phase.


Expected long term impact

KMRL’s first and foremost idea is not only for the metro rail but providing a integrated transport programme to the entire Kochi region. Different transport connectivity are also being planned for Kochi. And we also have a plan to reduce carbon emission.



How will this construction of Metro rail project impact the society:

The travel time will reduce for the people from Kochi and nearby places and will reduce the traffic blocks. People will get a comfortable journey and also reduce the accidents on roads. Economic situation will improve after implementation of metro.



Any interesting highlights or features which distinguish this project from other metro rail projects?

  • Fully elevated Metro Corridor of length 25.612km
  • Alignment along North South axis on National Highway
  • 22 stations
  • 750v DC third rail traction, CBTC system of Signalling & Train Control
  • Integrated multi modal transport facility
  • PPP modal for AFC
  • Station Theming: Western Ghats, Spices and Crops, Cultural and Artistic heritage of Kerala, Maritime History of Kerala.
  • Social Inclusion through Kudumbashree
  • Vertical garden
  • Central Command Control Centre
  • City wide Wi-Fi
  • “Kochi 1” Smart Card
  • “Kochi 1” APP
  • Solar Panels on Station Roof
  • Time Integration
  • Water Transport connectivity



How do you justify cutting trees for Metro?
Cutting of trees can never be justified but Kochi Metro project is for the public and community. For the development of the country some sacrifices are needed. KMRL initiated to plant more trees in different areas of Kochi than we cut for the Metro project. KMRL has taken up green initiatives for the metro project like vertical garden and Non-motorised Transport plan.



Future Outlook

KMRL’s dream is to facilitate a complete integrated transport with reduction of carbon emission in Kochi and also provide a safe and comfortable travel to people of Kochi.

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