05 June 2020

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Metro rail projects in India have recently witnessed tremendous growth with 325 km in operation and more than 500 km under construction. Rather expensive to construct and more susceptible to operating losses, metros still offer a more viable transportation solution for many Indians who spend over 100 minutes everyday driving their cars. Our cover story of the month ‘Metro Rush,’ focuses on the development of metros with stalwarts from the sector sharing their valuable inputs.


With blind human ambition turning its back on the earth, even necessities like air and water are polluted in the environment we live in. With awareness in this age of information, going green is soon becoming the norm. If one chooses to look at most aspects of construction, there is a green way of going about it. One of our stories this month is on Green Building. Innovations are setting stage for excellent construction projects nationally and with advancement, the vital role Concrete plays in construction owing to its inherent advantages such as durability and eco-friendliness is another story of note in this month’s issue.


The increasing demand for industrial automation calls for extensive usage of Bulk Material Handling Equipment, rise in mass production methods, such as assembly line production, and the growing need for bulk equipment in the construction industry has boosted the domestic market substantially, which is our industry focus for this issue.


A progressive milestone like the implementation of the GST has known numerous difficulties for over 17 years by politics of the day. This sheer scale of transition will reverberate through all industries and contribute to regulating tax on goods or service across different states and removing taxation on interstate movements. The warehousing and logistics sector stands to gain in this process, since they depend almost entirely on transportation and connectivity. The credit for advancement thus far should go to all political parties and particularly, state governments who have been willing to give up exclusive jurisdiction for greater common good. Much work remains to be done and this calls for all stakeholders to work in unison.


It gives me great pleasure to inform CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES has won the Best Online Magazine Award at the 9th CIDC Vishwakarma Awards, 2017 in New Delhi. We thank you for the support and encouragement.


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