29 May 2020

Company Profile - Cera Chem Pvt. Ltd.

Surface Solutions 



A principal player in the construction chemicals space, Cera Chem through its niche products division called Instacure Solutions has come up with new products. The division offers surface protection, finishing and surface engineering range of anti-corrosive products for OEM segment and industrial maintenance segment. V. RAGHUNATHAN, VICE PRESIDENT TECHNOLOGIES, CERA CHEM PVT. LTD. shares details...


With the average growth rate of construction chemical companies at around 17-18 percent, the missing element of product and application knowledge continues to contribute severely to the stagnation of market growth of this industry. In a competitive market that thrives on technology and expects value for money from the “new gen” products, Cera Chem Pvt. Ltd., a 9001:2008 company headquartered in Chennai, has geared to cater towards this paradigm shift in order to introduce innovative and new product mix. The company has served the public sector and private industries for the past two decades with their conventional chemical product range. Their wide array of product range include concrete admixtures, water proofing systems, industrial grouts, anti-corrosive coatings, protective and decorative coatings, concrete repair products, industrial floorings, concrete surface treatments, tile adhesives and joint fillers, joint sealants, vibration pad and a range of epoxy flooring systems.


Currently, Cera-Chem is in the process of expanding Pan India operations with a larger base to cater to the needs of the entire Indian subcontinent with a unique and new product range as a strategic business module with horizontal expansion of allied product segment. Recently, the company has introduced new products in the market for effective in situ applications:




Cera Infraguard WA-Anti-carbonation coating


It is an aqueous based high build acrylic polymer and micro porous protective and decorative coating containing specifically blended mineral fillers to ensure lasting durability for exposed surfaces of concrete and masonry structures from atmospheric carbonation attack. It is ideal for coastal areas as it has excellent resistance to chlorides, sulphates and it bonds well with substrates and has good crack bridging properties. It has good water repellent properties, anti-fungal attributes and is resistant to UV radiation.




Cera Crystalline Integral Capillary Waterproofing Admixture


It is a crystalline capillary system consisting of selected blend of Portland cements, special quartz and proprietary chemicals. This high performance crystalline system becomes an integral part of concrete allowing it to breathe. It is compatible with all types of cements and makes it completely waterproof. It is non-toxic in nature and resistant to aggressive chemicals. Besides arresting hairline cracks, it also resists extreme hydrostatic pressure from positive and negative sides of concrete.




Cera Anchorset-C Resin Anchor Grout


This is a two-component specially formulated polyester resin-based, fast setting, high strength, and corrosion resistant grout supplied in cartridges suitable for easy, clean and economical applications such as vertical and overhead anchoring of bolts and bars into concrete, masonry, rock and metal surfaces. Moreover, it is resistant to vibration and corrosion and faces no problem with expansion and shrinkage. It fits standard coaxial applicator gun. Also the cartridges, once opened, can be reused.




Cera Supercoat Poly UR


A fast setting, premium, 2-component coating/elastomer derived from a blend of hybrid Polyurea and Polyurethane, it is designed for diverse applications such as waterproofing and sports flooring. Its advantages include faster reactivity and cure and low downtime, excellent tensile and structural strength, high elongation at break. It has excellent elastomeric property and cushioning effect and good water impermeability. It is an ideal adhesion for steel, concrete, asphalt etc and its seamless coating and lining maintains flexibility and high resistance to impact and abrasion.




Cera Slimfix BL - Acrylic Single component adhesive for block laying


This is a viscous acrylic based single component ready to use adhesive formulated by blending select binders, graded aggregates and chemical additives for laying bricks, wire cut bricks, hollow blocks, AAC blocks and other cement blocks. It is economical as a result of faster installation and has uniform high strength and smooth surface finish. It has good adhesion and anti-sagging property and it minimises hair line cracks caused due to material shrinkage. The slim-bed application helps in clean and neat brick laying practice




Cera Seal CCCP


It is a cementitious, high polymerised, lightweight product, which develops a controlled expansion, suitable for various critical applications such as concrete block work junctions




Cera Inject SS


This single component, solvent-free polyurethane-based injection system is used for sealing and filling of joints, voids and cracks in civil engineering structures either under moisture or water bearing conditions. It is an environment-friendly concoction and is suitable for potable water tanks. It stabilises cracks in loose rock areas and is ideal for sealing of leakages in diaphragm walls.




CeraPlast 200


It is a concrete plasticiser which reduces the amount of gauging water required and increases the workability, density and strength at the same cement content.




CeraPlast 300


A high-grade superplasticiser based on Naphthalene, it reduces water-cement ratio while optimising cement content to cost savings. It provides considerably high early strength by improving water tightness which results in early removal of formwork and in result, thereby improving concrete properties with improved durability and lower permeability.   




CeraPlast 400


It is a high performance, low dosage superplasticiser based on Melamine Formaldehyde Sulphonate (MFS). Highly recommended for pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete industries for increased early strength of concrete, the usage of the product reduces substantial water-cement ratio and increases the 28 day strength. It also improves water tightness, thereby ensuring early removal of formwork.  It also improves dispersion and sheen of pigment.




Cera Wet Suit

It is a single component, water-borne, highly elastomeric liquid applied coating formulated by unique polyurethane systems suitable for all types of exposed water proofing applications.Through it, mechanical damage can be easily identified and repaired and the liquid built up system provides joint free seamless membrane. It has good adhesion to substrates and can also be applied over moist substrates also. It is also suitable for exposed vertical surfaces such as roof flashings and walls. Ideal for accommodating cracks to up to 2 mm, it can be used as an overcoat or as a sandwich membrane with non-woven fabrics. As it is VOC-free, it is suitable for buildings aspiring for green certification.




Cera CFR Membrane 230


It is a uniquely formulated prefabricated carbon fibre membrane designed for tensile strength. A properly installed Cera CFR Membrane 230 forms an excellent strengthening and repair system to accommodate the stresses. It has excellent fibre alignment and multifunctional use for every kind of strengthening requirement. It has low density for minimal weight addition and is more economical compared to traditional techniques and also offers excellent cost performance.




Cera CFR Membrane 430


Another variant of their earlier prefabricated carbon fibre membrane, this too is designed for tensile strength. It has excellent fibre alignment and is economical compared to traditional techniques and offers better cost performance and low density for additional weight.






This is a uniquely formulated unidirectional carbon reinforcement membrane for structural strengthening and form an excellent repair system to accommodate the stresses. Offering brilliant fibre alignment, it has multifunctional usage for every kind of strengthening. Its other advantages include improved cost performance, low density for minimum additional weight and being economical.




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