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Report - Leighton India Contractors Pvt Ltd

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Landmark Kochi waterfront residential block project has made use of RMD Kwikform formwork



Lead contractor, Leighton India Contractors Pvt Ltd, has constructed five 25-floor luxury residential apartment blocks on the picturesque Marine Drive waterfront at Cochin in Kerala for real estate developer Tata Realty, using a range of RMD Kwikform formwork and shoring solutions for three towers.


The premium suburban area, known as Tritvam, allows residents to enjoy spectacular views of the Arabian Sea from fully furnished apartments.  To ensure the project was completed to time and budget, RMD Kwikform were asked to design and supply materials for three of the five towers, including the slab shoring and formwork for the core and shear walls, in addition to special precast stair moulds.   


Commenting on the project, Arul Raja, Vice President of RMD Kwikform, India said: “After initial consultation with the client it became clear they would be using their own systems on two of the towers.  That meant we would be supplying all of the materials for three of the towers.”


 “For the slabs we opted to use Airodek panels and a combination of Kwikstage propping and GTX timber beams, as this was the safest, most cost-effective solution for the slabs, which were between 250mm and 300mm thick. 
For the core wall and shear wall formwork we designed a solution that used Superslim Soldiers with GTX beams and with plumping and tie accessories. This proved to be a valuable opportunity for us, as the customer was able to see the quality of the finish compared to other conventional systems, as well as the speed of erection we achieved.”


 The cantilever frames designed by RMD Kwikform using Superslim Soldiers not only helped increase cycle times, but also created a safe and secure working environment.  To ensure the formwork and shoring was erected safely, RMD Kwikform provided a site assistance technician to train the construction teams.


Discussing the solutions developed by RMD Kwikform, Tom Gibson from Leighton India said: “We have been very impressed with the contribution of RMD Kwikform on this project. The dedicated Site Assistance Technician, in particular, has been incredibly valuable. Having this knowledgeable person on-site has ensured our workforce is using the equipment safely at all times, while also surveying the conformity of equipment to specifications outlined in the technical drawings.  This has helped us to meet the tight construction deadlines we faced on this project.”


“Another big positive was that after discussions with RMD Kwikform, we were able to create precast stair moulds that helped us reduce cycle times and ensure safety and quality standards were met.  This has helped us remain on schedule and we would certainly consider working with RMD Kwikform on similar future projects.”

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