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Interview - Rakesh Modi (MTANDT)

The Indian AWP market is still in the process of maturing



The Mtandt Group is the largest rental company for aerial working platforms in the country.  Founded in 1974 by Rajkumar Modi, Mtandt is a professionally managed organisation with an all India presence. The company is focused on bringing safety to the customer’s workplace by providing safe, reliable and convenient to use industrial equipments and supplies to keep the industry or facility up and running to the highest safety standards.
RAKESH MODI, MANAGING DIRECTOR, MTANDT, an access industry veteran and a professional committed to worker safety at heights and fall protection, responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries




Give us an understanding of your organisation’s areas of focus in  business?


The main objective of the group is to provide safe and economic solutions to the industrial and  infrastructure segments.  We provide rental and sales support for Aerial Work Platforms and Vehicle Mounted Equipments, Fixed Access and Fall Protection Systems, Aluminium and Steel Scaffolding, offer maintenance repairs and operational supplies besides providing  training and certification. Mtandt is proactive in entering into partnerships with international market  leaders, thus drawing technological expertise and higher returns for its stakeholders. The company is also passionate about customer services and is committed to enabling customers to reduce costs, operate productively and to compete successfully in the market.



Mtandt Rentals Limited: India's most preferred and the largest Aerial Work Platform rental company, provides young and modern Equipments and back it up with professional service through its pan India presence. The company rents Self Propelled Diesel and Electric Boom lifts, Scissor Lifts, Spider lifts, Mast Lifts, Truck mounted Lifts, passenger hoists, rope suspended platforms, Mobile Aluminium Scaffolds, Steel Scaffolds, knuckle boom truck mounted cranes, Vacuum Cleaners and Sweepers, Skid Steer Loader, Tele Handlers and Special Purpose Machines.


AWP & VME (Aerial Work Platform & Vehicle Mounted Equipment): This Business Unit of our Company have sold highest number of AWP's in the country. Here we provide technologically advance, tested and proven Equipments from Internationally Reputed Brands and backs it up with our professional product support and After Sales Service through our Pan India Presence. Our Product Range Includes.

  • Self Propelled Diesel and Electric Boom Lifts
  • Self Propelled Diesel and Electric Scissor Lifts
  • Trailer and Crawler Mounted Spider lifts
  • Insulated and Non Insulated Truck mounted Aerial Work Platforms
  • Mobile Scissor and Mast lifts
  • Stock Pickers
  • Rack & Pinion Mast Passenger lifts and Platforms
  • Truck Mounted Knuckle boom and stick boom cranes
  • Hook Loaders and Utility Cranes
  • Special Purpose Machines

Our Product and Application Knowledge, our experience, our commitment to deliver customer satisfaction have made us the First Choice of our Customers.



Aluminium Scaffolds ( Mobile Access Platforms): Mtandt  with  its brand " Aardwolf Quickfit " is world's leading provider of Aluminium Access Tower System. Our product and system are premium quality and are designed to meet highest national and international standards including EN 1004. Our ISO 9001 quality accreditation means that we supply quality products, delivered on time and to specification. Our product range include the standard narrow, wide and extra wide models with accessories for Cantilever and Bridge Platforms and Custom built solutions for Boiler Maintenance, Aviation Docking System, Tank Scaffold and other special application



Industrial, Construction and Commercial Equipment & Supplies: Way back in 1974, mtandt was founded with this business unit. Today this business unit is organised itself into three product divisions.



Safety : Personal Protective Equipments, Fall Protection, Lock out Tag Out, Signs and Markings, Traffic Safety, Spill Control, Construction Safety and Industrial Safety instrumentation.



Tools : Hand Tools, Power Tools, Pipe Tools, Measuring Tools, Cleaning Tools and Ladders.



Material Handling : Over head Cranes and Slings, Floor Cranes, Lifting Tackles, Chains, Ropes, Slings, Hoists, Shackles, Trollies, order Pickers and ladders, lashings and web slings.



Training & Certification: To ensure that our customers are safe while performing their task. This business unit have designed dedicated activity wise safety training modules. The training modules not only teaches safe and best work practices but also focuses on products and provides skill and knowledge to get the best out of your tool. Each training module covers the applicable standards and compliance's, provides knowledge of safe use, maintenance and storage of tools and PPE used. It also focuses on record keeping and documentation to ensure traceability. The " Competent Authority " in our team are authorised by the state, and issue " Safe to Use " certificate for your Equipments and tools after thorough Inspection as prescribed by Law.




As one of the established players in the AWP market in the country, what is your forecast of the demand for aerial working platforms over the next 2-3 years?


The market expects to grow exponentially in the coming years as there are many projects lined up at the award stage. Also, increase in safety demands and limited availability of skilled labour gives spurt to the powered access platforms and other aerial work platforms. Compared to the USA, Europe and other developed countries like Japan and Singapore, the Indian AWP market is still in the process of maturing in terms of knowledge, use, and the importance of the equipments.  In India there is wide man: machine ratio disparity as compared to the USA and Europe.




What will be the demand drivers for your products?


We believe major drivers for AWP market growth in India will be due to exponential growth in the infrastructure segment and increase in demand for safe working practices. We expect to take the AWP  
market to new heights.




Are there any plans to enter into newer verticals? If so, would you throw light on the same?


We want to complete the full cycle which involves manufacturing, trading and service. We are also in the process of setting up factories to manufacture aerial work platforms in India with leading international tie-ups which will eventually bring latest technologies to India. We are looking for strategic and technological partners for all the divisions and activities which will enhance our efficiency and profitability.




What do you think are the primary concerns of the AWP industry that need to be addressed?


India is a labour intensive market. Though labour is available at very affordable rates no proper guidelines for workman safety are in place. Besides, there are various kinds of regulatory issues in different states. Also, availability of trained manpower who qualifies for work at heights is very less and the implementation of safety norms is still not upgraded from the government side. Lack of proper safety regulations makes them unsafe to use at workspace.  Those are our primary concerns. 


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