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Interview - Y Srinivas Reddy (Bevcon Wayors Pvt Ltd)

Bevcon Wayors is targeting to reach Rs 500 crore mark by 2015-16



Bevcon Wayors is among India's leading providers of high-quality, technologically advanced, integrated bulk material handling and processing solutions. Y SRINIVAS REDDY, MANAGING DIRECTOR, BEVCON WAYORS PVT LTD., who is also its founder, responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries on the material handling equipment business. 




Tell us about the sales performance of your products in the materials handling equipment range through 2013-14 in view of the economic downturn and the fall of the rupee? Which were the most in demand? Can you share with us some figures?


Our sales performance in this financial year was not up to the expectations due to overall economic downturn. In spite of it Bevcon Wayors had shown growth and reached the Rs 200 crore figures. The fall of the Rupee has had no impact in our business since we do not have much of imports. But this lean period has given us an opportunity to explore new possibilities and re-structure the overall organisation in critical areas which will enable it to take up big challenges when the economic cycle bounces back.




Which were the new products introduced in the market – and how have they been received?


One great breakthrough for Bevcon in this FY was a technology tie-up with world renewed engineering firm ‘Overland Conveyor Corporation – USA’ in the areas of bulk and long distance conveying applications.

This tie up will facilitate taking Bevcon into the big league of being able to execute projects in the field of mining and the power sector across India. The unique technology of conveying bulk material in ‘pipe conveyor’  will make a difference to the material handling industry from the perspective of cost economics, environmental and layout criticality challenges more specifically. The technology has been well received by Indian clients and consultants and we look forward good business in coming years. Our plans to put up a state-of-the-art Idler & Pulley manufacturing plant will become a reality in the next financial year which will strengthen the organisation’s backbone of manufacturing strength and will create business opportunities for exports.




How do you expect the market to pan out in 2014-15? Tell us about your plans for the material handling section?


Everyone has great expectations on the business and market turnaround front during 2014-15. The material handling sector is the back bone for infrastructure growth and we expect major business opportunities emerging in this segment which we expect to last at least for a minimum of 3-4 years. We are being realistic in our optimism and expect to do good business. We hope to achieve Rs 300 crore turn over by focusing more on medium range material handling projects.




Which are the new product ranges you are planning for launch in the current year as per market trends, investments planned, and tell us about their key features?


In the coming financial year we are going to be aggressively promoting products like Sandwich Conveyors, stockyard equipment like stacker and reclaimer as well as long distance/overland conveyors and troughed and pipe conveyors.



High Angle Sandwich Belt Conveyors: In terms of technology we are looking to introduce high angle sandwich belt conveyors. We are collaborating with Dos Santos International, USA for open pit mine and in pit crushing conveying which is a breakthrough concept of conveying any mineral from pit bottom to the surface by totally eliminating use of conventional trucks. It also minimises the environmental degradation and brings down the operational cost drastically and enhances productivity and product quality.



Stockyard equipments: The central function of stockyards in the field of bulk material handling lies in the buffering, blending and storage between incoming and outgoing materials. The stockyards for mines, power plants, beneficiation plants, ports and terminals are developed in a circular or longitudinal layout incorporating feed conveyors, stackers and reclaimers. Our stockyard system product range consists of bucket-wheel reclaimers, stackers, combined stacker/reclaimers, full and semi-portal scrapper reclaimer.



Overland long distance troughed and pipe belt conveyor: Long distance troughed and pipe conveyors have been designed to carry high tonnage loads over long distances. They have been proven to be an efficient method of transporting bulk material over long distances and costs are often lower than with truck and rail transportation. These conveyors can follow most terrains and have little or no impact on the environment. Besides low operating and maintenance costs they are extremely safe to operate and don't produce loud sounds. We are planning huge investments in expansions of current manufacturing facilities at Hyderabad and as well as putting up new Idler/Pulley manufacturing plant.




How do you expect demand to pick up and what will be your strategy to deal with market challenges? Expansions in dealership network if any?


With GDP currently around 4.6 and expected to reach 7 in the next three years we undoubtedly expect business prospects to grow. We at Bevcon have a clearly defined vision wherein we are targeting to reach Rs 500 crore mark by 2015-16.  Accordingly the organisation is being restructured and we are geared up to meet vision targets. We have a presence all over India to support marketing teams. Various internal departmental restructuring have been done recently.



Tell us about your plans to bolster your manufacturing – in terms of investments rising of capacities?


These years we are more focused on improving our infrastructure in the manufacturing domain and accordingly financial plans have been put into place. Our plans include the following:

  • Enhancing our Raipur manufacturing facilities.
  • Bringing into commercial production totally automated Idler and Pulley manufacturing plant
  • Starting new manufacturing facilities for stackers and reclaimers




From a manufacturer/supplier’s perspective what are your expectations (Wishlist) from the new incumbent government in terms of new policies that will benefit the construction equipment/ materials handling sector?


Our expectations of the new government are the following:

  • Setting things right in the areas of policy guidelines.
  • Addressing challenges of financial institutions who are heavily loaded with NPA S  and work out  bailout packages.
  • Enhance foreign investor’s confidence by making irrevocable transparent policy guidelines.
  • Create core group of decision makers to oversee the implementation proceedings.
  • Re look into environmental policies with a view of attaining balance between development vs ecology.

Create single window clearance for all new projects so that take off period is smoother and faster.






Apart from standard conventional material handling equipment, Bevcon Wayors specialises in new generation, special conveying systems and material handling equipments like:

  • 90o steep angle cleated belt conveyors.
  • Sandwich type high angle belt conveyors.
  • Over land / long distance / cross country conveyors & pipe conveyors.
  • Cost effective pollution free pneumatic conveying systems.
  • Special flip flow screens for high moisture material screening applications.
  • High efficient sugar graders.
  • Stockyard equipments like radial/linear stackers and reclaimers






  • Bevcon has also collaborated with many top engineering companies located in America, Europe, Australia and Asia
  • Fleximat, Austria for critical screening applications,
  • Friedrich, Germany for unbalanced motors and exciters for our sizers and feeders
  • Rollier, Spain: for fine screening applications.
  • Fmk, Poland: for stock yard applications.
  • Dos Santos International: for sandwich high angle belt conveyor.
  • Overland Conveyor Co, USA: for overland / long distance / cross country troughed and pipe conveyor.
  • Nanjing Air Conveying, China: for high temperature, high capacity & long distance pneumatic conveying system.
  • Bafang, China: for circular / linear space frame steel structure storage sheds.






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