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Interview - Vikram Mehta (Spartan Engineering Industries Pvt Ltd)

We have grown by more than 50 percent in terms of quantity



Spartan Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd is a Mumbai based leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality construction machineries and equipment like man and material hoists, multi functional material hoists, rope suspended platforms and tower cranes.  Spartan Engineering was founded in the year 1971 and it forayed in to the field of manufacturing and supplying construction equipment in the year 2006. Since the four decades of its existence in the engineering industry, the company has displayed a remarkable growth trajectory in construction equipment manufacturing. VIKRAM MEHTA, MANAGING  DIRECTOR, SPARTAN ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES PVT LTD., responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries on the performance of the company’s materials handling equipment segment and the prospects.  




Tell us about the sales performance of your products in the materials handling equipment range through 2013-14 in view of the economic downturn and the fall of the rupee? Which were the most in demand?  


In the materials handling segment we have grown by more than 50 per cent in terms of quantity over the previous year. In fact the fantastic response of our Multi-Functional Material Hoist has led us to expand our product portfolio both in light duty model and high heavy duty model segment. This has contributed heavily our bottom line and top line. Last year the economic downturn had an adverse effect on all construction equipment manufacturers, economic downturn had led customer consumption shift to more economical options or alternatives. Spartan multi-functional material hoist which a successful alternative for material hoist, passenger hoist and tower crane has increased attractiveness of above customers as it proves to be a economical solution as contractors at site can get job of 3 different machine from one single machine. The best part is multi-functional hoist can be used right from start of the project to end which is unlike TC as TC has to be removed after the super structure is completed.




Which were the new products introduced in the market – and how have they been received? Tell us about the geographies/projects in which they are being targeted?


SMH 150, SPM 120 and SPM 150 are the new products launched last year. Our customers have appreciated the products whole heartedly, as these products were made in collaboration with them. Feedback from more than 500 plus customers was taken through our design, marketing and service team and our customers’ need was understood thoroughly from all angles like service, maintenance, erection and commissioning and most importantly application. These collective feedbacks helped us to come out with product basket which is acceptable by them on all fronts. We have launched basic version and fully loaded premium versions in all the models. The basic versions are appreciated by the price sensitive customer in the north while fully loaded versions are appreciated by the south and west regions.




How do you expect the market to pan out in 2014-15? Tell us about your plans for the material handling section?  


In the first two quarters the market will be flat, till the time government formation is complete. Majority of projects have slowed down and most of the investors in the real estate are having a close watch on the political scenario to see how it unveils. The last two quarters of the year will see huge number of project launches which will in turn result in order booking for capital equipments. Even banks are as of now cautious for releasing funds to projects or capex purchases. Our production and marketing strategies are aligned with market pull. We have geared up the finances, marketing manpower allocation, customer segmenting strategy accordingly.




Tell us about the product range you are planning for launch in the current year as per market trends, investments planned, and their key features?


We have plans to launch high quality “ME TO” products for premium segment customers who appreciate and are looking for good quality, long lasting and maintenance free products. Now the concept of low maintenance has shifted to maintenance free products. The products in the pipeline are mini lifts, expansion in heavier material and passenger hoists above two tonne capacity focusing on safety, versatility, performance and low operation cost as key deliverable features to customers.




How do you expect demand to pick up and what will be your strategy to deal with market challenges? Expansions in dealership network if any? Tell us about your plans to bolster your manufacturing – in terms of investments and capacity enhancement?


History has proven that tough time calls for strong company policies and robust strategy. In tough times most of the companies go for cost cutting measures and try to consolidate the operations and avoid expansions. Spartan on the other hand has seen this as a solid opportunity to expand and be ready for the third construction boom in India. Spartan has gone for expansion and upgrading all its manufacturing plant. We have enhanced our production capacity by more than 50 per cent and added advanced and automated shot blasting plant and painting booth to support above production.




From a manufacturer/supplier’s perspective what are your expectations from the new incumbent government in terms of new policies ?

As a manufacturer and supplier we expect faster clearance and approval for new construction projects from government – this will increase the demand from our customers and help pump in life back to the sector. We need to look into the creation of standard for construction equipments for safety, quality and performance similar to Europe and the US.

There is a need to bring in technology drive and R&D in the construction equipment segment. A conducive doing business atmosphere will attract international collaboration and investments for technologies with leading foreign manufacturers. The government needs to look into providing capital/ investments at low borrowing rates.





Spartan’s state-of –the-art manufacturing facilities at Kalwa at New Mumbai and Atgaon on the Mumbai Nasik Highway are fully equipped with world class equipment to manufacture an array of construction equipment. These manufacturing units are equipped with the latest and the most advanced technology process machineries, which help the company to manufacture competitive products, which include all the necessary safety features integrated with durability and sophistication. Spartan now manufactures its tower crane at its Atgaon factory. It uses European Gear Box motor and state of the art electrical control panel with VFDs to save on power and develop a rugged and maintenance free tower crane with world class safety features. The plant ensures better availability and smooth supplies to the ever growing demand of tower cranes in the country. Spartan is a professionally managed company known as a manufacturer of quality construction equipment. All Spartan machines are thoroughly tested by doing test runs before being delivered to ensure clients get the best products that deliver optimum performance. The company has also vertically integrated all manufacturing activities like designing, fabrication, machining, assembling, testing, finishing and dispatch in-house under the supervision of its stringent quality control team. 




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