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Company Profile - WRENCH Solution

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Technology created by WRENCH™ Solutions is being used by over two hundred organisations on over a thousand projects.



A global provider of information technology solutions to engineering and construction companies, WRENCH Solutions helps control costs, improve time-to-delivery, and grow business rapidly. In the mid nineties WRENCH implemented their first product at Kennametal Widia. Over the next few years some of the largest names in the industry followed suit, including Bosch, BHEL, L&T, and the Tata Group. The core value proposition, which remains unchanged, was to help engineering organisations become globally competitive as quickly as possible, through targeted technology that would reduce design cycle time, increase process efficiency, and vastly improve productivity and quality. The name 'wrench' references a universal tool, the pipe wrench. When there is a problem in flow in a pipeline, the pipe wrench is the tool used to open up the pipe and clear the issue, and it can be adjusted to a range of pipe sizes. WRENCH designed their technology with a similar vision - to clear the 'blocks' in an organisation's information and process flow, and so help the business run as efficiently as possible. By  adopting a WRENCH solution companies can reduce project management costs by 40-60 per cent and minimise the chance of overrun to less than 10 percent. They can work confidently with partners, consultants, and vendors anywhere in the world. In terms of business growth, the reassurance of having such a foolproof backend system in place helps companies win contracts in new or unfamiliar markets. WRENCH solutions are fully self-contained but can integrate with most ERP, EDMS, and project management software, allowing customers to see remarkable benefits in a very short time and without needing to purchase extra manpower or infrastructure.




WRENCH Solutions (formerly CADD Solutions) was set up in 1994 by Varghese Daniel with the aim to provide niche engineering/collaboration software to the then-fledgling market of automated CAD design and drawing. At first the company catered to manufacturing verticals like aerospace and defence, machine building, auto components and heavy engineering, but as their footprint grew overseas they decided to use the business process knowledge gained from the manufacturing industry to develop a similar collaboration-oriented solution for the burgeoning  construction (EPC) industry. This was very well received and Mr. Daniel saw a tremendous opportunity for a comprehensive yet targeted process automation solution designed specifically for engineering projects.
Over time, as the construction industry evolved and became globalised, the software also changed in functionality and scope, and slowly the single product was spun off into a series of products that addressed specific construction verticals. After working closely with customers to implement the earlier versions, it became clear that the need was for far more than just engineering collaboration or process automation, rather, what customers needed was an end-to-end software infrastructure that addressed all the needs of all their departments across the enterprise, i.e. engineering and design, business/sales, customer services, project management, internal administration, vendor management, and client/partner collaborationAnd so what started out as a niche product/project life cycle management software product turned into a global,
enterprise-level, business management solution for engineering, procurement, and construction organisations.
WRENCH Solutions is headquartered in Bangalore, India. It has an R&D centre at Cochin, India, and global offices in Australia, Canada, Singapore, UAE, UK and USA.

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