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Interview - Aashita Dutta (Verts Services India Pvt Ltd)

We manage the complete business cycle of any construction industry




A dynamic business technology company providing ERP solutions across different industry verticals, VERTS’ avowed objective is to make technology easy and cost-effective for small and medium business (SMBs) in order to streamline their business processes for accelerated growth. The company’s philosophy is not to sell technology but to partner with companies to deliver solutions, efficiency and growth.




Give us an idea of the various technological solutions your company is offering in the building and infrastructure space in India?


We understand engineering services companies like construction, and infrastructure companies execute projects wherein Project Management, Budget and Actuals for material, labour, revenue and other expenses is essential. We have developed an ERP solution which not only automates crucial day-to-day processes of construction and Infra companies but also provides project planning and execution, tender and bid management, expenses against approved budget. Apart from this it also automates  other functions of the companies like HR Payroll, Sales, and Finance. So we equip our clients by having a single integrated view of the company. Our solution is built on top of open source technology which makes it cost effective with functional rich features.




Tell us about the specific areas of construction and infrastructure where your solutions have been utilised?


We manage the complete business cycle of any construction industry.  Our features rich and easy to use application start from managing the tender, creation and management of projects, managing
costs, suppliers, sub-contractors, complete accounting, HR  and payroll management. Moreover,we have flexibility to customise the system with quick turnaround time.




Could you tell us of the clients serviced by your company – and also offer us some case studies of key projects where your software solutions have been employed successfully?


Our clients are from various segments of the construction industry. For example one client from India was a government contractor who has specialisation of building roads, while another was a Malaysian company building big scale residential complexes. Their requirements were different and we met those by providing tender management, project management, supplier management, subcontractor management, accounting and HR management and vehicle management modules.




Tell us about your presence and work overseas?


We are presently located in Delhi/NCR, but we have clients pan India and globally.




Give us an understanding of the competitive advantage your clients have gained by using your company’s solutions – particularly with reference to structural engineering and on the project management side bringing down cost and time overruns?


The value-add we have offered to our clients include:

  • Fully integrated Construction business cycle from tender to project planning to project execution
  • Better control on tools and equipments at project sites thereby increasing capacity utilisation and costs optimisation
  • Complete visibility into cost implications during project execution
  • Access to real time information scattered across different functions across the organization
  • Better inventory management
  • Better project management at sites with project management software
  • Maintenance management of the equipment, machinery, vehicles.

We believe in working like an extended team of clients and partnering with them and their team till the time they start using the system comfortably. We have often seen that the management understands the important of technology, but users’ acceptance takes time. We understand this challenge and work closely with their team till the time they are comfortable in using the system in their day to day processes.




As software solutions provider what are the challenges you face in an ever changing and dynamic work environment particularly when it comes persuading clients to adopt technological solutions?


Good team and business development are the two sides of any successful business. We understand that in a dynamic work environment it is very important to build a good team and most importantly retain them.

We have given our employees an open work culture and platform for exploring their potential. As far as business development is concerned, it is important that we step into the shoes of our clients, their industry, their competition, industry trends, business challenges so that we bring forward a business scenario and talk in our clients’ language.

Our functional experts/sales consultants understand this and always talk aboutbusiness scenarios than technology with the management team. Technology comes later in our sales cycle process while pitching to our clients.




What are the strategies your company has employed to market its products and services?


We have dedicated sales and marketing team to identify new prospects in a specific industry vertical. We follow a well defined online and offline marketing strategy to help us generate leads. Direct Marketing and SEO, both strategies needs to work together to reach a larger audience.




Give us an understanding of the current trends in terms of technological applications and usage?  Where does India’s construction and infrastructure sector stand in terms of tech usage and give us an idea of India as a market for technological solutions such as those offered by your firm?


Technology is very critical for company’s growth, efficiency, and improved bottom lines. Companies in India understand its importance and are adapting to new technology. Needless to say bigger corporates are first to adapt and growing companies are sometimes later adopters.  SMEs also understand how technological application can act as catalyst for their growth and are thinking beyond just accounting software such as project management or complete business application package. However, for these companies price is the main constraint. Our solutions are based on open source platform, so not only our clients get very cost effective, stable, and simple to use solution but also they do not have to bear the complicated licensing complication. They are free to use our software for unlimited users or projects.




Cost is often a deterrent for adoption of technology by Indian construction and infrastructure firms? Do you see that changing and how can the cost of technological solutions be brought down?


Yes, in India the two challenges which companies like ours face is low technology adoption and price acceptance by the clients. But as we said, it is important that we step in to the shoes of our clients and understand their challenges and pain areas to bring in front a solution which talks value to their business.

Also, we have designed all our ERP solutions on top of Open Source Technology, which is not only robust but also functionally rich to compete with any commercial based license ERP solution, and most importantly it is very cost effective if compared with commercial based ERP software.




Could you talk of your company’s business performance through 2013, important contracts bagged, key learnings, your plans for expansion and targets for 2014?


2013 has been a good year; we started exploring international market and are in talks with a few prospects for our construction solutions and services. 2014 focus is to build on what we have started in 2013 and reach new markets in India and overseas.

We are learning in every interaction with our clients/prospects every day, so the key learning is to keep innovating and be on top of your clients’ business expectations/their business challenges and work like their extended team.


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