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Interview - Arun Selvam. G (Micromen Software Solutions Pvt Ltd)

We are hoping to add new accounts to our ever-growing list of clientele across India this year   



Started in 1986 as a partnership firm by a team of technocrats, Micromen was one of the earliest players in the customised application software service in India. In its early days, the firm catered to a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, distribution, trading, finance and construction. Today, as a technology consulting and services company providing progressive IT solutions to a wide range of businesses, Micromen offers a wide portfolio of services ranging from industry specific ERP solutions to website and application development to specialised consulting services. The company has a Pan-Asian presence for its consulting and products division with offices in Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai and channel partners in Delhi, Qatar and Oman. The services division is based out of Chennai and has an office in Florida, USA.  ARUL SELVAM. G, MANAGING DIRECTOR, MICROMEN SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS (P) LTD., responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries.




Give us an idea of the various technological solutions your company is offering in the building and infrastructure space in India?


Our gamut of solutions covers the entire spectrum of construction industry right from where the designing of the project is done- Starting from rate analysis, bill of quantities, work breakdown structures, scheduling, project communication, bid packaging, bid management, vendor/material management, Subcontractor management, lab our management, CRM, Contractor related running bills etc to core business processes like HRM, Asset management and Financial accounting. We also aim to integrate an organisation’s external entity’s interaction in the system with relevant portals for buyers, clients and vendors. All this is tied together by state of the art automated MIS, industry specific process flow and an intelligent, interactive workflow. This ensures seamless integration between users, departments, and project sites anytime, anywhere.




Tell us about the specific areas of construction and infrastructure where your solutions have been utilised?


The product as you know is built ground up specifically for this industry and can cater to all different segments of construction and infrastructure projects. Our clients are ultilising our solutions to monitor and manage residential, industrial, roads, power plant projects with each having the same ease-of-use and controls.




Could you tell us of the clients serviced by your company?


As a technology solution provider it is important to become part of the organisation to ensure a successful implementation of our solution suite. With an established client base of over 100 builders, developers, contractors, architects and infrastructure giants we are continuously striving to improve our solution platform and delivery mechanism.




Tell us about your presence and work overseas?


We are predominantly an Indian company, based out of Chennai with branches in Bangalore, Mumbai and work with partners in the rest of the country. We also have partners in Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East. As part of our growth plan we are actively looking out for new partnerships to take our products and solutions by expanding our presence and operations both pan-India and globally.




Give us an understanding of the competitive advantage your clients have gained by using your company’s solutions – particularly with reference to structural engineering and on the project management side bringing down cost and time overruns?


Our continuous efforts to understanding the system driven processes, identifying scope for improvement and implementing the most efficient and industry-best practices.

In fact our core strengths are in managing dynamic construction projects to control costs using our in-depth resource management functions built over the years bit by bit taking into account every practicality and specific industry requirements which is unique to our industry.




As software solutions provider what are the challenges you face in an ever changing and dynamic work environment particularly when it comes persuading clients to adopt technological solutions?


The construction and infrastructure industry has seen an upsurge in technology-driven development, especially in the last few years. An increasing number of clients are looking to automate their processes and are willing to invest in an ERP as they understand the benefits they can derive from it.

As a leading provider of ERP solutions for this sector, we are constantly striving to improve our products and services in order to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry. The feedback we have received from our clients so far has been very encouraging and we are confident of cementing our place as the industry leader.



What are the strategies your company has employed to market its products and services?


Word of mouth has been our most successful strategy for us and it is definitely something that we are proud of- at the same time we have our team of experts who not only create awareness for the multitude of possibilities that our solution can offer in terms of productivity, efficiency etc but also ensure a long lasting relationship is established with each of our customers. We strongly believe that is key to our success. We also conduct several road shows and participate in industry meets to evangelise the need for technology driven growth for the industry.




Give us an understanding of the current trends in terms of technological applications and usage? Where does India’s construction and infrastructure sector stand in terms of tech usage and give us an idea of India as a market for technological solutions such as those offered by your firm?


The possibility is mind boggling in terms of possible broader media technology application that is trending and are also being researched on with smart wear devices being touted as the next big thing in integrated application environment. All said and done India is still several years beyond in this industry in terms of technology adoption. Mobile apps are talked up but the usage of such technology at grass root levels is still a far-fetched possibility. The restriction in terms of bandwidth is also a limiting factor. Having said  that, the last three years has definitely seen a surge in companies embracing enterprise solution like ours has increased drastically and there is better appreciation of the immense benefit of a seamless enterprise solution.




Cost is often a deterrent for adoption of technology by Indian construction and infrastructure firms? Do you see that changing and how can the cost of technological solutions be brought down?


In India the onus is definitely on bringing down the cost and several alternate models has been proposed like SaaS but the deployment of a cloud enabled subscription based scenario is riddle by wrong notions and is still a bubble from our work ethic and culture point of view. We strongly believe that a data-center to reduce the in-house hardware cost can be one of the components of reducing cost and not SaaS especially for an enterprise solution.




Could you talk of your company’s business performance through 2013, important contracts bagged, key learnings, your plans for expansion and targets for 2014?


2013 was a challenging year for us since the launch of our new .Net version had taken place. The major highlight would be conversion of various clients who have already been using our competitor's products but were able to appreciate our product for the in-depth functionality and for being able to cover all practical day-day scenarios in-comparison to our competitor's products. We had launched our Bengaluru branch in 2013 and are optimistic about the encouraging response we had received from the industry. We are hoping to add a minimum of 100 new accounts to our ever-growing list of clientele across India this year.

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