Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Company Profile - Afcons Infrastructure Limited

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Afcons Infrastructure Limited (AFCONS) is a part of the Shapoorji Pallonji (SP) Group which is the third-largest construction group in India. Over the past five decades, AFCONS has emerged as one of the leaders in infrastructure EPC industry by continuously delivering world-class services in areas of Marine, Highways, Bridges, Metro, Tunnels, and Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas.

The company has a transnational presence in almost the entire spectrum of infrastructure activities. In fact, it is one of the pioneers in infrastructure development, involved in execution of large and complex projects both in India and overseas. At present, AFCONS is executing major overseas projects in Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Liberia and actively pursuing new markets in Middle East and Africa. The company is among the prominent EPC firms that are using Candy Software.




“Afcons took a leap of faith a couple of years back when it decided to integrate the candy software into its system. In a highly competitive business like infrastructure development, where margins are gradually diminishing and the competition hotting up, we were searching for software that would boost our tendering system. The company was chugging away with its legacy system but we felt the need for a more advanced tool. We started looking for software that wouldn’t just calculate tender cost but give a near-accurate analysis of tenders. We wanted it to also give a quick and correct estimation while tendering.  We chose Candy from a pool of software and our decision was vindicated. It exceeded our expectations in terms of performance. The best part: The front end of the software looks like excel and thus makes itself familiar almost immediately to any new user. Secondly, the BOQ comes in excel format. Candy has the facility to directly upload the excel format into the system. So, the estimation is quite fast and accurate. Even last-minute amendments from clients can be accommodated without much fuss. Today, Candy has become the way of tendering for all infrastructure-related projects – be it EPC, item rate, or cost plus. Finally, the most important aspect is its security features. It makes the data tamper-proof which is crucial in any good tendering software.

Sandeep Desai, Executive Vice President, IT & Information Process Group,
Afcons Infrastructure Limited








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