Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Interview - Ashvin Gami (ITAakash Strategic Software Pvt Ltd)

We are looking to expand overseas 



ITAakash is a comprehensive, integrated, modularized and user-friendly ERP system for the real estate, construction industry and the infrastructure sector. It is a ready to use system, which is useful in quick implementation and thus reduces lead-time. The implementation is modularized and each module can be linked at any time as per the customer's requirement. The system can run both at the site as well as at the head office independently. The head office is linked with the site office through web server/data transfer protocols and thus enables one to know the status of each site, which increases effectiveness in monitoring and execution of site work. ITAakash has helped organisations in all industries – its client list has names such as Gannon Dunkerley, the Armstrong Group, Nandivardhan Group and UshaBreco Re ality -- perk up business suppleness, worker yields and client allegiance. It is operated by well-known organisations to develop customer awareness, fortify supply chain partnerships, and boost organisational litheness from field to management levels. The software helps infrastructure, building management clients and real estate firms to mechanise their entire processes, manage their ventures and create an array of information while aiding in the administrative process. ASHVIN GAMI, MANAGING DIRECTOR,  ITAAKASH STRATEGIC SOFTWARE (P) LTD answered queries about his organisation.



What are the technological solutions offered by your company in the building and infrastructure space?


We offer Strategic ERP, which is a complete solution to manage day to day construction activities.




Tell us about your organisational network? What are the areas of construction and infrastructure where your solutions have been utilised?


Currently we have offices pan-India and would like to expand overseas. Our solutions find application in the area of engineering, construction sites, purchase, stores, sales, tendering, client management, finance, and land acquisition




Who are the clients serviced by your company?


Naman Group, Group Integrated Spaces, GDCL, Crystal Group are some of our clients.




What is the competitive advantage your clients have gained by using your company’s solutions? 


The engineering modules help our clients to monitor the real scenario at the site, purchase management and also in customer relationship management.




What is the main challenge faced by you when it comes to adoption of technological solutions?


I would say the mindset of employees.




What are the strategies your company has employed to market its products and services?


Our main thrust areas are online marketing and channel sales.



How was your company’s business performance in 2013 and your plans for 2014?


Last year our total turnover was Rs 4 crore. Our current plan is to achieve Rs 12 crore.





Construction operations at Armstrong’s Hexcity, the residential enclave at Kharghar could be managed professionally because of the sophisticated ERP package from ITAakash. The solutions were specially designed with a view to enhance productivity, accountability and effective management of on-site project resources.



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