09 July 2020

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Illuminating sport


The global power solutions major is reputed for its thought leadership in the science of outdoor sports lighting, write the company’s JEYACHANDRAN R and GAUTAM K

When it comes to lighting, GE Lighting has mastered the game. Sports lighting has formed the very genesis of our company. In 1883, we lit the first night baseball game with a handful of open-face arc lights strung across a minor-league field. Since then, we have been responsible for many ‘firsts’ in this domain.


There is a detailed ‘science’ behind a good outdoorsports lighting design. Depending on the sports being played, different configurations of Pole locations, Mounting heights, and Luminaire aiming areselected to highlight the ball in play, minimize glare in the eyes of the players/spectators and also assist modern day HDTV broadcasters.


Below are few of the key design considerations necessary for choosing a good sports lighting installation


Luminaire selection


Sports Lighting luminaires are available in a variety of beam types viz. Spot, Narrow, Medium, Wide, etc. that are chosen depending on the type of sport being played. Even for products within
the same beam type, performances of products from different lighting companies can vary. Hence, it becomes imperative for the customer to choose the right manufacturer.


Lamp selection


The most common lamps in use today are High Intensity Discharge (HID) Metal Halide Lamps. These lamps can range from 400W - 2000W, have excellent colour rendition property (Ra 65- 90), day light like appearance (~ 5000K range) and a reasonably long life.


Warm up and restrike time


HID lamps may require about 3-7 minutes time to switch from warm to becoming fully lit. A power trip of even a few milli-seconds can result in a down time of at least 15 minutes.  To overcome these limitations and to have uninterrupted operations, present day sports lighting technology have begun to use instant ‘hot restrike’ lighting systems. These systems are popular in many places around the world over and arerapidly gaining importance in India.


Stroboscopic effect


The light output of HID lamps tends
to follow the 50-cycle current waveform. This will cause a moving object to
appear to flicker or jump from position to position. This effect is more pronounced when the object is small and traveling over 50 feet per second. If the object is moving toward the player or the player is following the motion of the object, strobe will be less noticeable. This annoyance can be minimized by using three-phase power with HID lamps.


Selection of illumination levels


Selection of illumination levels for different kinds of sports must be done as per international standards such as CIE, IESNA or other worldwide sports federations such as FIFA, FIH, etc. Lighting design is typically carried out by using software like AGI 32 which satisfy HDTV lighting requirements. An important scenario that should also be considered in choosing illumination levels is minimisation of light pollution. Local norms and rules will decide the amount of allowable light trespass to the surrounding areas.


Aiming of installed lighting system


Aiming diagrams for each sport or stadium is generated during or after the sports lighting design. To achieve the right aiming, tools such as a telescope with a laser mounted gun are typically used.A difference of a few degrees in aiming can make a significant difference in the resulting light level and uniformity.


Other factors that also play a vital role in today’s context of ‘design-and-build’ and providing a complete turnkey sports lighting solution include architecture of the stadium or the sports facility, playing arena type such as natural or artificial turf, flood light locations, lighting towers placement, manual/auto Lighting controls, emergency backup for failures etc.      


4 stadiums, including one for main opening game, for FIFA 2014, Brazil, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Firozshah  Kotla and R K Khanna Tennis Complex, New Delhi, D Y Patil, MHA, Mumbai Gymkhana, MA Chidambaram, Chennai, FIFA compliant stadiums at Goa, Ranchi and Shillong.



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