23 February 2020

Interview - Mayur Shah (Marathon Group)

The long term advantages of green building make it a cost benefit deal



The Mumbai based real estate firm Marathon Group has over 20 million sq ft of residential and 1.2 million of commercial space under construction not to mention a land bank of over 500  acres.  MAYUR SHAH, MANAGING DIRECTOR, MARATHON GROUP dilated on his company’s focus in green building space.




On the importance of building green: We understand the importance of nature and the need to save environment and natural resources from being depleted. Hence, for the benefit of society and the future generations creating green and energy efficient buildings has been one of our missions. Marathon Futurex is the Marathon Group’s landmark green project situated in Lower Parel. We are now in the process of further adding to our list of green buildings.



On the green elements of the project: We have used several technologies which make Marathon Futurex, a complete eco-friendly and Green building. These initiatives have contributed considerably to the project’s Green Quotient and helped it earn the coveted Gold category LEEDS-Certification.



Some of the green features found in the project are:

Low-E glasses: The glass facade structure features high reflective, double-glazed, low emission (Low-E) glass, an effective energy saving tool, which allows maximum natural light to get in, while keeping the heat out, thus helping to enhance the efficiency of cooling units. Marathon Group is the first real estate company to carry out solar envelope study and use the most appropriate low-e glass specially being manufactured from Shanghai for this iconic Tower Marathon Futurex.
Energy efficient lifts: The 22 high-speed elevators at Marathon Futurex are controlled by traffic management programmes that intelligently station them at different levels based on the time of the day and corresponding traffic flow, ensuring better accessibility and saving time. The project uses the Gearless technology, in the lifts which generate energy as they travel down and utilise this garnered energy when travelling up, thus saving power.
Solar Envelope Study: It is the only project in India, for which a thorough study was conducted on sun movement, before embarking on a design that utilises maximum natural resources and reduces energy consumption. Solar Envelope Study, which uses sophisticated simulation software, analyzed the solar heat gain throughout the building and across the year, which helped us to identify the most heated areas. To reduce the heat gain on those parts of the building, sky gardens have been incorporated in the design which act as break-off areas and block the surfaces from directly getting exposed to sunlight. It can typically offer a minimum of 10 per cent savings on energy costs.
Low volatile materials: We followed eco-friendly construction norms by using materials such fly ash and micro silica. low volatile paints have been used in the building. Even the flooring materials chosen are such that they do not contain harmful volatile organic compounds.



On construction costs affecting the practice of building green: There is a huge cost involved in construction of a green building which often becomes a deterrent for developers to invest in constructing a green building. The high cost is mainly owing to special technologies and raw materials that are needed in construction. While the cost of construction may be high, the long term advantages of green building make it a cost benefit deal. Green building help in saving vital resources such as water and electricity. 



On future outlook: Marathon Group is hoping to make many such projects in future in order to meet the requirement of its customer and further encouraging green building construction. Understanding the needs of the modern home buyer Marathon Group has now launched its ambitious brand titled ‘NEX’ which stands for (Next generation Eco-friendly Xtra utility homes). Homes created under this brand would be eco friendly homes with large space and designed in a smart way to make optimum utilisation of every available space.

All these residential spaces would be equipped with latest amenities and facilities to meet the aspirations of the modern buyer without creating a burden on the environment.




Marathon Futurex operates and thrives on a backbone of cutting-edge technology. An office space where 22 high speed elevators, controlled by traffic management programs, whisk away the workforce with minimum waiting time. A Solar Envelope Design study identified changing thermal patterns throughout the year while monitoring and analysing the sun's movement on the building exteriors and its overall impact on the structure. The cooling of the building is based on the study and is controlled by the VRV system. The building facade is made of double-glazed, low-e glass that lets in the light but cuts out the heat. All this together, helps save up to 25 per cent energy. Its over 15 Sky Gardens not only are a not just visual delight but also act as a heat barrier. The vertical fins also deflect the sun rays away from the building.A Building Management System (BMS) automatically regulates lighting, security devices and fire-safety alarms.In the car park the jet exhaust fans with special CO2 sensors automatically activate to suck-out the gas.




  • Floor plate of 30,000 sq. ft. to 65,000 sq. ft.
  • 800 Workstations on one floor
  • Largest Column Span of up to 52 ft.
  • Gold-Rated Green Building Design
  • Over 15 Sky Gardens
  • LEED India Gold Pre-certified Commercial Building




  • Landscape Consultant: Site Concepts International Pte, Singapore
  • Interiors Consultant: HBO + EMTB, Australia
  • Lighting Consultant: AWA Lighting Designers, New York
  • Facade Consultant: MFT, Australia
  • Principal Architect: De Anupam, Mumbai
  • Structural Consultant: Sterling Engineering Consultancy Services
  • Green Building Consultant: Ernst & Young, Mumbai



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