Monday, January 18, 2021

Interview - Hemant Khurana (Saint Gobain Gyproc India Ltd)

Our products can be easily recycled reducing the overall impact on the environment



Saint-Gobain Gyproc India Ltd is part of the Euro 43 billion Saint-Gobain Group, the world's leading manufacturer of ceilings, drywalls and gypsum plasters. The company is a pioneer in introducing lightweight interior construction practices in the Indian market, and its products and systems are the preferred choice of companies, builders, interior decorators and end consumers. Besides builders and architects, discerning home owners are increasingly choosing Saint-Gobain Gyproc false ceilings to create homes that are unique, elegant, better lit and more energy efficient. Gyproc also offers architectural design support in acoustics, fire safety, thermal comfort and structural safety, systems engineering, quantity surveying, training and onsite technical support. HEMANT KHURANA, VICE PRESIDENT SALES AND MARKETING, ST GOBAIN GYPROC INDIA LTD responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries.




Please tell us about St Gobain Gyproc's emphasis on building energy efficiencies in the construction sector?


Gyproc provides energy efficient solutions to the industry which includes dry lining and ceiling system. These systems provide thermal comfort to interior environment and thus help in reducing energy consumption from air-conditioning.  The embodied energy of our solutions is far lesser in comparison to conventional materials, which also ensures energy savings in manufacturing and logistics. 



Briefly tell us about your organisation's green initiatives, notably Saint-Gobain Gyproc's Eco-Innovation strategy?


Gyproc is committed towards Eco-Innovation, which ensures that environmental impact of a new product is considered at the right of the beginning of the innovation process. Our products and solutions help in reducing the environmental impact of buildings and infrastructure over their complete life cycle. Given that we provide light-weight drywall solutions, our solutions also help in reducing the use of resources in the buildings by eliminating a lot of dead weight thereby saving both materials as well as costs. Our products can be easily recycled reducing the overall impact on the environment.  Drywall solutions help in reducing water consumption dramatically thereby contributing to the environment. We have brought many great innovations to the building material space. Our products such as Gyproc Activ’ Air plasterboard enhances indoor air quality and help in providing healthy living by absorbing formaldehyde. This product comes with an innovative technology which absorbs the formaldehyde circulating indoors and converts it into an inert compound.



Give us an understanding of St Gobain's energy efficient products?


Our drywall solutions constructed with plasterboards and metal framing systems have very low embodied energy.  All the plasterboards have good thermal resistance which when combined with insulation material such as glasswool provides significant thermal insulation thereby conserving energy while in use.



Who are your main clients, and which are the key projects in which St Gobain's solutions have been used?


Our main clients are architects, clients, and builders. We provide sustainable solutions to various sectors ranging from hotels, hospitals, industries, school and offices. Many landmark projects both in commercial as well residential segments have used our drywall and ceiling solutions. These include iconic buildings such as the T3 airport terminal in Delhi, the Infosys campus in Mysore and the Lodha World Towers in Mumbai.



Tell us about your manufacturing plants?


We have three world class manufacturing plants in India. These are at Jind near Delhi; Wada, near Mumbai and Bengaluru. This is to ensure that our response is prompt and our materials are locally available to reduce energy consumption in transportation. We also have three drywall academies at the same places to train contractors and applicators in the latest techniques besides having an  extensive countrywide sales, warehouse and distribution network.



What is your outlook for the green building products sector in India?


We see significant scarcity of natural resources such as water and sand and this will become more acute in the time to come given that we have high need for construction due to rapid urbanisation in our country. Today we need to  construct green buildings with sustainable products in order to reduce the impact on environment.

The need will gain further momentum in the coming future. There are various products available from Gyproc which contribute to energy efficiency, low VOC emissions, water conservation and conservation of resources which in turn helps in sustainability of the buildings.


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