01 June 2020

Interview - Sridar Narayanswami (Emerson Climate Technologies)

We are committed to protecting the environment and providing solutions that decrease energy consumption



Emerson Climate Technologies is the world’s leading provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial applications.  It combines technically superior products and services with global engineering, design, distribution, installation, and monitoring capabilities to create reliable, energy efficient climate systems that improve human comfort, safeguard food, and protect the environment. SRIDAR NARAYANSWAMI, VICE PRESIDENT & MANAGING DIRECTOR, EMERSON CLIMATE TECHNOLOGIES responded to queries from SHRIKANT RAO on the role played by his company in the green building and sustainability space.



What is Emerson’s emphasis and role in building energy efficiencies in the construction sector?


Emerson understands that energy is a scarce resource and our endeavor is to continuously innovate and bring out energy efficient technologies for the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration industry. We are constantly sharing energy-efficient technologies with our OEM partners, customers and sensitise them to the advances being made in other countries in this area.  Our commitment to the industry goes beyond making high quality energy efficient products and technologies. We have several initiatives like The Emerson Cup awards where we recognize HVACR professionals behind green building technologies. We recognise that it is smart designers who contribute to the green cause and we constantly support them.




Could you tell us about the organisation’s green initiatives?


Environmental responsibility stands at the forefront of today’s global corporate agenda. Emerson addresses this responsibility in two primary ways – through our commitment to providing products and services that improve energy efficiencies and reduce potential harm to the environment, and through our efforts to operate our facilities in a manner that protects the environment, meets or exceeds government requirements, and continually reduces energy consumption and wastes. Emerson Climate Technologies is committed to protecting the environment and providing solutions that decrease energy consumption.




Give us an understanding of Emerson’s energy efficient products and solutions and the current market for them?


Emerson is known globally for its engineering and technology excellence. We believe in continuous innovation so as to provide energy efficient solutions for the industry. Some of our key technologies for residential and commercial air-conditioning (A/C) solutions are:

  • High efficiency residential scroll compressor that powers the Star-3, 4 and 5 split A/C system in 2.0TR capacity.  This is the smallest residential scroll compressor in the world and has been awarded as the most innovative product by the Indian Air-Conditioning Association.
  • Digital Scroll technology that enables highly efficient and reliable Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) A/C systems.  This is a variable capacity compressor technology that is widely used globally by leading A/C manufacturers and is sold in India through some reputed partners.
  • 40HP Copeland Scroll™ Compressors with R410A: These are used to build up to 240TR multi-scroll chillers. R410A multi-scroll chillers have much higher IPLV (seasonal performance efficiency index) than equivalent capacity R134A standard screw chillers.
  • A new platform of R410A Commercial Copeland Scroll™ Compressors – we have both Digital and Fixed capacity compressors, which are used in high efficiency Digital VRF systems and commercial ACs.
  • Retail monitoring solution monitoring systems that manage the entire power consumption in a retail environment (lights, ACs, showcases etc) and ensures that the energy bill in the store is minimised




Who are your main clients and which are the key construction/infrastructure projects in which Emerson’s solutions have found application?


Emerson Climate Technologies works with all major OEMs  with significant presence in the domestic market. The Copeland™ Reciprocating compressors manufactured in our India plant are exported to Middle East, South East Asia, Australia, North America and South Ameica. A major portion of Pepsi and Coke Visi coolers are powered by Emerson compressors. Emerson also offers solutions for the infrastructure segment, powering air-conditioning systems for a bulk of Indian Railways and urban transport corporations like the Delhi Metro.




Tell us about your manufacturing plants and other support facilities?  


Emerson Climate Technologies has four manufacturing facilities in the Asia Pacific region – two in China, one in Thailand and one in India – the last is at Atit in Maharashtra. We also have an engineering research and design centre at Karad, Maharashtra, and have recently inaugurated a Cold Chain & Distribution Centre at Chakan near Pune. This centre serves many purposes. It functions as a local warehousing facility, has teardown/repair and services labs; it also houses an assembly line for condensing units, which can be customised according to India consumer requirements and provides a fully-equipped training facility for cold chain customers.




What is your outlook for the green building products sector in India?    


India is the second largest hub for green buildings in the world, only second to the US. With the increase in income levels, there are changes in the life styles of various sections of the society in India, leading to an exponentially increased demand in real estate. India has been witnessing tremendous growth in building and construction sector for the past 5 years and will continue to do so in the coming years. This makes it all the more important that leading technology suppliers like Emerson Climate Technologies continually strive for higher energy efficient products, and that the HVACR professionals pay increased attention and promote fast adoption to green building technologies.




Could you name some of the projects where efficiencies have been built due to use of Emerson’s products and solutions?  


Emerson Products are being leveraged to provide solutions for offices, hotels, education campuses and residential buildings. Some  of the extremely prestigious projects like the Central Secretariat Building at New Delhi are retrofitted using air-conditioning solutions powered by Emerson Climate Technologies. Others include the huge Satyam Computers’ campus at Hyderabad, Net App Server Labs, TCS offices, Vasant Continental Hotel, Global Education Centre etc. 


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