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Company Profile- SGDC

Turf specialist

As golf course specialists the Silverglades Golf Development Company Pvt. Ltd (SGDC) has been at the forefront of offering turnkey solutions for projects related to the golfing green for several years. The company has recently been awarded the title of Best Golf Course Construction and Maintenance Company in India by the CII at 6th Asia Golf Industry Show. The Gurgaon based firm was born out of a market need to have an integrated golf course development company in the country with all the attendant skill sets and expertise to deliver projects from concept stage to completion.


Such is its imprimatur on the country’s golfing landscape today that SGDC, which is ISO 9001:2000 registered, can proudly boast of it being India’s only ‘integrated golf course construction, development and maintenance company’ providing world class golf course master planning and construction, maintenance, landscaping, shaping, renovation and advisory services. SGDC’s  team  has been associated with many prestigious Golf Course Projects  such as the ITC‘s  Classic Golf Resort Gurgaon, Imperial Golf Estate, Ludhiana , Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort Gurgaon, Sushant Golf City, Lucknow  and many more .




Not only has SGDC left its signature on golfing greens in various parts of the country, the company has ventured into the development of various other sorts of sports facilities which include cricket pitches and  grounds, tennis courts, football grounds polo grounds and multi-use sports fields. This expansion has made SGDC a fully-fledged professional sports ground development firm.


SGDC’s years of experience has contributed to an approach to all projects which screams out one word: Excellence.


Ergo, the company lays emphasis on utilising the best in manpower and machinery. Its in-house experts – which includes architects, civil engineers, surveyors, irrigation and drainage specialists, horticulturists, excavator and box grader operators, electricians, mechanics, carpenters and ground support staff – work closely with clients to increase project implementation efficiencies and yield optimum results.


SGDC is focused on serving clients through cutting-edge technologies that yield sustainable and quality developments. Keeping clients specifications in mind it carries out all construction based logistics smoothly while ensuring that the project is built on time and budget. Their delivery of a creative and strategic plan responds to the nature of the clients’ business objectives while keeping in mind the long term sustainability of the finished product.





The company’s focus towards every project is on maintenance of an ecological balance to keep pace with nature. Understandably therefore It takes care from the earliest stages of a project to ensure that there is least possible environmental interference and that the developments are capable of sustaining a healthy ecology while providing economic benefits to both developers and the local communities. This is seen in its stress on water utilisation and management, landscape and ecosystems planning, energy and resources utilisation and lastly but not the least – effect on people and communities. 





SGDC also provides valuable advisory for the development of cricket outfields, pitches and squares. Its cricket ground construction methodology is based upon conducting preliminary studies, carefully planning and then advocating the best in construction methods along with the use of top grade raw materials that ultimately yield a high quality and sustainable product. It offers practical and cost-effective solutions for all types of turf requirements and services which include maintenance and pre-preparations of cricket grounds for an upcoming game. The company has been associated with cricketing related ground works at stadia such as those at Mohali, Dharmashala and Delhi’s Firozshah Kotla. It has also installed a new set of Indoor Artificial Turf Cricket Wickets at Jharkhand, Mohali , Silchar , Dharmashala,  NCA and Sahara Lucknow Cricket Associations.


It is not difficult to see that you don’t have to go too far when you need a Sport Ground Development and Turf Specialist!         


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