04 August 2020

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Spotlight-Nord Drivesystems

Today customers expect highly energy efficient products with complete focus on total cost of ownership

Nord Drivesystems Pvt. Ltd. (NDPL), the 100 per cent India subsidiary of Getriebebau Nord, is a global leader in drive systems. The company’s client spread includes almost every industry such as steel and metals, infrastructure, cement, packaging, airports, pharma, chemical, pumps, effluent treatment, material handling, robotics, cranes, automobile, dairy, beverage, packaged food, agriculture, and many more. PL MUTHUSEKKAR, MD, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS shared his views with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES.


The construction industry is a major contributor towards India’s GDP, both directly and indirectly. It generate opportunities and any improvements in the construction sector affect a number of associated industries such as cement, steel, technology, skill-enhancement, etc.


The statistics about industrial relations performance and the economic performance of the construction industry are poor and generally insufficient to draw firm conclusions about recent trends and developments. India has a lot of potential for development in the infrastructure and construction sector and the cement sector is expected to largely benefit from it. Some of the recent major government initiatives such as development of smart cities are expected to provide a major boost to the sector.


Gear motors and gearboxes have to specially build to ensure optimum performance of construction equipment with reduced downtime. NORD heavy-duty, one-piece housings are precisely machined for this purpose. They are sturdy in terms of design and can take more load. The casings also have less mechanical components that reduces the chances of failures of the device. Today customers expect highly energy efficient products with complete focus on total cost of ownership. By rental also where in consistence performance throughout the lifespan is need of the hour. That is why customers want quality products like Nord. We provide products that have high efficiency. We have introduced IE5 super premium energy efficient motor. We also have gearboxes where every component is designed for smooth and efficient operations. Nord offers German designed, safe and rugged products. On top of that our products have longer lifespan with high degree of performance efficiency and trouble-free operations. Generally, construction equipment operate in difficult terrain at remote locations. In such conditions frequent maintenance is not possible due to minimum accessibility. For a better customer experience and service, we have put an additional investment and plan to launch a new service vehicle. We provide hassle free pick up/ drop at your location. We value your time and trust on NORD Drivesystems quality service. It is notable that the different scenarios produce broadly comparable results in terms of the adverse consequences for economic activity, but the flow on implications work their way through the economic system differently. In the current scenario, this both will impact in 2017 which will reduce the growth in general and other construction sectors. However, we are positive about the future beyond 2017. All in all, better times lie ahead for India’s construction sector. In which various policy changes and other growth drivers are still loading into the system.



  • Greater precision due to FEM optimised, torsionally rigid housing
  • Unicase one-piece housing design up to 250,000 Nm
  • Lower weight than jointed housing gear units
  • Longer bearing life than jointed housing gear units
  • Various seal systems, e.g. Taconite
  • Noise-optimised bevel gears (HPG/Wiener)
  • Optional axial or radial fans
  • Greater reliability though the use of synthetic oils; lower maintenance due to longer oil life
  • Option for attaching a flange-mounted pump (for oil supply to the bearings) for longitudinal inclination angles >5° / and transverse inclination angles >3°
  • Modular system
  • n Symmetrical design - for conveyor systems (double drive) the gear units can be exchanged without conversion
  • 2- and 3-stage gear units have identical dimensions, subsequent modification of the gear ratio is possible using the same housing, as the distance between
  • The shaft remains constant.
  • Additional external oil cooler possible
  • Optional torque-limited back stop (double drive unit)
  • Additional modules can be attached to the standard housing (e.g. heater cartridges)
  • Stock components (including spare parts) for short delivery times



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