05 June 2020


KOEL Green Genset is the market leader and most preferred brand in India


Having started their journey in the HHP (High Horse Power) domain in 1998, Koel has successfully completed 30,000 installations in the country while overall installations crossed 1 million DG sets in the country. SANJEEV NIMKAR, VP & BUSINESS HEAD (POWER, INDUSTRIAL and SERVICE), KIRLOSKAR OIL ENGINES LTD, spoke to PANJAMI VIVEK regarding KOEL’S foray into the 750, 910 and 1010 kVA range of Diesel Gensets for the Indian market.


Briefly tell us what is the current market in India like for gensets.

The market size for gensets is roughly about 1, 50,000 units for the organised sector. In terms of value it does up to 6,000 crores. During 2016-17, the growth has been around 9-10 per cent. The demonetisation has affected us marginally. It has affected the lower segments, the portable gensets. Indirectly also this has affected us because a lot of our clients are in the construction business. They are major consumer of DG sets for their project sites .So when their business is affected it invariably affects us. The agriculture segment, the small retail segment may postpone their purchase decision due to slow down of business and hence will not  be able to buy or use a portable genset at the moment. The small independent builders with just 5 or 6 floors, whose inventory is high and have not been to sell will have to postpone their purchase of gensets. Directly and indirectly we are affected by the current market scenario.

With the new products launched, KOEL is now the only organisation to offer a wide range of products starting from 2 KVA to 1010 KVA DG sets in India. These additions will also help  KOEL to boost their  market leadership further in power generation business in India holding 33 per cent market share in this segment.


Please enlighten us regarding the new products launched.

The new sets are established on an indigenously developed DV series engine platform. These new products are smaller in size, higher in fuel efficiency, lower on maintenance costs and come with easy remote monitoring controls. With the addition of new products KOEL continues to maintain its position as the largest manufacturer of generator sets in India by volume.

KOEL’s new HHP range (750/910.1010kVA) DG sets offer unrivalled capability and advanced features making it an ideal solution for various segments including shopping malls, realty, infrastructure, hospitals and hospitality, as these setups critical demand for continuous power, highest reliability and superior performance is of utmost importance.

The 16-cylinder 1010kVA DV Generator is designed with HPCI technology which offers better fuel efficiency, high reliability and cost-effective solution with compact foot-print. The milestone of crossing 30,000 HHP installations speaks about the product reliability and the trust KOEL enjoys with the customers. With these additions, KOEL is now the only organisation to offer a wide range of products starting from 2 KVA to 1010 KVA DG sets in India.

In the event of power outages, reliable power backup becomes extremely important for smooth running of crucial operations. The 1010 kVA generating set will ensure that KOEL meets demands of our customers’ power requirements and it becomes the most preferred choice of customers in multiple applications.


Could you tell us your company’s manufacturing units and its capacities?

Our agricultural unit is at Rajkot, Large engines unit at Nashik, small and medium  engines unit at Kolhapur which is the heart of the power generation section of it. Here our manufacturing capacity  is about 2,50,000 units and can be geared up to any high level. Currently, 60 per cent of utilisation is there. KOEL’s state of the art plant at Kagal competes with the best in the world in terms of product quality and reliability. KOEL is simultaneously driving new expansion plans, creating stronger R&D platforms and penetrating into international markets and enhancing brand visibility. Ensuring service as a differentiator we have one of the most extensive customer service network pan-India with over 425 service outlets ensuring round the clock service to customers. 


Could you elaborate more on the remote monitoring system?

The remote monitoring systems which we have inbuilt into the DG set  is a unique proposition from KOEL to the customer. This helps customers to anticipate any problem likely to happen to the machine and not deal with the problem after it has happened. If the fuel levels go down or the engine heats up due to overloading etc.  So this gives anticipatory alerts and alarms. If something goes wrong this sends alert sms to the engineers so that the downtime of the customers is reduced. Even the disaster of the product getting bad and incurring huge cost of repair is avoided. So this is pro-active measures to customer’s  business.


Any technology enhancement comes with a price. How ready is the Indian market  to pay the price?

We ourselves are constrained on this factor. We need to bring in technology, provide built in technology and the price pocket of the customer is limited. But in this case we have taken the decision to provide this technology to the customer at the same price point as that of the market along with added features.


What would your strategies be to drive your product to be a household name?

The pricing is a huge USP. We are offering innovative and advanced technology at the current price point and it is a massive decision we have made, very big step for us.


How green can you say your products are?

Our product itself is called KOEL green. So we as  a company are  100 per cent dedicated to build a sustainable, green environment. This product comes with all adherence to highest green standards in the country. We have tried to do justice to the PM’s appeal of zero defect and zero effect. The product must have zero effect on the environment. With great pride we call our product KOEL GREEN.


Could you share with us your future plans for the company?

With all the infrastructural growth that is happening in the country, be it construction of buildings and otherwise, we hope to aid the country in its growth and development by providing reliable and Green products for their back up power requirements. We treat this as a small petal contribution to our country from KOEL.


About Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd

Incorporated in 1946, KOEL is the flagship company of Kirloskar group. We have four state-of-the-art manufacturing units in India that offer world-class service. The company has a sizable presence in international markets, with offices in Dubai, South Africa and Kenya, and representatives in Indonesia and Nigeria. KOEL also has a strong distribution network throughout the Middle East and Africa. Today KOEL is an acknowledged leader in the manufacturing of diesel engines, agricultural pump sets and generating sets.

KOEL specialises in the manufacture of both air-cooled and liquid-cooled diesel engines and generating sets across a wide range of power output from 5kVA to 3000kVA. We also offer engines operating on alternative fuels such as bio-diesel, natural gas, biogas and straight vegetable oil (SVO). The “Kirloskar Green Genset” is the market leader and most preferred brand among customers in the power generation and telecom industry in India. Our customised power solutions suits a wide range of applications including both standby and prime power requirements. Our generating sets are available in both open and sound proof, environmentally friendly canopies.

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