29 May 2020

Interaction-Toshiyuki Konishi, Gm, Sojitz India

Utilising our professional knowledge and knowhow we are achieving stable and continuous growth


Sojitz Corporation has expanded to countries like India aiming to contribute to the construction development. TOSHIYUKI KONISHI, GENERAL MANAGER, SOJITZ INDIA PVT LTD spoke to PANJAMI VIVEK regarding the company’s endeavours to improve the brand image of construction machinery manufacturer in developing countries.


Could you give me an overview of the Indian market?

We expect that Indian market will be more important for Construction Equipment business. The mechanisation will be progressing year by year to reduce execution time and increase productivity in various fields. However, as Mini Excavator is a new and unique concept of machinery in this market –although it is quite popular in other parts of the world- , we need time to inform and enlighten the customer about the Mini excavator. Now we are making the efforts to appeal for the mini excavator in the market.


What would your strategy be, to put yourself in the market and assert your products?

As I told you, this is a new concept of the machine. I think we can give the additional benefit to the customer, who is seeking for construction, agriculture, small jobs and not for massive jobs. This is very good equipment for doing small jobs, lighter jobs and where there is small area where backhoe loaders cannot be used. where space is a constraint, our machines can work.


How has bauma 2016 been for you?

This is my first time to join Bauma. Actually I came here last June. Many brands and manufacturers are joining. So I feel some passion about this industry.


But apart from the mini excavator, does kubota have any heavy equipment?

In mini excavator we specialise in less than 6 Ton only. We are worldwide no.1 in mini-excavator over the years. So, we will be concentrating on mini-excavators.


What would be the USP's of your mini-excavators?

The main USP is Zero turn, our machine can rotate within the track. So, it will well work in congested areas, near the wall, in farming areas, where distance between the two trees is very less. And if you look at inside city, like underground drainage work, the market is getting aware of the advantage and the convenience of mini-excavator. Another major USP is as it is a compact machine, fuel consumption is very less. That is why someone who is concerned about fuel consumption, our machine is better, and one of the best choices for them.


What will be the growth drivers for Kubota?

We assume that there have been many cases that right machines had not been placed in right jobs, since mini excavators have not been available or popular in this market. Therefore, once the market comes to know about benefit brought by this compact and fuel-efficient machine, mini excavator, our Japanese made high performance product “Kubota (mini excavator)” will make significant growth.


Are you targeting the Smart Cities?

Once the government initiate to develop smart cities in a large scale, we expect that urbanisation will drastically progress and lead to drive huge demand of construction equipment which will assist in reducing time for the infrastructure building. We also seek for an opportunity to contribute in those projects with our products.


What about your market reach?

We have good market-share in South India. We want to export this similar success model to other parts of India also. In next 2 years we will be launching in other states So wherever there is potential, we will target, and then expand.


What about your after-sales?

We place high priority on after-sales service and therefore have well trained our dealers’ engineers and have enough stock of spare at our warehouse parts, which enables our dealers to support their customers in terms of after-sales service.

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