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Interaction-Raj Lakhani,MD, Peri India

Raj Lakhani, Managing Director, Peri India Pvt Ltd India receiving the award from Samir Bansal, GM - India, Off-Highway Research and Chris Sleight, Senior Consultant, Off-Highway Research (UK)


Customer satisfaction and delight is of paramount importance for us

PERI has been a global market leader since 1969. The first product was launched in India in 2007. In the system formwork market the company has more than 60 percent market share. The company recently won the award for the Best Innovative Machine at CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016. RAJ LAKHANI, MANAGING DIRECTOR, PERI INDIA PVT LTD spoke to PANJAMI VIVEK on the revolutionary products recently launched at bauma CONEXPO INDIA and the company’s future plans.


On your assessment of BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016 as a trade fair and business generator.

We consider BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016 as one of the best available platforms to launch our new systems for Indian Construction Market. Along with this, we also look at connecting with existing clients and updating them on what is new in the market. It helps us reach out to largest set of contractors, developers, architects etc. PAN India to make them aware of how our systems can help in improving the quality of construction and implementing the safety measures on the site. It is also a crucial tool for customer service and initiating new business.


Elaborate on your products and technologies launched at BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016

The two revolutionary PERI products which were launched during the event were:

  • ALPHAKIT– Engineering construction kit for various applications like bridges, TG sections, Cantilever beams and slabs.
  • PERI DUO– a polymer-based light-weight formwork system which can be used as both Columns/Walls and Slab formwork.


On the takeaways from the event

It gave us an opportunity to showcase our products and got a chance to network with the qualified prospects.

It was a great success and we are very satisfied with the positive feedback as well as high quality of the fair visitors.

PERI DUO was a huge hit amongst the visitors and is considered as a potential product for replacement of the conventional system. DUO is awarded with “Best Innovative Machine Award” at Construction Opportunities Excellence Awards 2016.


On the demand for construction equipment going forward

The Indian construction equipment industry is one of the fastest growing, with huge demand for infrastructure and housing development. The industry is expected to nearly double to around $ 5 billion by 2019-20, according to the Indian construction equipment manufacturers association (ICEMA). The construction equipment market is majorly driven by the growth in the construction industry. The major factors favoring the growth of equipment industry is lack of availability of manual labor, buyback scheme and sales of used equipment which promotes even the small scale contractors to use construction equipment to speed up the competition of projects.


Future Outlook for your company and industry.

The formwork industry in India is largely dominated by the unorganised sector. The main aim of the company is to create awareness about the technology available and how it can lead to savings in other aspects of construction process. The industry looks promising with the increased high rise projects and infrastructure projects with high technical complexity. Infrastructure is one sector where PERI has a growing footprint. With offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore we are committed serve the customers with minimum lead time. To make the systems more economical we have also come up with rental model. We are further looking to penetrate the market to replace the conventional system so as to improve the quality of construction and ensure safe working conditions. Customer satisfaction and delight is of paramount importance for us, we jointly work alongside our customers implementing the best and most cost-effective formwork and scaffolding solution in each case thus strengthening the competitiveness of our customers over the long term.



Winner of Best Innovative Machine Award at Construction Opportunities Excellence Awards 2016



DUO is:

Universally applicable

Flexible forming of walls, columns and slabs using only one system.

Ergonomic in all respects

Low weights, crane-free handling and intuitive application

Easy replacement of form lining

Quick maintenance with just a few screws – without requiring special skills




DUO is very light compared to steel or even wood formwork.This allows for faster working and saves crane time.

Durability against moisture

DUO provides durability against swelling, shrinkage and corrosion. This makes their application in formwork systems so advantageous compared to wood or steel.

Flexibility regarding product design

The simple, flexible sizes opens up new possibilities for theutilisation of components and for clever multiple functions.

Production Waste

“No waste” is generated during production.The entire raw material used is processed into a product.


DUO articles are of light in weight and comes with optimized packaging. This minimises thetransport weight and the transport costs and thus also exhaustgases.


All components made of polytech are 100 per cent recyclable. Usedmaterial can be used to produce new products in terms of asustainable recycling economy.




Simple operations: Almost all operations with DUO can be carried out without tools.

Low Weights: No DUO system component weighsmore than 25 kg, making DUO a realhand-set formwork system than can behandled without a crane.

Hammer free operation: Working with almost no tools additionally reduces the risk of injury and prevents noise.



Modular: The panels are available in;

  • 2 heights (1.35 m& 0.6 m) and
  • in 6 different widths (0.9 m, 0.75 m, 0.6 m, 0.45 m, 0.3 m, 0.15 m)


Universally Applicable: Panels can be utilized for forming walls, columns and slabs. In addition,all accessories such ascouplers and corner posts have beendesigned so that they can be used fornumerous applications.



Intuitive: Working steps are easy to understand for labours so even less experienced users of system formwork are able to work with DUO quickly and efficiently.

Faster: The simple formwork logic very quickly ensures fast working. Working withlow weights is less exhausting, resultingin improved efficiency in everyday operations on the construction site.

Efficient Storage and Transportation: Universally applicable panels and accessories ensures thatless storage areas are required at site and transport costs are significantly reduced due to efficient packaging.


Easy Maintenance

Easy replacement: The special highlight of DUO is easy replacement of formlining which guarantees quick maintenance – without requiring any special tools or skills.

Easy Repair: Small indentations or scratches in the formlining can easily be repaired.

Easy to clean: There is no reaction of DUO with the concrete which means that cleaning requirements are kept to a minimum.

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