04 June 2020

Interaction-Vikram Sharma, MD, Kobelco Construction

Vikram Sharma, MD & CEO, KCEI receiving the award from Chris Sleight, Senior Consultant, Off-Highway Research (UK) and Samir Bansal, General Manager - India, Off-Highway Research


The next few years are quite promising with the present Government pushing so many Projects and initiatives


A subsidiary of the Japan based Kobelco Construction Machinery (KCM), Kobelco Construction Equipment India Pvt Ltd (KCEI), is a major involved in the Indian and global excavator market. The company recently won the award for Best Eco Friendly Machine at CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016. VIKRAM SHARMA, MD AND CEO, KCEI spoke to PANJAMI VIVEK on the company’s products and future plans.


On your assessment of BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016 as a trade fair and business generator

It has become an important part of the Equipment Industry calendar in India. It is likely to grow in the coming years to fully justify its potential. The current edition certainly attracted lot more participation and interest compared to the previous one. Business is also expected to flow considerably.

Elaborate on your products and technologies launched at BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016

We only showcased our new HEAVY TRACKS version of the SK380HDLC Excavator, which now comes with the best-in-class Undercarriage – a major cost factor in tough working conditions. This is expected to improve the life of the Undercarriage and the machine uptime, while reducing the cost of operation.

We also displayed our new Okada HD Rock Breaker. This new range has been introduced after considerable improvements based on field studies and is expected to improve the life of wear components. This will reduce operating costs and improve the uptime, allowing the Owner to get higher output during the same period.


On the takeaways from the event

BC India showcased most players from the CE industry except a few. We also had planned a limited participation. The increasing stature of the event calls for a bigger participation next time around.


Your views on the construction equipment sector opting for web based marketing solutions

This is definitely one of the directions the market will take in future considering the growing popularity of such solutions. There is a scope for providing some Value-added services through this medium which could be the differentiator. Such services could include ease of financing, procurement assistance, sourcing for spare parts, etc.


On the demand for construction equipment going forward

The next few years are quite promising with the present Government pushing so many Projects and initiatives. Continuity of the Government will sustain the growth over a longer period. The total market size is expected to double by 2020.


Future Outlook for your company and industry.

Kobelco has a long-term commitment to the Indian market and has invested substantially. Our Indian operations are of strategic importance to the Kobelco Group as it also serves as a manufacturing hub for some other markets like South East and West Asia as well as East Africa. If the ‘Make in India’ initiative develops well, India could also be a sourcing and R & D hub.

As far as the industry is concerned, it has good growth potential but an upgrade in terms of technology and environmental care are definitely called for. This will considerably improve the scope for acceptance of Indian Construction Equipment in many more countries, besides positively impacting Brand India.



Winner of Best Eco Friendly Machine Award at Construction Opportunities Excellence Awards 2016


SK201HDLC Kobelco Hydraulic Excavators

It is fitted with a fuel-efficient Engine complying to current international emission standards thereby having a very low Carbon footprint. Uses zinc-free Oils and Lead-free Grease for its lubrication. It has a very low-decibel Engine.

It contributes substantially by minimising Fuel (a scarce natural resource) wastage without compromising on Power and efficiency. Most other equipment have a Auto-Idle feature but Kobelco Excavators have an Auto-Idle-Stop feature which substantially reduces Fuel wastage when the machine is not working. Low operating sound levels have least impact on the working environment.

The Kobelco range of Excavators provide maximum Value for Money to the Users. It also provides maximum comfort and convenience to the Machine Operator for achieving high levels of Productivity in a safe manner. Machine maintenance is made extremely easy with efficient layout and access to reduce the time and effort for preventive maintenance. These machines are fitted with self-diagnostic features as well as a telematics device which help in fast identification of problems and their quick resolution. They were able to reduce the cost of operation and improve the contribution through higher productivity and minimal downtime.

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