01 June 2020

Interaction-Amit Chakravorty, Chairman, Eqpt.in

Amit Chakravorty, Chairman, EQPT.IN receiving the award from Stefan Rummel, MD, Messe München and Jorge Cuartero, MD, ANMOPYC


As an online aggregator we see a huge opportunity in the CE sector

Companies like EQPT.IN are creating a revolution in Infrastructure Industry by creating a disruptive change and showing the way as to how to manage CAPEX and unlock hidden value. Recently the company also won the award for the Best CE Online Platform at CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016. AMIT CHAKRAVORTY, CHAIRMAN, EQPT.IN spoke to PANJAMI VIVEK on his company’s unique solutions.


On your assessment of BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016 as a trade fair and business generator

BAUMA CONEXPO 2016 was a one point destination for all large OEMs, and ancillary companies. The event provided good business and networking opportunities for upcoming companies like us. The platform has given us good footfall to our stall. Companies have shown interest for our proposition. The overall assessment is pretty good for the event.


Elaborate on your products and technologies launched at BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016

EQPT.IN utilised BAUMA platform to introduce its services i.e. providing information and comparison of equipment, also enabling the sale of new equipment through our online platform. We also act as an aggregator for equipment rental and resale of used equipment. The comparison of different equipment models is quite unique in the industry. This feature has garnered attention from OEMs to list their products with us. This is a win-win proposition for both of us. Based on multiple interactions with OEMs, comparison feature is a success story so far.


On the takeaways from the event

BAUMA CONEXPO 2016 was a brilliant meeting point for OEMs, service providers and ancillaries of construction equipment industry. The new product launches and new technology displayed at the event makes us more informed about the industry. The industry is growing and there is acceptance for disruptive digital innovations like we are doing for new equipment and rental business.


Your views on the construction equipment sector opting for web based marketing solutions

Online platforms for construction equipment is still at a nascent stage in India. In terms of product development, technical services and technical trouble shooting the industry has considerably leveraged the digital space. But the in terms of sales and marketing the industry is yet to tap on the potential of digital medium. This is where there is a huge gap to be filled up by companies like EQPT.IN. We can draw a comparison with the automobile sector in this regard, where with the advent of online space with more automobile online platforms in place, these web based platforms act as a facilitator for sale from online to offline channel. This is a proven model in automobile industry which will be adopted in the equipment industry. We at EQPT.IN have tried to bring in comparison of different models of equipment for new equipment purchase which is unique in the online world. The decision to purchase a new equipment should always remain unbiased and based on understanding of one’s own requirement. This democratisation of knowledge regarding equipment is the driving force for initiating the comparison feature for buying new construction equipment. In the long run this step is going to benefit the entire construction industry stakeholders.


On the demand for construction equipment going forward

Due to the increase number of infra projects there is surge in demand of equipment. This was validated by our interactions with different stakeholders of the construction industry and various industry reports. There has been huge boost given to infrastructure development by Government of India. The surge in demand is going to benefit both OEMs and rental companies.


Future Outlook for your company and industry.

The construction equipment industry is on a growth trajectory in the current financial year. Both sale of new equipment and rental penetration have shown good turnaround. As an online aggregator we see a huge opportunity in the sector. We hope to carve a niche for ourselves in the industry. We are quite optimistic after BAUMA CONEXPO 2016.



Winner of Best CE Online Platform Award at Construction Opportunities Excellence Awards 2016


EQPT.IN is an online platform facilitating a fair priced, transparent and user friendly construction equipment ecosystem. It aims to reduce the capex involved in the infrastructure industry, thereby decreasing risks and increasing profitability. EQPT.IN is all set to enhance the Construction equipment industry by ensuring availability of equipment on a Sharing Economy model. It provides end to end solutions throughout the life cycle of the equipment i.e. from procurement to disposal. It provides services like Equipment Info/Compare, Rental module etc.

In simple term EQPT.IN could be understood as “the ultimate solution of all equipment needs”.



  • An online platform, which aims to create a fair priced, transparent and customer friendly equipment ecosystem.
  • Provides end to end solutions around a complete life cycle of equipment i.e. From procurement to disposal.
  • P2P renting platform, people who rent and lend equipment can be benefitted from. Equipment owner can post their equipment, Contractors and builders can shortlist, contact the owner and rent equipment directly from them.
  • EQPT.IN is an online platform based on a shared economy model, which empowers the construction industry players to search, compare and choose a used equipment online and transact offline as they always did. If you need a construction equipment, reduce your capex, decrease your risks and increase your profitability, then you should look for it on
  • Apart from this, one can also stake a claim and compare their equipment online for rent. One can request a specific equipment and post their requirements for the same.
  • EQPT.IN provides services like priority listing and hot posting to equipment owners, the company’s technical team can also verify the equipment, giving a report on the technical health of the equipment.
  • EQPT.IN web portal includes info portal with 8 main categories and 37 sub categories of equipment. There are around 20,000 equipment already registered for rent over 20 plus cities across India. This section is dynamic in nature and is under constant review for adding more categories and sub-categories. Specification of around 2800 models are already available on the info portal info and also includes services like user reviews, rating of equipment and discussion forms.

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