19 January 2020

Interaction-Dimitrov Krishnan, President, Volvo CE

The Volvo CE – GMR team receiving the award from Megan Tanel, CEM, Sr. VP, AEM and Igor Palka, CEO, bC Expo India


We offer high performance, reliability and fuel efficiency needed to meet India’s growing demands


Volvo CE at this year’s bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2016 exhibition showcased the company’s strength in terms of superior productivity of it product offerings. The company recently won the award for Best CSR in CE Sector at CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016. DIMITROV KRISHNAN, VICE PRESIDENT and HEAD OF VOLVO CE INDIA, spoke to PANJAMI VIVEK on the company’s unique position in the country’s construction equipment sector.


On the products launched at bauma:

Volvo CE is the largest major manufacturer in India that offers a complete range of equipment to suit the country’s three main areas of activity: road building, mining and general construction. In addition, our machines can offer the high performance, reliability and fuel efficiency that contractors need to meet the growing demands of projects in India. Two new compactors were formally launched at bC India, both of which are built at the Volvo CE manufacturing facility in Bangalore.

The Volvo DD90B is built in India and powered by an engine which adheres to the country’s Bharat Stage-III (CEV) emissions regulations. This compactor is engineered to deliver the compaction performance necessary to accommodate the heavy volumes of traffic that the sub-continent’s roads often carry.Built for power and efficiency, the Volvo DD90B combines high centrifugal force, heavy drum weight and variable amplitude to produce the energy necessary for excellent compaction. In addition to delivering a smooth, high quality mat in fewer passes, the heavy-duty DD90B is powered by a diesel engine that optimizes fuel consumption, while minimizing noise and emissions. The premium fuel-efficient Bharat Stage-III (CEV)-compliant engine delivers high torque at reduced speed without compromising power, ensuring superior performance and fuel efficiency.

The Volvo DD90B brings productivity and safety to the fore in optimizing operator comfort and control. From the operator platform positioned high over the sloping hood, the forward view and adjustable seat offers a commanding view of the jobsite, as well as a clear view of the drum edges and full width of the drum for maximum safety and rolling precision.For all-round operational efficiency, the DD90B is designed to work in conjunction with Volvo CE’s ABG pavers and PT200 pneumatic compactor. The Volvo SD110BA not only increases output levels, it also enables operators to access hard-to-reach areas of the jobsite, thanks to the fully integrated traction control system. The drum frame allows the machine to operate on slopes up to 28 degrees and provides greater clearance when loading and unloading for transport.

Even in challenging environments, operators can count on the Volvo SD110BA to stand its ground. The well-balanced machine features a center joint with a +/-40 degree angle of articulation and +/-17 degree of oscillation, improving stability, maneuverability and safety.

When combined, these features allow for a greater volume of work at a higher quality and in less time.Packed with an abundance of amenities, it comes as no surprise that the Volvo operator platform is geared towards productive operations. Thanks to the winning combination of safety and comfort, operators rely on the Volvo SD110BA to tackle tough tasks with greater ease and confidence.

P5320B ABG paver was featured at a trade show for the first time, having launched earlier in 2016. Like the new compactors, this advanced paver is also built at the Bangalore factory and delivers exceptional paving quality and productivity, as well as easier operation and outstanding fuel efficiency. It offers excellent versatility across both medium and large-scale projects where paving widths range from 2.5 m to 7 m.

Alongside the compactors and pavers Volvo CE displayed two of its advanced excavators from the D-Series. The 21-ton rated EC210D and 25-ton rated EC250D represent the latest in construction technology and are well suited to a range of applications including road building, irrigation projects or work in materials handling duties. As well as superior performance, D-Series excavators can also deliver up to 10 per cent better fuel efficiency than their predecessors.


Winner of Best CSR in CE Sector Award at Construction Opportunities Excellence Awards 2016


Volvo India Pvt Ltd has an active ongoing CSR activities in various segments of the society.

  • Empowering skills for rural youth
  • Community activities for villagers – computer literacy, tailoring etc.
  • Helping villagers near Hoskote to build water tanks, etc.

Volvo helps rural backward unemployed youth with the help of GMR Varalakshmi Centre for Empowerment and Livelihood Foundation to carry out and conduct a 3 month excavator Jr. Operator training course. During this course boys from villages who are below poverty line / unemployed get a chance to skill empowerment by passing out as an Jr. Excavator operator.

This course is also recognised by IESC and successful completion of this course leads to IESC certification after assessment.

To date about 300 students unemployed youth are skilled and are professional operators. Volvo helps to manager 2 units in Delhi and Hyderabad.

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