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Interaction-Amitabh Akhauri, GM (Technical Services), Indian Oil Corporation Limited

KL Murthy, ED (Lubes), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd receiving the award from Stefan Rummel, MD, Messe München and Jorge Cuartero, MD, ANMOPYC


We are witnessing superior traction across all major product segments

SERVO brand, from IndianOil, is the brand leader among lubricants and greases in India and has been conferred the “Consumer Superbrand” status by the Superbrands Council of India. Recognised for its brand leadership by the World Brand Congress and as a Master Brand by CMO, Asia, SERVO has now carved a significant niche in over 20 countries across the globe. SERVO serves as a one-stop shop for complete lubrication solutions in the automotive, industrial and marine segments. Recognised for cutting-edge technology and high-quality products, SERVO is backed by IndianOil's world-class R&D and an extensive blending and distribution network. The company recently won the award for Best Lubricant Company at CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016. AMITABH AKHAURI, GENERAL MANAGER (TECHNICAL SERVICES), INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on his company’s products and future plans.


On your assessment of BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016 as a trade fair and business generator

It is a well organised trade fare. Kudos to the organisers for the same. Such events do generate lot of traction within the industry segment.


Elaborate on your products and technologies launched at BAUMA CONEXPO INDIA 2016

Our focus products were “Servo Pride Max 15w40” -a API CJ-4 engine oil and “Servo Hyvis EE 46” – a hydraulic oil for excavators which helps save on fuel costs and improve productivity.


On the takeaways from the event

It’s a good platform to know about different companies operating to provide solutions to a industry segment – construction. While Indian Oil and SERVO is a very widely recognised brand in India, we saw lot of interest in our niche product offerings during the trade fare. This is very encouraging and we are now more eager to engage with more OEMs.


Your views on the construction equipment sector opting for web based marketing solutions

It’s the need of the hour since business across sectors are transforming. Indian Oil also has initiated many digital initiatives for its customers. Even SERVO lubricants now has a dedicated website :


On the demand for construction equipment going forward

We are very bullish in the medium to long term given the pro industry initiatives like the “Make in India” being taken by the government.


Future Outlook for your company and industry.

Servo is consistently knocking industry leading growth rates through the months. In fact, we are witnessing superior traction across all major product segments. Given the tremendous scope and growth opportunity available in Indian lubricants market, we are really very excited to participate in India’s growth story.



Winner of Best Lubricant Company Award at Construction Opportunities Excellence Awards 2016


Indian Oil’s Premium Lubricant Brand SERVO covers the entire gamut of applications in the Construction Industry equipment.

The four major applications are Engine, Transmission, Axle and Hydraulics.



Servo HDDEO are robust products designed to protect your engine and also provide you the best performance. The company's new products include API CJ4 oil - Servo Pride Max 15W-40 and Fuel efficient Low Viscosity oils in 10W-30, 10W-40 and 5W-30 ranges meeting API CH4, CI4+ performance levels.



New generation SERVO transmission and axle oils for HEMMs have been developed by our R&D which, apart from providing long drain and durability, also contributes substantially to fuel economy gains. Servo Transmission XL 439 (Meeting latest Allison specifications), BEML ALS Transmission oil (developed for BEML), Servo Trans TH SAE 30 (Developed for Tata Hitachi), Servo Transmission TO4 10/30 (Meeting Caterpillar requirements), Servo FDAO 60 (meeting CAT FDAO specifications) are a few such grades.



Servo coolants are not only available in the most widely used “Inorganic Acid Technology”, but even in Organic Acid Technology (Servo Kool HWC) and Hybrid Organic Technology like NOAT (Servo Kool HD).



  • The company's long established and time tested grade is Servo Hydrex series oils (ISO VG 46, 68 & 100). It protects equipments and provides robust performance for which it is widely used in most mines across India.
  • The company's oils are approved by users and even OEMs.
  • With Servohyvis EE 46 hydraulic fluid formulated with DYNAVIS® technology, you can count on “Increased productivity, Fuel savings, More reliable and sustained performance from your construction equipment. An excavator operated with Servohyvis EE 46 executes movements faster and more responsively – with less fuel consumption – than operating with conventional hydraulic fluid.

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