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Interaction-V G Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter Sales & Service and Anand Sundaresan, VC & MD, Schwing Stetter India

V.G. Sakthi Kumar, MD – Schwing Stetter Sales & Services Pvt Ltd receiving the award from Chris Sleight, Senior Consultant, Off-Highway Research (UK) and Samir Bansal, GM - India, Off-Highway Research


Our concrete recycling plant has proved to be reliable, economical and highly wear-resistant solution

SCHWING STETTER INDIA launched a whole range of products at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2016. The company won the award for the Best Energy Efficient Machine at CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016. ANAND SUNDARESAN, VC & MD, SCHWING STETTER INDIA and V.G. SAKTHI KUMAR, MD, SCHWING STETTER SALES & SERVICES spoke to SHAILAJA SHARMA on their company’s new launches.


How is the Indian construction equipment space shaping up for Schwing Stetter?

This year has been quiet good for the entire construction equipment industry with a growth rate of 30 per cent, after a near slump of the last 3-4 years. Of all segments, the road construction segment has seen the maximum activity with many new road contracts being awarded and stalled projects being revived. More than 90 to 95 per cent of the bigger batching plants supplied by us are already working on a daily basis. And most of these contracts are EPC and not PPP contracts. So contractors are assured of payment. Initially even the coal sector had witnessed a revival, which gave a good push to the excavator market. But now again activity has slowed down. It is hoped that the coming months will also be positive, with many more projects coming up in the railway sector, power and port sectors.

Also last year, we saw a lot of opportunity arise from a series of government initiatives like Swachh Bharat, Ganga cleaning and the Smart Cities project which laid emphasis on pollution control and conservation of water.

As a result a lot of our products, which were not considered relevant for the Indian market suddenly came into the limelight. So we have brought in some of our new products and are popularising our existing ones. One such example is our concrete recycling plant, which has proved to be reliable, economical and highly wear-resistant solution.



Could you give us an overview of the Concrete Recycling plant?

In developed countries there are laws to ensure that all left over concrete is recycled. But in mostly India, rejected concrete is  disposed off in water bodies or dumped off near landfill sites, which subsequently leads to land and water pollution.

As construction activity rises and the threat of pollution grows, our concrete recycling plants can provide an effective solution to mitigate this problem. They can be installed at RMC plants whose overall concrete production is above 10000m3 per month. Generally whenever a truck delivers the required concrete at a site, there is always some residual concrete left. So here, a little water is added to the truck mixer to keep the concrete from solidifying and it is brought back to the recycling plant at the RMC site. The recycling plant breaks it down back into aggregate, cement and water slurry, which can be all reused in the manufacture of the next batch of concrete. Plus the water slurry acts like a non binding filler.

In some countries where they have too much slurry, they also employ a method called filter press where they filter the excess cement particles out and reuse the water.

So with this system, you not only eliminate the problem of effluents, but also save precious resources like water and other raw materials. Also as manpower becomes more expensive, reliance on machines like these will be more profitable in the future. Because they are not only more efficient and safe, they also waste less and pollute less.


What is the market potential for the recycled concrete plants?

Companies like Ultratech, Lafarge have already been setting up concrete recycling plants at their RMC plants for some time now. Others like JK Lakhsmi are following suit. Also all green building ratings especially leed platinum ratings now insist on installation of concrete recycling plants at the RMC plants.Gradually concrete manufacturers are beginning to understand the both the ecological and economic benefits of concrete recycling plants. Typically in two years, you can expect to get back the entire return on your investment.



Winner of Best Energy Efficient Machine Award at construction opportunities excellence awards 2016


SP1400 concrete pump is designed to meet the demands of various entry level concrete pumping jobs. This pump are designed to maximise productivity with lowest operating costs. One of the salient features of this state-of-the art Concrete Pump is the introduction of RL Rock Valve.


RL Rock:

This valve is ideally suited for pumping harsh concrete and can withstand rugged site conditions. The optional hard-facing is also recommended.



An easy to use remote with 10m cable comes as standard with the pump to enable operators to learn and start using it immediately. The famous SCHWING maintenance-free control system with it’s proven free flow hydraulics ensures optimum fuel consumption, low heat generation and helps your components last long to reduce operating costs.



The conveniently placed towing hook, toughened frame and axle enable portability across rough terrain. The low weight of the pump allows it to quickly move it from one site to the other.


Direct high-torque driven on to the agitator shaft as well as robust design of all hydraulic components in conjunction with constant flow micro-filtering of the hydraulic oil ensure operational reliability and a long service life.


Gear Box for Agitator Motor

By controlling the drive of the agitator motor through a gearbox, there is lesser damage on the agitator and lesser stress on the hydraulic components leading to increased life of the product.


Easy Maintenance

The easy access to all the parts of the machine ensures that maintenance requires the minimum time for maintenance so your machine is up and running in no time at all.



The pump has two powerful differential and pumping cylinders. The prodigious combined capacity and performance of these cylinder systems ensures a high output. The pumps are designed for maximum output with minimum number of strokes to increase the life of the cylinders.



  • More output and concrete pressure with 45 Kw Engine
  • Energy efficient and less fuel consumption
  • Maximum 52 cu.m/hr output and 100 bar concrete pressure with 45 Kw Engine
  • Can be used for the options of more output and more height by the same machine
  • Less operation and maintenance cost
  • Reliable for 24*7 with less operating temperature for nonstop major concrete pour
  • Rigid axle and chassis designed for tough road conditions and high toeing speed
  • Easy to place or locate anywhere

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