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Interaction-Andy Dhanaraj, Dir-Sales India Region, Caterpillar India

The brand “CATERPILLAR” is synonymous with superlative technology

Caterpillar has always focused on meeting their customer’s specific demands with the best possible technology. Having succeeded in this is a triumph in itself which helps them stay ahead. The products launched during bC India 2016 reflect Caterpillar’s commitment to the Indian market and the Government of India’s ‘Make-in-India’ program. The company won the award for the Best Technology Provider for CE Sector at CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016. ANDY DHANARAJ, DIRECTOR-SALES INDIA REGION, CATERPILLAR INDIA PVT LTD spoke to PANJAMI VIVEK on their technology designed to perform flawlessly year after year in construction and other applications.


How was bC India 2016 for your company?
Bauma Conexpo 2016 has been very good attracting quality footfall to the show. We had big contractors to small retailers buying their first machine, which is great.


How has Caterpillar’s journey in India been?

Our product portfolio is diverse. We offer equipment that caters to a wide range of applications and sectors. Some of the machines made in India range from a small skid-steer loader to the 100 ton off-highway truck used in mining and quarry. The primary challenge with the Indian market is that it is price sensitive. The initial price is the factor why people choose to buy. But over the last 50 years we have seen many markets mature. The infrastructural growth always pushes markets to mature from cost sensitivity to being value centric. A lot of evolution is happening in India.

We have seen at least 20 per cent growth in the industry in all spheres that we operate.

Infrastructure growth was nearly 40 per cent in 2016 and this will only grow in 2017. We see tremendous growth in mining as per Coal India’s estimates and operations - depending on the number of subsidies it has got and the amount of coal it can produce. We have seen a 25 per cent increase in growth in the industry for the same. The Mining sector has produced 600 million tonnes of coal, which is double of what it was last year. Three years down the road we are talking of at least one billion tonnes being produced in the same sector. We supply machinery to all the major players in the cement sector. Our customers are very happy with the machines and equipment supplied to them.


Kindly comment on the products launched during bC India 2016?

We have launched three new products. One of them is a 20 ton excavator which is called the new Cat® 320D2 GC Hydraulic Excavator. It is produced at Caterpillar India's facility in Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu. It features a fuel-efficient Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine and a powerful hydraulic system that uses an energy-saving design for optimum fuel consumption where one can save 17 per cent less fuel and have no compromise on the performance. The second is the Cat 336D2 Hydraulic Excavator which is manufactured in the Caterpillar Japan facility. It is for customers who can use it in applications such as granite, quarries, marbles and the like. We see a growth in that area and we have launched it on time. The third one is a Cat 950L Wheel Loader. It is a 5 ton wheel loader which offers some of the most advanced technology from Caterpillar. The new 950L Wheel Loader applies proven technologies systematically and strategically to meet customer’s high expectations for reliability, productivity, fuel efficiency and long service life. It meets China non road Stage III emission standards and U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA equivalent emission standards. It can measure the weight of the load it carries and can weigh as it loads. This data can be saved, documented and retrieved offline by the customer. The owner can be in his office and access the load that the wheel loader carried. It can save up to 9 days of operation.


What would Caterpillar’s future plans be?

The Indian economy is doing great. As the country progresses the need for infrastructure is immense.

 So we see at least a 25-20 per cent growth in the industry in the next 5 years. The growth trajectory in the country has commenced and it is likely to move ahead at least for the next 5 years. We see this growth across various segments such as construction, mining, energy, and transportation.


Winner of Best Technology Provider for CE Sector Award at construction opportunities excellence awards 2016


Cat AccuGrade™ Snapshot:

Caterpillar offers Cat AccuGrade™ that realises intelligent construction. By using the measuring techniques and sensors equipped on the machine, Cat AccuGrade locates the position of the bucket or blade and then adjusts it automatically according to the requirements of the digital design. These cutting-edge techniques help in improving construction efficiency while reducing fuel and material consumption.

Maintaining consistent grade is difficult, labour-intensive, and challenging for even the most experienced operators. By combining digital design data, in-cab operator guidance features, and automatic blade controls, Cat AccuGrade grade control system enhances grading accuracy and virtually eliminates the need for survey stakes.

AccuGrade on motor grader cost benefits in road construction: The study showed 30 per cent reduction in fuel consumption. It also showed an impressive 20 per cent reduction in passes.


Other non-measurable benefits:

  • Job of level checking team reduced by 80 per cent (checked the levels only twice during the first blade passes against multiple checking on all five blade passes in conventional method)
  • Operator effort reduced by more than 50 per cent (needs to adjust only one side of the blade whereas in conventional method he has to look at both sides repetitively and keep adjusting the blade)

AccuGrade on excavators measurable cost benefits in irrigation projects: The results showed 32 per cent faster execution of projects. The cost of the project also fell down by 24 per cent.

Possibilities of retro fits on old equipment or modifications in the existing methods as an add-on: It is possible for retro fit on existing machines. Cat dealers are capable of doing it.


Benefits to end-user

Based on its job site study using the AccuGrade, Caterpillar found enormous measurable benefits, which in turn were witnessed by its customers during demonstration.

These are:

  • Reduces time
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces material wastages
  • Increases accuracy
  • Reduces manpower usage
  • Increases jobsite safety

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