15 December 2018

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Concreel HD the next generation cement

JSW Cement Ltd is a part of the $11 billion O. P. Jindal Group with interests in Steel, Cement, Infrastructure, Energy and Sports. JSW Cement entered the cement market in 2009 with a vision to ensure a sustainable future for the country by producing eco-friendly cement, using industrial by-products such as slag. Its plants at Vijayanagar in Karnataka, Nandyal in Andhra Pradesh and Dolvi in Maharashtra utilise slag from the JSW Steel plants to produce green cement. By converting industrial by-product into a useful product, it has reduced the carbon footprint of the Group. The company recently launched Heavy Duty Concreel HD Cement “One Cement Six Strength” specially designed for all concrete based construction requirements.



  • Provides superior quality cement with high early strength and quick setting.
  • Provides long term durability to the construction works, as compared to any ordinary cement.
  • A unique Green product understanding the importance of maintaining a green environment
  • Product that can sustain chemical attacks.


With its unceasing efforts in expanding its horizons and giving something new and beneficial to the society, JSW Cement, one of India’s leading cement has added to its foray, a superior quality product called as Concreel HD -One Cement Six Strengths. It is an environmental friendly green product.

‘Concreel HD’, a unique cement specially designed for all your concrete based construction requirements. Concreel HD provides exceptional early and final strength along with quick setting thus making it ideal for strength bearing applications such as beams, columns, slabs and foundations.

Parth Jindal, MD, JSW Cement Ltd said, “JSW Cement has come a long way right from its inception till date. Exploring opportunities and expanding its market size, we are proud to be introducing this product to the south market which is a highly opportunistic region for us to step up our growth. With this investment, we hope to achieve another milestone to the progress of JSW Cement in the cement industry.”

A result of world class manufacturing process, Concreel HD is an environmentally friendly product with improved chemical resistance and superior cohesion, thereby providing more durability and increased safety to your structure.

Therefore, Concreel HD is the perfect solution to all your concrete based construction needs.

JSW Cement has been doing very well in the South and to add to its excellence JSW Cement has launched the Concreel HD cement which will help the company to add more to its turnover which will in turn help the company to grow leading to its expansion and diversification.



High Early Strength: For all grades of concrete, Concreel HD exhibits superior early and final compressive strengths as compared to any other ordinary cement.

  • Stronger slabs, columns , beams and foundation
  • Quicker de-shutting of shutters
  • Increased safety of structures

Green Product: In line with JSW Cements vision of providing superior quality products while nurturing the environment, Concreel HD is a green product which delivers many advantages in manufacturing over OPC and PPC cement.

  • Conservation of natural resources such as limestone and sand
  • Reduction of Carbon dioxide emission by 35 per cent
  • Reduction in energy usage – fuel and electricity


Most Durable: Modified pore structure & better interlocking between cement particles limits permeability making Concreel HD more durable than OPC & PPC

  • Improved protection from chemicals and water
  • Less ssuceptible to crack formation
  • Increased life of structure


Quick Setting: Concreel HD provides quick setting at par with OPC & PPC cement

  • Optimum working times
  • Ease of placement
  • Initiation of hardening at the right time


Chemical Resistance: Structures made using Concreel HD are less susceptible to attacks by harmfule chemicals such as sulphate, nitrate, water and chlorides

  • Protection from corrosion
  • Lesser maintenance
  • Reduced restoration cost


Superior Cohesion: Improved fineness of particles and controlled grinding makes Concreel HD more cohesive giving smoother finish to structures

  • Ease of placement
  • Reduced water requirement
  • Lesser bleeding of concrete



  • All RCC structure, especially slabs, beams and columns
  • RCC footing, foundation for bridges and underground constructions
  • RCC works in high water table areas and marshy lands
  • RCC water tanks and effluent treatments plants
  • Pile foundations and pile cap
  • Mass concrete work in dams, spillways, canals, expressways etc.
  • All other generalised construction requirements


For more details visit:

Website: www.jswcement.in


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