01 June 2020


Shriram Automall

Contributing in the nation’s development for years

The increasingly higher magnitude projects being initiated in the construction industry in recent times call for an inevitable demand of construction equipment lately. While in a country like India where the labor is in abundance and the human resources do not pose any problems, the huge scale and tight deadlines of the projects still present a strong case for employing quick, efficient and very convenient equipment. The Indian construction equipment industry has seen ample fluctuation between some low and high points alternatively in the past many years. Now, increasingly the situation has slid more towards the positive side with the industry experiencing substantial year on year growth. Government has a major role to play in this with increasing sanctions being allotted to the construction industry for new projects along with clearance to several stuck-up projects. Entrepreneurs in the construction business have obviously been motivated with these positive advancements and have been enabled to further expedite their ongoing projects. All these have resulted in a significant rise in the sale of pre-owned construction equipment from recognized players like Shriram Automall India Limited so the business owners can get quality work done at much lower cost than that of procuring a new one.

Another task which is critical in success of any project will be the appropriate application of the right construction equipment at the right place. This can contribute to a great extent in enhancing the quality, quantity, speed & safety, cost-effectiveness and punctuality in work deliverables. Employing standard equipment as far as possible, enabling the best possible services at the lowest cost, easy disposing off solutions, suitability with maximum functions of the projects and performing maximum number of tasks are some of the vital aspects to consider while placing any particular equipment for any project. Further, as per industry reports, the pre-owned construction equipment market stands in a favorable place with a 1:1 ratio between the new and used equipment. This clearly indicates that every time new equipment is sold, pre-owned construction equipment is sold as well, which throws light on the increasing popularity of the pre-owned segment today in the construction equipment industry also.



Though, there are numerous players operating in the market today, it is imperative to select the best, most trustworthy from amongst them. Shriram Automall is one such name which reflects nothing but excellence within its 5 years of successful existence. Already coming in from a reputed name, India’s most Trusted Group, the Shriram Group, it makes a substantial case for itself to be kept quite high in the list of most business owners looking for quality and cost-effectiveness at the same time. Established as India’s leading service provider for the exchange of pre-owned vehicles and construction equipment now, Shriram Automall, is witnessing a year on year increase in this business segment with Excavators and Backhoe Loaders being the largest in demand under the segment. The fact that most entrepreneurs today think on the lines of procuring a pre-owned equipment in a reasonably good condition rather than a new one makes Shriram Automall riding on a positive growth track with each passing day. Having laid its foundation on the core principles of trust and transparency, Shriram Automall endeavors to provide for a wide variety of equipment such as Hydraulic Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Cranes, Motor Graders, Dozer, Piling Rigs, Off-Highway Trucks and other mining machineries.

The new Union Budget for 2016 marks Government’s allotment of massive amounts towards the construction of new highways and road network across the country and thus, the company is also looking forward to capture a large share in the market. Thanks to its successful journey within India so far, Shriram Automall is now on the road ahead to serving the interests of noteworthy International Buyers in the construction equipment segment, focusing primarily on Middle East and South East Asia regions.



Construction equipment industry’s progress remains directly proportional to the level of infrastructure growth in India or any country for only the need for building more infrastructures can warrant the rise in the sale of construction equipment. The past couple of years primarily brought about a continuing slow down and an ultimate slump due to several factors for the infrastructure industry, the confining policies of the government posing one of the major obstacles. However, the situation has transformed with the significant changes in policy and spending allocation among the sectors introduced by the government within the last 2 years. Now, the focus is sharply shifting towards developing more and better infrastructure for residential as well as commercial purposes and in accordance, several stuck-up projects have also been shown a quick green flag to bring about rapid development in the country. As per media reports, the de-growth in the sector which had started in April 2011, had continued till September 2015, followed by a rather flat period in October 2015 till December 2015. And now with the altering scenario of the new Government, the first six months in this year 2016, January to June, the industry has accounted for a vital growth rate of more than 40 per cent, which is huge and speaks volumes about how drastic the change is.

As per the latest media reports, in the first five months of 2016, there have been recorded sales of 21, 869 units in the construction equipment sector as a whole, which indicates a 47.6 per cent growth over the same year of the last year. Speaking of the exceptional speed of growth rate, it is reported that the sector is expected to reach numbers as high as 52, 893 units by the next calendar year, which will match the highs of 2011. With the 1:1 ratio between new and used construction equipment, the sales figures are recorded at par for both the divisions. A testimony to this is the initiatives of the central government which have made the macro parameters favorable to the industry. With the economy reviving and inflation under control, some reforms such as opening up the insurance and defense sectors for more FDI (foreign direct investment) will lead to more infrastructure projects requiring equipment in India. An investment of $1 Trillion has been projected for the infrastructure sector until 2017 around 40 per cent of which is to be funded by private sector and rest 60 per cent from government funded projects. Around 45 per cent of infrastructure investment will be funneled into construction activities. These huge investments in the segment will be the main drivers of growth for the industry. Latest surveys suggest that with the escalation in infrastructure investment, the Indian construction equipment industry is expected to reach a 12 per cent growth rate by 2017, raising the country’s global share by 10 per cent. Further, by 2025, India’s construction market is expected to emerge as the third largest in the world, which would exhibit huge demand for construction equipment in the coming years. With the new Construction Equipment market now on track, Shriram Automall too expects to increase its sales as even during the sluggish economic time, the demand for the used equipment was rock solid. And with all these new measures, the company is hopeful of a good time ahead in terms of demand for used construction equipment.



When it comes to buying construction equipment or any other vehicle today, we see there is drastic change in the people’s perception with regard to new v/s pre-owned. Individuals as well as businesses both are far more realistic and practical these days as opposed to a few years back when the thought of pre-owned was looked down upon and was merely the cup of tea of the less privileged ones. This is surely not the case now for even the bigger companies believe in the profitable idea of investing in used vehicles and construction equipment.

This growing understanding about the cost-effectiveness and immense utility of the used construction equipment is what has contributed to the popularity of Shriram Automall. It is a pioneer and the leading name in the market for acquiring any pre-owned vehicles and equipment, serving a wide range to suit one and all. The company also serves various platforms for easy acquisition and disposal of vehicles and equipment. For one, its Physical Bidding platform is a novel concept and has become the most popular platform considering on the grounds of easy and fair dealings. Though being an instant platform in terms of market reach, Online Bidding too is gaining the much required momentum over the time.

The company also has Private Treaty platform, where the company serves as a negotiator between the owners of single or bulk assets at optimal price and the potential customers.

Shriram Automall’s another unique platform that provides real-time information about pre-owned equipment is OneStop Classified KIOSK. This platform helps individual and fleet operators to interact and strike deals. The Kiosk is an interactive machine from where it is easier for user to view and select the vehicle of their choice.

These platforms have been presented with high strategic compliance and have proved to be successful in their own niche of audiences. From helping the buyers in inspecting the vehicles and equipment onsite to enabling the customer to connect with the company from anywhere easily, Shriram Automall has every possible thing a customer would need to have their trust built in a company.

Shriram Automall is the only company working towards organising the highly unorganized market dedicated towards exchange of used vehicles and equipment for over 5 years. Thus, the company brought forward innovative approach for the acquisition and disposal of pre-owned vehicles and equipment through its unique bidding platforms especially Physical and Online Bidding along with Private Treaty and OneStop Kiosk. Its unique bidding platforms have helped all; Retailers, Contractors, Construction Companies, individuals, Traders/ Brokers and OEMs, SAMIL’s professional services has touched the lives of many.



That’s how our customers regard our bidding process as. Shriram Automall has improved the purchase capacity of people in the zone by providing them with a wide range of used vehicles and equipment at optimal prices through multiple platforms along with easy finance options.


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