04 June 2020

Interaction-Manoj Kumar Pillai, Director, Forest Press Machineries

Our biggest USP is the 24/7 Online support we offer to our customers from our Bangalore facility

Forest Press is a leading British company active in the production of machineries for concrete industry for 35 years with facilities in UK, India and Middle East. Forest Press grabbed the Queen’s award 5 times for the quality and export. Development of new technology and additional product portfolio enhance the name Forest Press as the best supplier for Concrete Machineries. MANOJ KUMAR PILLAI, DIRECTOR, FOREST PRESS MACHINERIES PVT LTD spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on the company’s products and future plans


Briefly tell us about your product offerings and the key features/USPs that have contributed in strengthening and maintaining your stronghold in the market?

The Forest Press machines are used for high density wet press products, semi dry cast wall and paver elements as well as batching and mixing plant along with moulds could offer a wide range of products and applications for construction industry. The products from Forest Press Machineries are useful in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructural applications. The latest addition to the product ranges are mini press, five station press, block and paver machines with robotics. Forest Press is able to offer the single station and triple station press with semi-automatic and full automatic option with an output of 1000 pcs per shift. Block, Paver & Fly Ash Brick machines could start with an output of 5000 blocks or 15000 pavers/fly ash bricks per shift and the big board machines could do 25000 blocks or 100000 pavers/fly ash bricks. Some of these machines are designed to install on project sites and easy to shift from one location to other without any major cost. In this case the advantage for the buyer or builder is to save the excise duty and freight cost on end products and ultimately on the main project.


Briefly give us an understanding about your manufacturing units – location, size, production capacity, technologies used etc?

The main engineering and production facility is located in Hollywood Works, UK and the second one close to the Electronic City in Bangalore, India. The Indian entity started in 2015 with 36 employees to manufacture 5 machines per month and already in the expansion mode to 15 plants by middle of 2017. The new building will be ready by middle of 2017 which may accommodate 100 employees thereafter. Shifting the production and engineering to the major market like India could offer the machine and service quickly and in affordable cost. Different technologies are used for various products based on the application and industry. In general concrete is used for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructural applications as given below. Here we need to understand the necessity, usage and saving of cost and time related to it.

We could divide concrete into different forms as given below and the application varies according to requirements.

Concrete Industry



Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)

 Ready Mix

 Buildings, dams, bridges, roads…etc.

Semi-Dry Concrete

 Blocks, Pavers

 Buildings, roads, ports…etc.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

 Blocks, Panels

 High rise buildings

Wet Press Concrete

 Kerbs, Slabs 

 Roads, river & canal linings, paving

Precast Concrete

 Walls, Columns

 Buildings and bridges

Self-Compacted Concrete (SCC)

 Special Concrete

 Dams, ports and bridges

Wet Cast Concrete


 Aesthetic and complicated products



Please offer your assessment of the importance of shows like bauma CONEXPO INDIA for companies such as yours and tell us of your own previous experience? Expectations from hosting venues?

Bauma the biggest exhibition organizer from Germany together with the leading American brand is hosting this show in India will not have any comparison. This could be the best show in India considering the space, quality of exhibitors and visitors. The expertise and professionalism of the organizers are highly appreciable and gain over a period of time which will definitely reflect during the show. By selecting the venue in Gurugram, close to Delhi with a metro connection and closeness to Delhi airport is a major factor this time. The availability of good number of hotels and other facilities including better connectivity will attract more visitors. The improvement in market situation supported by the strong initiatives taken by Modi government is a major factor this time. Indian economy is stabilized and showing steady improvement now days. The FDI is started to flow into the country as the action from government is able to reduce the corruption and beurocratic involvements. The interest rate and inflations are down to the bottom which attracts more investors to the country and a boost to the shows like BC India. We are participated in all the previous editions of BC India and always received good number of professional visitors and sure the trend will continue this time as well.


As a company what are your specific plans for bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2016 – have you devised any new marketing strategy to push your products?

Considering the exhibitions in India we are actively participating from the year 2006 with regional and international shows like BC India. In all these years we exhibit one or the other models of our machine. We consider Bauma as a launching platform to show the latest innovations and share the technological advantage with our existing and potential clients. This time particularly we will announce the new entry level models targeting to new entrants to construction and concrete industry. Basically we could call it as startup machines or project based ones. In this case the advantage for a new entrepreneur to get into this industry with a limited investment, land and labour. Such equipment’s could easily shift from one site to another without any major loss. In other hand this will be a good solution for the builders as they will be able to save the excise duty and freight cost associated with the project. Export market is another main target and this year we already deliver the machines to UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, UK and Nepal.


What are the organisational surprises we can expect from you at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2016: Are you looking to launch any new innovative product or new breakthrough technologies atbauma CONEXPO INDIA 2016? Are you also looking for new collaborations and tie - ups?

There will be announcement of new tie-ups and launch of new models and machines suitable for stat up markets like India, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. So basically we would like to use the advantage of Make in India initiative from Government of India which will allow us to do good business in such markets. India is a vast market with different situations like language, climate as well as financial and infrastructural imbalances. But at the same time India is a service oriented and quality cautious market. The dip in cheap Chinese goods will improve the opportunities for good companies like Forest Press with latest technologies and high quality products manufactured in India in a cost effective solution. Some of the associated companies from Europe shown interest to be in India and we will do the necessary steps to support and bring more companies, products and technologies to India.


Give us an understanding of your company’s performance this year and your outlook going forward?

India is the biggest democracy and untapped market which is in an early stage to developing technologies and products to construction industry. This will be very difficult to compare or evaluate this country with any foreign countries or regions considering the size, climate, raw material availability, launch pads…etc. Normally the technology always coming to south first and later to west and north of India and rarely it reaches to east. But the situation is changing as the government is giving more attention to north-east and lot of infrastructural works are announced and started recently. Transportation and lack of awareness is a major factor in such areas and we will be doing some initiative to educate this market and offer the right products in an affordable price. The same situation is there in Africa and countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, Vietnam and Afghanistan. This year our focus will be to finish the new production facility and stabilize the activities and focus more to rural area in coming years. This needs lot of preparations and our new facility will be able to increase our production and supply strength. Online support is a major advantage for our customers which are available 24/7 from our facility in Bangalore.

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