04 June 2020

Interaction-Debasis Bhattacharya, Head – Sales, Marketing & Product Support, Ajax Fiori Engg India

Today we have over 8,000 plants and machines working in every nook and corner of the country

A leading manufacturer of Concrete equipment, AJAX FIORI ENGG (I) PVT LTD has aggressive plans going forward. DEBASIS BHATTACHARYA, HEAD – SALES, MARKETING AND PRODUCT SUPPORT, AJAX FIORI ENGG (I) PVT LTD spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on his company’s products and future plans.


Briefly tell us about your product offerings and the key features/USPs that have contributed in strengthening and maintaining your stronghold in the market.
At Ajax Fiori, we are committed to providing our customers with concreting equipment that make economic, investment and productivity sense. In a nutshell, solutions that Make Concrete Sense.

Our range of innovative products, including Self Loading Concrete Mixers, Batching Plants and Concrete Pumps, is designed to help our customers produce and deliver quality concrete, whenever the demand, wherever the need arises and whatever the volume required. Our versatile and user friendly machines help customers improve their productivity, while increasing their profits along the way.

Today, Ajax Fiori has over 8,000 plants and machines working in every nook and corner of the country, and is a testament to our dedication to understanding the needs of our customers. Our products are a familiar sight at various infrastructure development projects. Major sectors we cater to include Irrigation, Roads & Bridges, Railways, Housing and Urban Development, Wind and Solar Power Projects, etc.

Our flagship product, the Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer (SLCM) is a unique machine, combining the functions of a Loader, Mobile Batching Plant and Transit Mixer, and is suitable for small to medium volume concrete requirements. The SLCM is equipped with a Concrete Batch Controller, which allows the Operator to batch measured ingredient quantities into the Concrete mixer, and thus produces the right quality of concrete as recommended by the Concrete mix design. Further, with features like all-wheel drive, 4-way steering & tight turning radii, these highly manoeuvrable and mobile machines can be deployed in any kind of terrain. Our SLCMs are available in 3 models viz. Argo 4000, Argo 2000 and Argo 1000, with 4 cu.m, 2 cu.m and 1 cu.m batch volumes respectively. SLCMs are also available in variants as tunnel dumpers and transit mixers.

Ajax Fiori offers a variety of Batching Plants featuring optimal configurations, including:

  • Compact Bin Batching Plants: the CBP and CRB series, with planetary mixers. These are available in capacities of 30 cu.m/hr & 60 cu.m/hr.
  • Self-loading Radius Lift Arm Batching Plants: the RLA series, with reversible drum mixers. These are available in 2 models viz. RLA 20 with 20 cu.m/hr and Ambison with 30 cu.m/hr capacities.
  • Inline Bin type Batching Plants with planetary / twin shaft mixer options, and in capacities ranging from 30 to 180 cu.m/hr.

Our Stationary Concrete Pumps featuring the robust S-Valve technology, are available in 2 ranges –JSP40 and JSP70 with pumping capacities of 40 and 70 cu.m/hr respectively.We also provide after sales support to our customers and sites though our nationwide network of Service centres, Parts outlets and authorised Dealerships.


Briefly give us an understanding about your manufacturing units – location, size, production capacity, technologies used etc.

Ajax Fiori is a pioneer in Self Loading Concrete Mixer technology in the Indian market, having introduced this concept, over two decades ago.

Ajax Fiori is an ISO-9000 compliant organisation. We have 3 manufacturing units in Karnataka, located close to Bangalore. Two state-of-the-art facilities for the manufacture of Self-Loading Concrete Mixers are located at Doddaballapur, and have the installed capacity to fulfil the expected demand for the next 2 years.

In 2014, Ajax Fiori inaugurated its third manufacturing facility at Gowribidanur. This facility is dedicated to manufacturing its range of Batching Plants, and has an installed capacity to build upto 300 units a year.


Please offer your assessment of the importance of shows like bauma CONEXPO INDIA for companies such as yours and tell us of your own previous experience. Any expectations from hosting venues?

Events like bC India are ideal platforms for OEMs like us to showcase innovations and upgrades in our products and services. Our customers get an opportunity to experience the latest technologies first-hand, benchmark various options available in the market and make informed purchasing decision for their requirements.

Ajax Fiori has leveraged such exhibitions in the past to launch products, and we have been fortunate to have received overwhelming responses from our customers. Well organised exhibitions at logistically convenient venues will undoubtedly serve to attract more exhibitors and visitors, and enhance the overall exhibition experience.

Having said that, such events also offer channels to explore industry networking, new collaborations with OEMs, manufacturers and financiers.


Are you looking to launch any new innovative product or new breakthrough technologies at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2016?

Ajax Fiori believes in continuously innovating and upgrading all our products. Our Compact Reduced Bin Batching Plant, the CRB30 was launched in 2015 at one such initiative. This time too, at bC India 2016, we will showcase new products and feature upgrades to our customers.

  • Launch of new model JSP 50 Stationary Concrete Pump with a pumping capacity of 50 cu.m/hr. with new features.
  • Full range of Self Loading Concrete Mixers with new features to improve the consistency and reliability of the quality of weighing system.


Give us an understanding of your company’s performance this year and your outlook going forward?

Increased public spending in key infrastructure development projects has gradually increased over the past year, and as a result the Construction Equipment Industry has been recovering. As a Concrete Equipment manufacturer, we have witnessed a growth of about 25 per cent in 2015-16.

We expect that the continued thrust on Infrastructure projects by the Central and various State Governments will maintain the pace of growth in 2016-17 as well. Going forward, lowered interest rates and GST implementation along with the acceleration of Infra projects will further boost the growth of Construction Equipment Industry.



Incorporated in 1992 as a Joint-venture between Ajax Engineering India and Fiori S.p.A Italy, Ajax Fiori having it’s factories near Bengaluru manufactures, supplies and supports a comprehensive range of concreting machinery, including Self Loading Concrete Mixers, Batching Plants and Concrete Pumps. Ajax Fiori entered into technology partnership with Eurostar Concrete Technology S.p.A Italy for the manufacture of Planetary Mixers. The portfolio of products expanded further in 2010, when Ajax Fiori began manufacturing Drag line type Batching Plants with Planetary Mixers. In 2013, it entered into a technology tie-up with Junjin Heavy Industries, South Korea for the manufacture of Concrete Pumps and Placer Booms. Today, Ajax Fiori manufactures, delivers and supports a whole range of concreting machinery including Self-Loading Concrete Mixers, Concrete Batching Plants, Site Dumpers and Concrete Pumps, which are used for building various infrastructure development projects, including Irrigation, Transport networks, Housing and Urban Development, Power and Industrial Projects across the country. The company rolled out its 7000th Self Loading concrete mixer from its Doddaballapur facility near Bangalore recently.

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