04 June 2020

Interaction-Surya Prakash Singh, CEO; Ashish choudhary, COO and Prashanth Narayanana, CMO, Metacrust.com

With this new platform, we aim to eliminate hurdles faced by the heavy industry


BUSINESS FUEL, Bengaluru based start up launched METACRUST.COM, a comprehensive platform for infrastructure, mining and the construction industry. SURYA PRAKASH SINGH, CEO; ASHISH CHOUDHARY, COO AND PRASHANTH NARAYANAN, CMO, METACRUST.COM spoke to PANJAMI VIVEK about releasing the first end-to-end e-commerce platform acting as Resource Centre, Decision Support System and an Industry Ready Reckoner.


Briefly tell us about your portal and the key features and USPs that have contributed in strengthening and maintaining your stronghold in the market.

PN: The platform will assist in buying/selling both new and old machines and equipment, renting/auctioning machines and equipment and in launching of products digitally and conventionally. We work as a dealer development platform for sellers and manufacturers, as a decision support tool for buyers and as a CRM and sales automation tool for sellers with advance analytics. We offer integrated solutions like financial solutions and re-financing, insurance options to the buyer, logistic solutions, servicing of the machines and equipment, spare parts sales including delivery.

We are an end-to-end solutions provider starting with finding information to making purchases followed by post sale support and up-selling of allied or related products. We serve as a scalable solutions providing effective H2H e-commerce solutions and as a lead generator in itself by providing accurate information. The platform will be a flexible technology integrating ERP, financial accounting and reporting tools like tally and the like.

The benefits of our H2H platform could be outlined as scalability, improved efficiencies, increased customer reach, creating brand awareness by developing pages that can be indexed by search engine crawlers faster to improve the customer’s site’s SEO. Other benefits are that Metacrust offers a platform to launch a comprehensive analytics campaign. You can easily measure and evaluate marketing campaigns, sales effectiveness, product mix, inventory turns, customer sales effectiveness and customer engagement. We employ intuitive design, rich content and interactive functionality based on customer requirements and perception from time to time. We provide exceptional opportunity for companies to improve its customer service initiatives. We also improve sales engagement as they will benefit from the launch of comprehensive H2H e-commerce platform that will improve a company’s sales team visibility into customer orders, pricing and history while on the road or working remotely. Launching product specific or co-branded e-commerce sites allows websites or micro-sites for each distributors or key clients be it domestic or international.


How accurate is the content on your portal? Please provide details as to the brands associated with you?

PN: Authenticity of information, that’s the way Metacrust platform stands. Whenever we see that a verified manufacturer has on-boarded successfully with a real partner statement with Business Fuel, whatever business information you find on that particular manufacturer on the portal is authenticated by the company which means we provide real information at the convenience of the customer. There is a chat support system to overcome any difficulty in accessing this information we have introduced on the site. One can have emails and accessibility through phone which is the quickest medium. Perkins, Schwing Stetter, Daimler, Kone Cranes, GMMCO, Voltas, Kesar, Sandvik, Portrucks, Linde, Telestack, Sennebogen, Terberg, Mantsinen are some of them.


Kindly comment on the provision of rentals on your portal.

PN:The concept of rental emerged in various industries due to the burden of maintenance and the cost of procuring equipment. About $ 2.3 billion construction equipment is sold in India and 7 per cent is sold to rental companies and most of them are regional players. Metacrust being a forerunner to create the most exceptional H2H e-commerce or marketplace for heavy machineries and equipment industries for Indian and global market, has created a unique rental and used equipment platform vertical that is positioned mainly to support the expected growth in rentals and used equipment sales market in India and the rest.


How was Metacrust.com received?

AC:Those who perceived and saw that e-commerce is the future, digitalisation is the next step, were the once who accepted our idea and welcomed us. But there were challenges.
SP: It wasn’t easy but we were welcomed pretty well. Metacrust left an impact.

AC: Some of the major brands we approached suggested a few measures which we have implemented on our platform and we expect some of the biggest players to be on board soon.


What would your strategy be to stay ahead of competition?

PN:We want to be a One Stop Solution, for heavy machine and equipment industry be it new equipment, rentals or spares. This is something unique being done for the first time if we are not mistaken.Loyalty program based on referral by talking about enablers and market spotters, with OEM’s coming on-board our effort is to make sure we have ensured all info is right and up to date. Sometimesgetting a specification detail would be very difficult even on the OEM’s website, our effort is to make sure this gap would be filled and our platform works as a knowledge repository. We are incorporating chat support system, which should go live in a day and getting team of advisor to be on-board who could help customer with info or guidance required on real time basis. Making use of technology and options that are easy to use for the end user is really important and our constant effort is to make sure we incorporate new technology, reach out and make our customers life easier when it comes to machines and equipment. There are many customers out there who require not only the standard machines or plants, but a custom built one. We are working on our platform to ensure end user can easily place an enquiry with OEM with custom machine specification, where he could specify these things and build a complete requirement out of platform.


Please offer your assessment of shows like baumaConexpo India.

AC: It is a great platform. We have all the OEMs, dealers, manufacturers and end-users under one roof. The reasons for an OEM to invest in a stall is to attract more end users. It is an amazing platform to give exposure to the brand.

SP: It is a great platform to connect with market centric people. Those visiting bauma would be those from the industry. It would give us direct exposure.


What are your expectations from bauma?

AC: Obviously branding, exposure, an increased client list, the end-users getting to know us, and also to allow a deeper understanding of the industry. We seek a venue like that to put ourselves out there.


What is your future outlook for the company?

PN:Our chief aim is to add value to businessesfeatured on our portal. We hope to expand globally. Our initial market phase 1 will be India and China. Phase 2 would be USA and Europe. Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE Bahrain, Qatar and Oman would be the third phase. South American countries would be phase 4 and phase 5 would be the rest of Asia Pacific. Phase 6 would be the Russian belt.

AC:Guided by our brand statement “Partner with us, Grow along with us” Business Fuel will diligently strive to achieve dreams and expectations of our customers, stakeholders and partners to become a preferred global partner of choice to achieve continuous growth and success.

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