04 June 2020


Gamechanger H2H E-Platform


Metacrust’s prime focus is to make this comprehensive portal a default platform and an end-to-end solution provider.


Business Fuel LLP, Bangalore-based startup, launched a new platform – Metacrust.com, to reform the way infrastructure, mining and construction industry works in India. This fun and revolutionary H2H e-commerce platform will focus on both B2B and B2C market. Metacrust.com is an emerging trading platform for machinery, equipment’s, plants, spare parts and related equipment for these machines. Customers can buy online or through their smartphone, placing their orders conveniently 24/5 even over a call from the chosen brands, models of machine or equipment.

Surya Prakash Singh, Co-founder and CEO,  Business Fuel LLP said, “With this new platform, we aim to eliminate the pain points faced by people belonging to the heavy industry. Our prime focus is to make this comprehensive portal a default platform and an end-to-end solution for all its end users.” Determined to execute this plan to reality, win and be ahead of competition with this novel and unique e-commerce platform the cofounders along with their motivated and driven team endeavour for the same.


Explaining about Metacrust.com, Ashish Choudhary, Co-founder and COO, Business Fuel LLP said,” While almost all the industries have solutions online, the heavy industry largely remains offline and non-tech savvy. Metacrust.com aims to help these non-tech savvy users to look for solutions online. We call it to be a H2H (Human to Human) e-commerce platform where we intend to be the voice of seller as well as buyer and not just a lead or enquiry forwarding system, by addressing the gap through traditional and digital way. No other e-commerce player or platform has made this kind of effort to bring in this kind of one click or one call platform for the heavy machines industry, where most of the transactions largely remain offline.”The purpose of this unique fully automatic, modular, H2H e-commerce enabled automated store able to handle hundreds of SKUs is to enhance the influence and competitiveness of products in the global market, accelerate the transformation and upgradation of traditional sales models of equipment and machine industry. Retailers, with low investment and operating costs, will be enabled to implement an actual store within strategic locations (virtually) reaching and satisfying new customer’s needs, leveraging on proximity and convenience concepts.


Metacrust consists of three platforms

  • Buying of new equipment/machines
  • Selling and renting
  • Buying of spares and accessories along with other value added benefits like logistics, insurance and financial loans to the user.

These platforms enable the doling out of basic services of getting information, place enquiry at their doorstep for all types of machines, equipment, vehicles and plants including spares and accessories of these machines.



  • It optimises procurement through lower inventories and best prices.
  • As a sales channel, it builds partnerships.
  • Metacrust serves as logistic provider.
  • The portal handles data exchange, comparison and monitoring, algorithms there by auto triggering business processes which in turn reduces sales cycle time.
  • With wide range of payment options to the end user, the portal’s vital advantage is easy payment collection.
  • The customer receives digital visibility fostering a wider reach to targeted customer base.


Core Business Areas:

  • e-Commerce
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Agriculture
  • Metals and Mining
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare


Business Boosters

  • Outdoor channels: Attracting customers from leads such as advertising, hoarding and other OOH channels
  • Digital channels: Offers integrated marketing strategy making them a strong foundation for helping customers/sellers to maximise their output
  • Broadcasting channels: Connecting with customers through mass media using radio and television broadcasting
  • Social channels: Using social media as it is the fastest platform to reach a wider number of customers
  • Print Media channel: Regional, national and international newspaper and magazines


Platforms for New Equipment

It is critical for brands to have to have a powerful B2B e-commerce platform and this allows brands to connect with buyers powerful way through instant info, quotes, ordering, crisp communications, data and sales analysis and other efficiencies made across the sales cycles. This addresses the needs of the customer, geography, culture and the various market approaches. Metacrust stays agile thus keeping track of changes and upgradations by accepting change that happen and those expected by OEM’s and customers with a human touch.


Solutions offered:

  • Verified sales enquiry
  • Increased sales numbers
  • Financial assistance in terms of loans
  • Chance to upsell other products
  • Nurture the leads and closing of sale
  • Analytical knowhow on product performance
  • Get data on sales
  • Individual solutions according to customer requirement
  • Help clients find perfect spare parts


Benefits provided for OEMs

  • New customers, widened market reach.
  • All human verified and qualified leads and sale deal closures.
  • Worldwide active Digital presence.
  • Skilled manpower supply*.
  • Low cost marketing benefit.
  • Low cost lead nurturing
  • One stop customer support and complaints redressal
  • Network of Metacrust Enablers working indirectly for OEMs.
  • A one stop solutions for OEM’s customers.


Platform for Rentals and Reselling

  • Reduced financial investment compared to purchasing a new asset
  • Maintenance of fleet and stocking of spares is saved
  • The complete expenditure on hiring of equipment for any duration is treated as revenue expenditure of 100 per cent and is allowed by income tax department as service tax amount paid will be adjusted.


Value Additions

Metacrust.com offers technology that will enable business diversification. It connects manufacturer to customer, manufacturers to dealers/wholesalers, dealers to dealers, manufacturers/dealers to logistic provider, international manufacturer/suppliers, and also helps in launching products.


Ahead of Competition

The company has devised measures to stay ahead of competition already. The approaches are:

  • One Stop Solution, for heavy machine and equipment industry
  • Loyalty Program based on referral
  • Being a Knowledge Resource
  • Real Time Advisor
  • Incorporating new technologies and selling techniques.
  • Customising the requirement of customer*
  • Human verified business
  • Mission and Vision


They fuel success for their customers and aim to build the future businesses with people at the core of it.

They envision that our customers and businesses will work with us to get their team and company on success mode that lasts long.

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