25 January 2020


Innovation in Construction Equipment industry


Internet has gone from changing our life to making things around it. Innovations have made our lives simpler not just from booking a cab but to making tools helping in our daily life. With the new age of Innovation in the construction equipment things have become easy, way more efficient and just a more effective way to utilise time. Not too long back one would have to go a long distance to search and explore to shop for one’s select construction equipment, transport equipment etc while that was the only way.


It was too cumbersome to get a job done such as purchase similarly renting of equipment, but same is being sorted out digitally, with a lot of options to choose from and features to look for.

Digitalisation of equipment, rental and purchase is a boon for all stakeholders:

  • If one needs the best diesel generator in India, one does not have to go all the way to the shops, one can sit back and with a click one can buy the best diesel generator. Not only buying one can also rent the generator with just a click. Digitalisation provides lot of greater options to choose from. Search is not limited or bounded and one can find the best , that too very easily.
  • There is requirement for lot of construction equipment on rent, their quality is always compromised with keeping in mind that they are taken on rent, but, with digitalisation there is lot of transparency in the approach. One no longer has to compromise with quality of the equipment on rent. Digitalisation has brought about an enhancement in the way equipment is purchase d or rented.
  • The worst part about construction equipment or heavy equipment is that, if one needs them just for once, there is a lot of investment required keeping in mind the number of times, they are going to be required. With the digitalisation, even this issue is solved. Now, one no longer needs to buy equipment if the same is required once. The same can be rented with a lot of range to choose from. No compromises for renting equipment, choose the best based on requirement.


Be it buying or renting, digitalisation has made it easier for all connected in the construction and infrastructure industry in all aspects. Choose from a wider range based on our requirements and experience an overall enhancement .


One such online platform EQPT.IN is providing the industry fair priced, transparent and user friendly construction equipment ecosystem. It aims to reduce the capex involved in the infrastructure industry, thereby decreasing risks and increasing profitability.


Eqpt.in is all set to enhance the Construction equipment industry by ensuring availability of equipment on a Sharing Economy model. It provides end to end solutions throughout the life cycle of the equipment i.e. from procurement to disposal.It provides services like Equipment Info/Compare, Rental module, Spares, E Auction etc.


In simple term Eqpt.in could be understood as “the ultimate solution of all equipment needs”.

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