05 June 2020

Spotlight-Putzmeister Concrete Machines

Putzmeister – German Concrete Pumping Technology at its Best


Putzmeister’s incredible journey of nearly 60 years is marked by major milestones in research and development, as well as in partnering landmark projects around the world making them one of the top Leaders in Concrete pumping Technology worldwide.


In partnership with its parent company in Aichtal, Putzmeister Concrete Machinery, based out of Verna, Goa, has been actively commissioning cutting edge research and development for concrete equipment since 2007 in India as well. To provide their customers with the very best, Putzmeister closely monitors the Indian market and its demand and more than that, the need and requirements of their valued customers.



Based out their factory in Goa, Putzmeister has been churning out top notch quality Concrete Equipment that have been specially innovated and designed for the rough conditions presiding in India.

“Infrastructure projects led by roads, metros, bridges and power stations are currently driving the demand for concrete systems and we expect this to continue. Rapid development in Tier II cities is also a major source of demand and a current driver,” says Wilfried A Theissen, MD, Putzmeister India.

The Indian concrete pump market is distinct from mature markets. “In mature markets like the USA, Europe and even China, truck mounted pumps are the main product lines,” observes Theissen. “In India, however, stationary pumps with an hourly output of 40-90 m3 dominate the market.”

Automation in Putzmeister stationary and truck mounted boom pumps, allows operators to monitor the fuel consumption, hydraulic oil heat control, pressure, output, engine performance, etc. “The ability to synchronise the engine output with the required pumping output introduces operational efficiencies, a growing consumer priority,” says Theissen.

Compared to other concrete pumps, the BSA eSmart range and the new generation truck-mounted concrete pumps from Putzmeister featuring Open Pumping System technology can save up to 50  oil without compromising on output performance. The Truck-Mounted concrete pumps are also equipped with electronic safety sensors and one side support for better manoeuvrability in confined spaces.



MT-1.0, the 60m3/h power package

The first Batching plant, MT 1.0 with an output capacity of 60 m3/hr was launched in August 2015, followed by the MT 0.5., with an output capacity of 30 m3/hr, exclusively designed for the Indian market.

Putzmeister’s MT-1.0, the 60m3/h power package


Quality from start to end

The MT 1.0 can literally be seen as the ultimate batching plant that offers the best of operation and maintenance standards through its unique features on a daily basis. With the mission to meet customer needs and the backing of decades of experience, this plant has been indigenously developed by the local R&D team for not only meeting but exceeding requirements of all stakeholders in the concrete world. This Batching Plant has been designed and manufactured keeping in mind Indian construction industry requirements i.e. Safety, tough operating conditions, low maintenance cost, high output.


Performance that pays off:

The end objective of any batching plant is to produce consistent homogenous mix of concrete, which is well managed by the twin shaft mixer in the MT 1.0 with shorter mixing cycles, resulting into time saving and increase in output. With a robust design for India’s tough operating conditions, it ensures that the customer’s project can run at its full capacity from day one.

The MT 1.0 encompasses technology at every stage. With an independent weighing system and an automatic calibration system, plant ensures accurate weighing of mix components and accurate calibration. This allows lower manual intervention and high productivity at all times. Remote sensors monitor the inputs at every stage, while the machine is fed through on-site silos or conveyors. Complete automation ensures a steady production of 55-60 cu. m/hr in real time.


Maintenance made Easy:

Maintenance is easy, with built-in features like the automatic lubrication system, which require minimal manual intervention and periodic supervision. Greasing done to all essential components safeguards the machine at all times from operational issues, thus providing hassle-free automated maintenance to the heart of the batching plant.


Structured for Benefits:

Putzmeister batching plant has been designed to make mobility and maintenance easy. With a wide frame structure, the MT 1.0 offers Easy Drive Through for trucks, in the sense that the truck mixers need not drive in reverse mode, which guarantees faster turnaround time and higher efficiency. The Easy and safe Access to the tower is another unique selling point – The Putzmeister Batching Plant also contains three solid maintenance stairs and platforms which provide ample space for maintenance activities and thus considerably improving important safety features.



Access at fingertips:

Fitted with cutting-edge batching software, the MT 1.0 ensures high degree of automation through its user friendly interface that allows comprehensive process visualisation and control over batching functions at your fingertips.



Reliance in Jamnagar, Gujarat

Putzmeister has been a steady partner in building one of the world’s largest oil refineries which produces 1.24 million barrels of oil per day.


Bengaluru’s 5th largest building and the biggest luxury commercial property project

Using BSA 1408 HD, M30 grade of concrete has been pumped to a height of 130 m, giving rise to the target height of this esteemed project of 145 m, built on a total area of 13 acres, a built-up space of 1,000,000 sq. ft. of high-end commercial, retail and service apartment space.

Many more prestigious projects acrw India stand as a proof of stakeholders’ unwavering faith in the efficacy of Putzmeister’s concreting technology in getting the job done.


Putzmeister is not only a world class concrete equipment manufacturer but also takes pride in providing quality service. Keeping true to their Motto a comprehensive and systematic approach to maintenance, supported by country wide sales and service network and regional and local offices all over India stands in support to its clients. Putzmeister’s 24X7 emergency service and original spares are a great value-for-money proposition. Qualified engineers from Putzmeister advise fleet managers at regular intervals on occupational safety. Special courses are also conducted to train operators and service staff for efficient operation of all the machines.

Putzmeister continues to listen closely to the local market dynamics to launch new products or solutions into the Indian market, responding to the latest market requirements with machinery that exceeds quality and performance standards, whilst being user and environment friendly and economical.

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