04 June 2020

Interaction-Kapil Ghai, CMD, Ispat Infrastructure

Our products are available on Sale, Rental and Buy – back option

Ispat Infrastructure India Ltd has emerged as a multi-faceted, multi-dimension company with a leading presence in various segments of Industry. It has built up specialised competence by blending a unique confluence of technology and creative managerial in tune with the changing trends of globalisation and Indian infrastructure demands. KAPIL GHAI, CHAIRMAN AND MANAGING DIRECTOR, ISPAT INFRASTRUCTURE INDIA LTD spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on his company’s Products and future plans.


Briefly tell us about your product offerings and the key features/USPs that have contributed in strengthening and maintaining your stronghold in the market?

ISPAT is a pioneer in providing vertical logistics and rebar solutions. Being passionate about newer and better technology, we have a wider range of products that are yet to be introduced to the market. Our principals GEDA, MEP will be participating in the upcoming BAUMA Conexpo 2016.

Some of our Products and their application areas:

  • Mast Climbing Work Platform– Bricks Laying, cladding, painting, glass and window installations, renovation work, facade work etc.
  • Men and Material Hoists – Different capacity hoists for various vertical logistics in the construction of all heights of buildings and other structures.
  • Tower cranes and luffing cranes.
  • Super-deck – An easy way to load and unload equipment and material to higher floors with cranes.
  • Super Barriers and Super Access – Super Barrier is used as a barricades in a variety of cases or as safety railings. Super Access provides a completely enclosed safe way to create access pathways both vertical and horizontal.
  • Rope Suspended Platforms – For facade work, cleaning & renovation.
  • Automatic Rebar Cutting and Shaping Machines – Complete Rebar solutions, all sort of rebar shaping, stirrups, meshes and cages for construction work.

We have an all India presence and this is solidly backed by technical and service teams all over the country and have a track record of 3 decades in providing the best of engineering solutions with prompt and efficient after sales service.

We have various commercial options to cater to a variety of client requirements. Our products are available on Sale, Rental and Buy – back option.



Briefly give us an understanding about your manufacturing units – location, size, production capacity, technologies used etc?

We represent the most reputed brands in the world and our principals have State of the art manufacturing facilities having in home production and Research capabilities enabling us to provide engineering solutions which are the most advanced and cost effective.


Please offer your assessment of the importance of shows like BAUMA Conexpo India for Companies such as yours and tell us of your own previous experience?
BAUMA Platform has its own benchmark around the globe for showcasing machinery and latest technologies over the year. We as a company have been a part of all the BAUMA India editions since the beginning and we have seen it grow in terms of participation and visitors over the years. It is been a major platform for us to introduce our latest machinery and technological advancement being introduce by our OEM time to time. It’s been more of awareness program among our clients and other visitors.Since 2010 when we have had the first BAUMA India exhibition we have seen our company image grow on a Pan India basis though the order book position depends on the market conditions which we are yet expecting to improve.


As a company what are your specific plans for BAUMA Conexpo India 2016 – have you devised any new marketing strategy to push your products?

This time in BAUMA Conexpo 2016 we are displaying the new launches of two machinery in different segment / sector as below -

GEDA – Our OEM GEDA Germany are launching in India for the very first time their new SBL 2000 Passenger and Material Hoist which is specially developed keeping in mind the Indian clients and sites requirement.

MEP – We are displaying our new F – 13 while our main focus is to get connected with our existing clients & look into the possibility of developing new relations.



Give us an understanding of your company’s performance this year and your outlook going forward?

We as a group have been growing steadily, though looking at the current market conditions it does not make sense to put any number but we are growing in terms of our reputation and long term stability in consistently providing the best equipment with assured post sales services backed with customer friendly, Economical, Commercial options to suit each client.

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